Tattvas Essential Oils


There are many dimensions to every plant; in fact, the Rig Veda stipulates that each plant has 700 healing secrets. When reading the descriptions, take all of the information into account to understand how the Tattvas essential oils will operate in your energetic body. Know that the use of an essential oil has the following implications: awakening the archetypal associations in your being; striking the resonant cord within you that corresponds to the elemental arrangements; and stimulating the corresponding chakra. Read with an open mind and heart and find the micro- and macrocosm within yourself that elegantly connects you with all of creation.

A Divine Archetype can be understood as a model that embodies an aspect of the collective unconscious, complex thought forms, which can be thought of as unconscious organizers of ideas ultimately leading to behaviors. Simply put, one can try on different aspects of the divine as easily as slipping on a new sweater by leveraging the associated vibrational pattern embodied within the corresponding essential oil. With focused work and active intent working with the Divine Archetypes lines will allow one to energetically align with the energetic blueprint held within the desired archetype, re-patterning personal energies allowing one to consciously craft personal energies and mold the deepest aspects of Self at will.

We have sourced our oils directly from the grower/distiller in Indonesia. All plants are either organically grown or sustainably wild harvested, and the oils are obtained through steam distillation. In order to provide maximal protection for the oils, they are bottled in violet glass (providing optimal energetic protection). During the capping process, each bottle is given a nitrogen blast in order to remove all oxygen, further protecting the oil. All of our labels are made from a tree-free paper (FiberStone®) and are printed with water-based inks. We also believe in giving back, so 5% of each sale goes to the Home of Mercy orphanage in Thali, Tamil Nadu, South India.

IMPORTANT: Before using these very potent oils, please download and read Blending Divine Archetypes  [WORD DOC]


We just experienced the Tattvas essential oils, and they are so magnificent.  It's amazing what the sense of smell can invoke within your being.  I personally love the Agarwood.  It feels almost monastic, calming.  The first thought that flashed in my mind was sitting alone in a temple in the middle of the night.  Just lovely.  I also loved the Kaffir Lime Leaf! Just brilliant--it made me feel alert and accelerated.  Thank you so much!  Both my brother and sister are Naturopaths with busy practices. so I am sure that they will become your customers as well.  -- Al

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