Tattvas Essential Oil - Agarwood

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Gifts: helps one gain an understanding of and access to the akashic field (ether); aids the mind in perceiving circumstance and environment as a gestalt; promotes open-mindedness and positive boundaries.

Balancing: for taking inventory of one's personal reality, with the intent to understand one's emotions (water) and how they may be detracting from one's full involvement with life; removing layers of reflexive emotional states to aid one in being able to be present in whatever is authentically occurring in the moment.

The combination of ether and water gives rise to the energy of Daring. This is an expansive combination that promotes reaching new heights on all levels. This process begins by looking inward. Ether is boundless space, holding all possibilities, while water seeping ever downward connects to and purifies the unconscious and emotional aspects of self, seeking the lowest ground to be contained. The Paradox being the "container" is boundless space or endless expansion. Are their any contracted, distorted or unexpressed aspects of self that need to be explored, purified and allowed to blossom? From this inward exploration, one can move outward. Agarwood provides the framework for moving outside of your comfort zone, allowing for dynamic new growth. This may mean achieving new levels of personal success, emotional freedom or loosening one's current bonds and soaring to new spiritual heights.



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