Quantum Health Newsletter, Dec. 2022, Issue 3

SPECIAL HOLIDAY MESSAGE: At Pure Energy Rx we have had the honor of serving our loyal patrons with some of the most advanced wellness tools out there, and we are grateful for your belief in us. We are inspired to look ahead to 2023 with renewed hope for a re-energized humanity working together to restore our beloved planet. This past year has been a "tough love" year for many of us, as we got our eyes opened to the corruption and true agendas of some of our highest "public servants", waking us up to the deep need for everyone to work together to make the world right again, with prosperity, humanity, love and mercy for all. We enthusiastically look forward to the coming days and months of helping you with your wellness goals, as we create the better world we all know we can!

In peace and harmony,

Boyd Martin
Proprietor, Pure Energy Rx

Quantum Health News

Accessing the Dreamspace for Deeper Meaning

The Dreamspace is the space between the spaces. Each and every moment has a deeper purpose, a deeper meaning and message, which seldom people hear about within society because their minds are too full, they have too many unnecessary objectives, their consciousness is too distracted by the endless gadgetry. It divorces people from the real juice of life.

You have to empty the mind, still the distraction, drop into the heart space, and feel through the senses to truly transcend the moment into the Dreamspace. It wants you to know yourself, as an intimate part of the miracle of existence. You have to be listening, feeling, and open to how you're being guided. You have to be patient, relaxed, without intention or deadline. Nature has eons to catch you. Eons to reel you back in. But only if you are listening and feeling.

Here are some important keys to accessing the Dreamspace:

1) Spend plenty of time each day in stillness, softening the internal contractions, the resistances to quiet emptiness.

2) Reduce your reliance on electrical gadgetry. No one's saying don't use the mobile phone, just use it only when it's smart to do so.

3) Spend as much time as possible letting go of intention-created life. At least take quality time off without a plan.

4) Go free-wheeling by yourself often, responding only to the landing of higher knowing or a pull through the heart.

5) Allow the guidance to carry you until you feel to stop. Soften into that place and time. Breathe, observe, notice all five senses keenly, and then feel through them, so as to transcend the physical density.

6) Feel the lightness of the moment; how it connects with life around you, especially nature.

7) Notice how this deeper connection makes you feel. What sense does it resonate inside?

8) Imagine the dreamspace is now speaking to you. What would it be saying? It'll be telling you how to change your life, how to reveal more of your true self, what Right Action to take.

9) Celebrate in the joy of synchronicity, the language welcoming you back home as a cosmic child of the universe. Congratulations, you've arrived!

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Use the Zen Meditation Elixir to assist in focusing and calming the mind.

Sleeping In The Dark is Just Better
sleeping darkNew research from scientists at Northwestern Medicine presents a persuasive argument for people to get rid of nightlights and break the common habit of being lulled to sleep by a television program. According to a press release about the study, even a small amount of light can affect your cardiovascular function as you sleep, resulting in increased insulin resistance when you wake up. What does that mean? Well, the light exposure can end up raising your risk for higher blood pressure and even diabetes.

"The results from this study demonstrate that just a single night of exposure to moderate room lighting during sleep can impair glucose and cardiovascular regulation, which are risk factors for heart disease, disobeys, and metabolic syndrome," explains Dr. Phyllis Zee, chief of sleep medicine at the Northwestern University School of Medicine and lead author of a study about the research.

Usually, your heart rate drops at night while sleeping, and rises again in the morning when we are exposed to sunlight, activating our sympathetic nervous system. However, even just a dim glow can have the same effect on us during our sleeping hours.

In the release mentioned above, Dr. Daniela Grimaldi, research assistant professor of neurology at Northwestern and co-author of the study, explains this further. "Even though you are asleep, your automatic nervous system is activated. That’s bad," she says. "Usually, your heart rate together with other cardiovascular parameters are lower at night and higher during the day."

The next time you hit the sack, make sure to turn off all the lights—yes, that means putting your phone away and turning off whatever you’re streaming. Draw your curtains or shut your blinds if street lights creep in through your window, or alternatively, if you don’t have effective window coverings, then think about investing in a sleep mask.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Stress is the main detractor when it comes to good sleep regardless of light levels. Use Clean Sweep to clear away negative energies contributing to stress, and our E-1 Stress Relief Formula to calm and normalize the nervous system.

Biggest Kindness Study on Record
kindnessKindness can turn a bad day into a great one in a matter of seconds. We all hold the power to give the gift of kindness within us, whether that’s giving someone your full attention in a conversation or just simply smiling at a stranger on the street, these little gestures can mean a lot. As a society, though, how kind are we? A survey carried out by the University of Sussex sought to understand how kindness is viewed in society at large and gather data to fill in research gaps. The study posed questions like what acts of kindness do people carry out most regularly? Is kindness viewed as weakness? Where do people experience kindness the most? What stops us from being kind?

The Kindness Test involved over 60,000 people from 144 different countries around the world, making it the largest public study of kindness ever carried out. You can listen to the full rundown of the results in the three-part BBC Radio 4 documentary, The Anatomy of Kindness, airing this month. The research will also soon be submitted for publication so their findings can be used to forward research in the future. Here are a few interesting findings from the test.

Kinder people, or simply people who are more aware of kindness experience higher levels of life satisfaction and well-being. As other studies have found, two-thirds of participants believe the pandemic has made people kinder, perhaps by giving us a collective struggle that increased our empathy for each other. The study also found that nearly 60 percent of the people who partook in the research claimed to have received an act of kindness within the previous day.

"It is a big part of human nature, to be kind--because it’s such a big part of how we connect with people and how we have relationships," says Claudia Hammond, study collaborator and the presenter of the documentary to The Guardian. "It’s a win-win situation, because we like receiving kindness, but we also like being kind."

The overarching trend from the data is that your personality determines how kind you are to others and also how kind they are to you. People who are open to new experiences, agreeable, like talking to strangers, or are extroverted all reported higher levels of kindness in their lives.

Hammond believes this may be because they have more confidence to enact kindness. "You need confidence to be able to offer kindness and to face the possibility that your offer of kindness may be rejected. And people may be happier to do that, and talk to strangers, if they are extroverted."

To overcome this fear of rejection as your blockade to kindness, remind yourself how incredible it feels to receive it. "When we asked people how they felt, they said warm and happy and grateful and loved and pleased," Hammond added.

You can carry out life changing acts of kindness for other people and yourself. Self-compassion is vital for mental health and overall life satisfaction.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Wear the Vital Force Subtle Energy Charged Inner Peace Crystal to establish a field of peace and kindness around your space.

vibrant living

Feeling Love - EXCERPT: The thing about us humans is that we have that choice thing. We can choose to be loving and happy, or choose to be hateful and sad, about any circumstance. Sure, some circumstances are more or less life-threatening than others, yet we still can choose to love even in the worst of circumstances, and in doing so, turn those circumstances around. Can we expect to do that by NOT being loving? FULL TEXT / VIDEO

life energy chronicles

Revisiting Abundance - EXCERPT: It is so easy to buy into the perception of scarcity, but it is just as easy to opt-out--one can participate in the fear of scarcity (and thus creating it), or one can freely give out of love. Every time I've given out of love, it has been a liberating experience where I instantly recognize the abundance of the world and demonstrate that recognition in the act of giving. -- FULL TEXT / VIDEO

Health & Healing Hack of the Week


singingVocalizing of any kind--talking, humming, cheering, yelling, singing, etc.--is highly beneficial for a bunch of reasons, but I'd like to focus on singing. Singing adds the element of music, and the powers inherent of that form of art. Singing melodies (whether popular tunes or your own), creates a powerful coherence of vibrations in the body. The throat chakra is stimulated, and thus creates those types of energy flows throughout the body of harmony, balance, sensitivity, artfulness, self-expression, confidence, charisma, etc. Singing also stimulates the solar plexus, lower abdominal muscles, heart, lungs, and all the facial muscles. The more "full body" you can sing, the more the benefits. Spiritually speaking, when you sing you are expressing joy and well-being out to the world, and if it wasn't there before you began singing, it will be once you do. Because many of us have been ridiculed about our singing (as I certainly have), we believe we can't "do it right", or feel self-conscious and shy about singing out. Find somewhere private where you know you can't be heard, and use mindfulness to observe what areas of the body tighten up when you sing, then consciously relax those areas as you sing. You'll find after a while that singing becomes fun and a steady part of your daily life. -- From 25 No Cost Health & Healing Hacks by Boyd Martin)

Quantum Healer of the Week

Amba Aliana'Hi

Amba Aliana'HiAmba Aliana'Hi is a Lyran Starseed and holds the vibration of Lemurian Love Fire. She is a carrier of the Original Tree of Life Templates within her DNA and is here on Mission Work to Restore Peace, Love and Harmony within the Ancient Tree. She is an Indigo Walkin Spirit who is working under the Emerald Covent to assist the Earth in its Reharmonization. She is a Spiritual Healer and Priestess in Melchizedek Colister Emerald Order. She works in co-creation with the Guardian Alliance and the Galactic Earth Guardians, the White Animal Kingdom, the Elven Elders, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers and the Council of 12. She is also a certified Sound Healer, Unitary Reiki Master, Morning Star Reiki Master (Earth, Star and Galactic Guardian.) She is a Plant Spirit Healer, Ceremonialist, and Music of the Spheres Weaver. She studied Massage Therapy in 2008 at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy and has trained in Shamanism with indigenous healers of Hawaii, Mexico, Peru, and Colombia. She is a gifted womb healer, assisting woman in healing sexual trauma, and abuse. Her passion is working deeply with Mother Earth to assist in re-establishing Harmony within planetary consciousness. Amba has been offering her services to humanity for the past 13 years, working at Yoga Studios in Aspen, Co and offering Ceremonial Healing at True Nature Healing Arts in Carbondale, Co. She shared healing at Kripalu Center for Yoga and now is serving as the Spiritual Healer at Miraval Wellness Resort in Lenox, Ma. In her healing sessions she works with her voice and sacred instruments such as crystal bowls, drums, flutes, crystal harps and with the Archangels, and Ascended Master to cleans and reharmonize energy system and four lower bodies (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual). She also brings forth wisdom from the Plant Kingdom to assist consciousness to release, and let go of traumas, false belief systems and life’s experiences that are no longer serving your highest good. Her sessions can consist of shamanic journey's, soul retrieval, inner child healing, past life regression and healing, ancestral healing, womb healing, and Universal exploration, and quantum leaping. -- WEBSITE

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Qi Coil

Qi Coil


Trinity Gem Elixir for the Month

 Rose Quartz
"Stone of Unconditional Love and Infinite Peace"

rose quartzSpiritually: The most important crystal for the heart and the heart chakra; opens the heart at all levels and brings deep, inner healing.

Emotionally: The finest healer; releasing unexpressed emotions and heartache and transmuting emotional conditioning that no longer serves; soothes internalized pain and heals deprivation. Strengthens empathy and sensitivity.

Mentally: Draws out negativity.

Physically: Strengthens the physical heart and circulatory system and releases impurities from the body fluids. Aid chest and lung problems; helps the kidneys and adrenals. Useful for most sexual disorders. MORE INFO / ORDER

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