Doctors Talk Subtle Energy

Transcript of Subtle Energy Conference Call
This is a transcript of an interview with Dr. Jeff Marrongelle on an informational conference call. Joining him were Dr. Dan Gleeson a chiropractor
and Dr. Bill Wolfe, a dentist and Naturopath.
(10-31-2000) Transcribed by Emmy McAllister

Dr. Jeff is a chiropractor and nutritionist in Pennsylvania and has been working with Dr. Yury's formulas for 18 months. For continuity, the products are described as SES Formulas throughout.

subtle energy formulasDr. Jeff: I was looking for the things that worked best for my patients – whether they were nutritional, standardized herbal extracts, homeopathics, nosodes or isodes. I came across Dr. Yury's formulas (Subtle Energy Solution Formulas) at a conference in Atlanta that I was speaking at. I put them on an EAV machine, and I was so impressed at the power that they had to modulate the energetic systems of the body that I just couldn't get enough of them. That first week I only had two small samples, and I was metering them out by the dropperful!

At this point in time I've been using a device to monitor patient outcomes called the Heart Rate Variability device... We can quantify the biological effect of any substance, modality, or therapy on our patients using the Heart Rate Variability as a window to their autonomic nervous system, and how the cardiac system is controlled by the nervous system before and after an intervention.

I have probably 300-400 pre and post heart rates using Subtle Energy Solution (SES) formulas with people in a clinical study. In the last 8 or 9 months we started to use these quite extensively. Now we're starting to get some long-term results – people who have been using the products for 4 to 8 months. I am just continually impressed at how well they affect the operating systems of the body on an energetic and physiological level.

Clinical Testing
I'm hoping that a lot of people are familiar with electro-acupuncture because we do pretty much classical Vole type testing. I no longer use the Interro. I'm using the Multiphasics; and we have also the Avatar, which is another electro-acupuncture measurement device. I also have a Vega with a Vega Quicktest. So we're familiar with all the types of instrumentation for doing electro-acupuncture measurements and galvanic skin response testing. We do our intake exams and physical exams and so forth, but we begin with a traditional 20-point electrical analysis according to Vole, using the hands and the feet electro-acupuncture meridians.

I have my own way of sorting through things. At this point, I'm using SES Formulas as my first line. Once I have an electrical reading on a meridian, I find the most stressed organ, or if I have a lot of points that are stressed. And I will use SES first to see how much they will modulate the entire system. And then I'll follow a protocol checking detoxisodes, and I'll check drainage remedies, and herbal extracts, and then I'll follow that by checking nutritionals on the point. And then I'll develop my program from that….

When sick people come to your office, they are always "disregulated" by definition. They wouldn't be ill if they had a normally operating system. So we always find some sort of autonomic disregulation. In an acute situation, the sympathetic system is very elevated and the parasympathetic is usually down-regulated. In a chronic case, you'll see exhaustion on that system, and following Selye's model of stress, you'll start to see adrenal exhaustion and the still down-regulated parasympathetic nervous system; but now you'll start to see an exhaustion of the sympathetic nervous response. So they go into an exhaustive state. SES Formulas were the first things that I could consistently count on to up-regulate the parasympathetic -- or the relaxing part -- of our nervous system, and to down-regulate the hyper sympathetic response, and modulate that so that the body could overcome its flight or fight response and get into a more healing, anabolic type of mode.

SES Improves Effectiveness of Other Therapies
Dr. Bill Wolfe: Are you saying that irregardless of what other products someone might be taking, that the E1 and the E2 work to facilitate those other products being used in the body?

Dr. Jeff: Oh, absolutely, because you see, in energy medicine, I always look at homeopathy and I look at Dr. Yury's SES Formulas as a blueprint for the body to utilize the materials and what it has available to help with its excretion response, and with its regeneration response, and normal cellular metabolism. It's always difficult to find just the right combination for a person to reactivate that system, or to move it toward a normal operating mode. People that are ill have a failure to adapt to whatever their stressor is, whether it's chemical, or heavy metals, or chronic infection, or trauma – either emotional or physical – and when we started to use SES Formulas, it stabilized the system across the board, so that whatever herbals we were using were utilized better for their drainage capabilities…or whatever nutrition we were using was absorbed and used in the body for its intended purpose in a predictable way. And achieving that is always difficult with sick people because we try to put the right things in, but we don't know if the body is going to respond in a normal, physiological way. But what we found with the E1 and the E2 products in there, the person's system has the correct modulation of its energy, and its cellular metabolism could utilize things in a predictable fashion.

Question: How would a person who doesn't have access to an acupuncture machine predict on a particular day if they should take E1 or E2?

Dr. Jeff: A lot of people have to do some muscle testing or some kinesiology, and it works just as strong with that type of technique. One of the things we found with the SES Formulas is that I've never really seen a downside with it, but it's so powerful energetically that people feel it, even if they don't have the opportunity to access kinesiology or EAV to determine which product is best for them, they'll know it within a couple of days.

Stabilizes the Nervous System
One important point here is that the autonomic nervous system is the deep regulator of the body's life functions, and, although it can be rapidly moved, it is not rapidly stabilized. So we can get a rapid response, but what we found with SES Formulas is that they stabilize the system over a longer period of time – over a month, six weeks, eight weeks – they send the message to the body to stabilize and operate in a normal fashion, and that's what I love about them; because those of you who do clinical work, we all know that we can blow cases up – the person can detox too rapidly and not have enough drainage, and they'll excrete more toxins than they can get out of the exits – out through the liver, or the bowel, or the kidneys, or the lymphatic system, or the lungs -- and with these products, we've had less and less of those kinds of healing crises with people. We've had a more predictable, steady healing response.

Health Maintenance and Wellness
I know that most of the people on the line are probably going to be looking at using these products for health maintenance and wellness, rather than for critical, severe cases that we see in our clinical practices; and that's where they (SES Formulas) really shine, because most people that aren't in ill health, that are looking to have optimum wellness, they're just a little bit off of center…and these products will pull you right back to center.

E-1 Usage

Question: Could you give us more specifics so we know which product we should take?

Dr. Jeff: Sure. E1 is going to be more of a stress relief. We have found that the stress relief works on a number of levels. Let's just take emotional stress -- the stress of just daily living -- it works for that; but it also works for physical trauma, like a car accident or a slip-fall.….There are two components for any type of physical trauma: there is the actual physical event, and then there's the emotion associated with it. And the stress release products (E-1) helps with both of those. In the past we might have used just an arnica-based extract or something else that's anti-inflammatory; and I always combined it with St. John's Wart or valerian hops to deal with the emotional component of trauma also. Well now E1 covers all that in one shot, whether it's just a stressful day or something deeper like the loss of a family member or day to day stress…E1 is going to help you deal with these on all the levels.

Question: Have you found that it helps folks sleep better as well?

Dr. Jeff: Oh, absolutely. I have never been a morning person – used to get up at the crack of nine or ten. Since I've been using this, I've been getting up at 6:30-7:00 in the morning, and I stay up till one or two. And furthermore, I used to take something for my adrenals, and something for this and something for that. You know I'm a health practitioner and I'm running myself ragged….It's a busy lifestyle, and I was stressed out! Good stress! But stress is stress, and good or bad, it still has the same physiological response: it requires adrenal energy and blood pressure changes, cortisol releases, and so forth. So when I started using the SES Formulas, all of a sudden I was sleeping better, sounder, getting up earlier, feeling more refreshed….And that's what excited me because I had been doing a lot of things for myself for years….and I was totally impressed by my own response to the product. You sleep better and handle the world better, come home and don't have as much of a let down at the end of the day.

E-2 Usage
With the E2 product, I'm sure most of you who do anything clinically will agree that you don't have sick people without having poor gastro-intestinal function. Dysbiosis is the catchword, but acid-alkaline balances can be off, microflora can be disturbed….What we found with the E-2 was a multitude of applications. A lot of people who are ill don't absorb and digest well, or have good gastro-intestinal function, and E2 helps with that. But it also helps with, again, an emotional component of the gastro-intestinal system. People who are stressed out may get nervous stomach things. We see people with constipation; we work with people who have irritable bowel syndrome. It just seems to work on the nervous system component of the G. I. tract as well as the physiological component of improving digestion, absorption and metabolism – well that's the key to health, right there!

If you really want to learn about anti-aging medicine, who would you talk to? Really old people…. And you rarely see healthy octogenarians who have bad digestive systems….One of the big keys to health is keeping a stress-free digestive system.

Recommended Dosage
Dr. Dan Gleeson: For those who are not clinicians dealing with patients, how do you recommend the average person use these products?….

Dr. Jeff: As far as dosage goes – I felt early on that the dosage recommendations were accurate for healthy people at 10 drops twice a day in four to six ounces of pure water. For that application, I prefer distilled water or reverse osmosis water rather than spring water or tap water….That's a good recommendation for people who are not having any health challenges. What I found with my clinical patients was that the more severe their condition, the lower the dose I began them with. I would start them with 2-5 drops twice a day, and I would ramp up gradually each week by adding two or three drops a day until we got up to standard dosages.

E-3 Topical Cream
With the cream, I've actually been using that for a couple of years, and now it's in enhanced form. I treat all the soccer kids and the football team from my boy's high school on a pro bono basis, so we have injured athletes coming through our house and our clinic weekly with bruises, even fractures. The application of the topical is at least twice a day with something that's a little more chronic; but in an acute situation, I'll have them use it three, four, five times a day in small applications to the injured area until they note persistent relief, and then we'll go down to maybe twice a day….After the pain is gone or the inflammation is gone, I have them maintain the use for at least another week, twice a day, morning and evening, which promotes the healing of the soft tissues and the connective tissues.

Dr. Gleeson: Are you having people use the product on a regular basis to keep themselves calm and centered and balanced?

Dr. Jeff: Yes, I do.

Subtle Energy Solutions Formulas Come First
Dr. Dan Gleeson: On your difficult cases and your people who are kind of ill, before you get into any other therapies, do they stay on a program like this for several days and get leveled off before you do very much?

Dr. Jeff: I've have patients that all I would do after testing them with the EAV, if they tested for one or both of the products, I would put them on that for at least two to three weeks minimum. For sometimes as much as a month that was their sole program along with the hydration therapy that I use. Sometimes all I do is hydrate them and allow their bodies to find its own center for a month or so; and then I would come back and do the more sophisticated homotoxicology work, and find out, hey, what toxins can't the body deal with after it's in a stable self-regulating mode for a month? Isn't that a neat idea? I've been looking for this kind of stuff for fifteen years!

It is kind of interesting, because I know that we've done some very sophisticated work. We've used the most sophisticated remedies at the right dosage. We've been there and done that; and now we've found, after all this time, we've come back to the simplest premise – to the most basic one -- that we are self-regulating, self-cleansing self-healing life forms. If we have the right energy and the right hydration, and the right nutrients, we're going to do a lot to bring ourselves back to center and to heal.

Dr. Gleeson: I really appreciate the way that it also brings your pH back into a place where it should be too.

Dr. Jeff: Have you been checking your patients out with biological terrain assessment?

Dr. Gleeson: Basically I'm doing a lot of muscle testing for 20 years for organ evaluations etc.….Of course, we use the EAV too. I've basically found – I haven't had this product very long – only three four five weeks. Mostly I'm testing to find out where I can fit it into my practice; and of course, what it's doing is taking over.

Dr. Jeff: It does! It does! And after a while it thins your inventory of substances even!

"Feng Shui's" the Body

Dr. Gleeson: Yes! We had about 400 things in our cabinet downstairs, I'm sure that's been slashed in half for the past month and a half and I know it's going to be going down. That's why I asked you that question, because I find if I put people on it, and they're on it several days or a week, when they come back into the office, things are just changing beautifully, and I'm finding I just don't have to do a whole bunch of things. I think most of the stuff's available to the body already, and when you put something like this in there, it gets into that deeper intelligence of the body and things really start happening.

Dr. Jeff: It's like having a home that has all the things in it that you need – the beds and the dressers and the couch – and they're all in all the wrong places! This like "Feng Shui's" the body. It just organizes what's already in there. I think of the dozens of products we've tried and used over the years to try and achieve acid/alkaline balance and this, that, and the other thing. Oh, my gosh! Unbelievable the amount of substances that have passed over my test tray and to our patients over the years. And now comes to SES Formulas and it comes down to organize what's in there and watch what the body does when each cell is told, "Hey, this is the best way to do things." It is really incredible -- incredible!

Dr. Gleeson: What you're saying is what I'm finding in my early studies with this also that entrainment is one of the best words that taps the reorganization of the body…… when the body starts doing that. It's basically got everything it needs. It may need some more minerals, and may need a few enzymes and so forth, but boy, does it take off!

Michael Cheek: You know, Dr. Jeff, you mentioned something a couple of days ago in conversation that caught my attention, and I thought what I heard you say was that in the last five years you were beginning to see things showing up that you had not seen before. Could you address that?

The World is Changing

Dr. Jeff: Oh, absolutely. The longer you're in clinical practice, the more you realize how the world is changing. Just think of your own personal friends and family: the increased incidence of auto-immune disorders – of lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis; and people who get sick and never quite get better again, and it changes their whole life. They catch the flu, and they never get better. Or they get in a car accident, and they get exhausted, and they never get better, they never get back to where they were. There's no one on the line tonight who doesn't know someone like that, or maybe even is like that themselves. And another thing I've seen is that the bugs are more virulent – the viruses and the flu's -- they hang on longer and are tougher to get rid of.

People's operating systems are suffering so much stress from the environment: chemical stress, electro-magnetic stress, psycho-emotional stress. We should be doing everything we can to keep ourselves operating in the middle there. These products really help our body to do that – to cleanse more efficiently; to have good cellular energy; to digest, metabolize, and absorb food better. That's what we've been seeing. People really need to get the concept of wellness into their head because so many folks are just one more trauma away from being really ill. Think about that. Think about how many people you know that have had some sort of incident in their life, and they never got back to being better again. It's a phenomenon that has been on the rise in my practice, especially over the last four or five years.

Systems Reorganized

Michael Cheek: And so what I'm hearing you say is that what we're doing with this technology is assisting the body by bringing the body back into balance so that it has what it needs to go forward in a more healthy way.

Dr. Jeff: Oh, absolutely. I liken it to reorganizing our hard drive, you know? We're getting our systems reorganized and operating in the most efficient fashion. When you reorganize a computer, you may have a bit of information over here, and a bite over there, and something else over there, and you reorganize that drive, and it makes everything more convenient, so that it doesn't have to jump all over the place to get the job done. It makes it operate faster and more accurately, right? Well, that's pretty much what we're doing to our bodies with this new technology: we're keeping it ever vigilant, and, at a cellular level, we're keeping it in a normal physiological energetic mode. And it takes time. It takes two, three, four months. And the longer you utilize these things, the better you feel, because the deeper the action is. You just can't believe it!

My hallmark for a product or some sort of modality that we're using is that it is beneficial to our patients. When they run out of it, they ask for it – they notice it; they want it. That's their body talking to them, saying, "Hey, I don't know what that stuff was, but I noticed when I didn't have it, and I want some more…. My ears perk up when I hear somebody say, "Hey, I miss that."

Help For Animals

The other thing we did mention is that you cannot believe how well this stuff works for critters. I have a fourteen-and-a-half-year-old golden retriever, and he got something bad into his system about a couple weeks ago. He did not eat for almost a week. I was hydrating him, and I tested him. He was stressed out, so I gave him E2, and it saved his life. He's up walking around again, and going out by himself…..I thought he was a goner.

Question: Did you put it in his water or right in his mouth?

Dr. Jeff: I put some in a certain type of water and gave it to him right in the mouth… every couple hours. He started to drink after about two or three days. We've used it with the horses. I've used the E-3 cream on race horses. We raise Morgan horses, and we've used it on them, where we normally spend $400-500 to get [them] injected. I've used the cream on them and if they're stressed out and we're getting ready to go to a parade or a big trail ride, I put some E-1 drops in their water and put some cream on their feet before we go, and they're just nice and mellow.

Individuals With Health Challenges

Michael Cheek: Folks always tend to think that they are doing the wrong thing. From what I've gathered, you're saying there is no wrong thing that you can do with these products.

Dr. Jeff: No, there really isn't. I have just not seen a down side with them. As we talked about with people that are really ill, who have some serious health challenges, they tend to re-regulate the system a little too rapidly; so I err on the side of being conservative, and start with very low dosages and work my way up with people that are in that category because it can cause too strong of a normalization response, and that can appear outwardly to be adverse, but it really is a sign of the body having a normal excretion response or starting to function normally – the first thing it wants to do is clean itself out. I would say the rule of thumb would be: the greater the health challenge a person has, the lower the dosage should be on the onset. And then they can always build up to it as the weeks go on.

Fifi Cheek: One of the questions that I had was about people with serious health challenges…. Would you start someone like that out with both products, taken at different times of the day?

Dr. Jeff: That's normally what I do...We may have them take the E1 in the morning because it helps them face the day, and helps with the nervous response to the day. And the E2 they might want to take in the afternoon or early evening before supper because that's when we're going to do more absorbing and metabolizing; and then later on in the evening as we go to rest, is when we rejuvenate and replenish ourselves. We want to work with the body's biorhythms.

Fifi: Some people take E2 in the evening, and then they can't go to sleep.

Dr. Jeff: That's why I prefer it in the afternoon so that they have the energy, but they're not necessarily going to be too charged up. A lot of people get that mid afternoon drag, especially if they tend to be a carboholic, because that's when we get those blood sugar drops: ten in the morning, three or three thirty in the afternoon... It's very good for that.