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How Quantum Physics Does Health...

For centuries in Oriental Medicine and Martial Arts, the life force has been called "chi" or "qi." Kirlean photographs confirm the existence of some sort of energy around the living things that can be measured. Problems occur when this life energy gets depressed and the channels where it flows through the body get blocked or scattered.

In Chinese Medicine, acupuncture is used to re-establish the life energy channels in the body so that this energy can flow again, and thus, health is restored.

Modern-day quantum physics has begun to scientifically explain these ancient practices, and new technologies are now available as a result. Quantum physics refers to this life energy, or "chi," as SUBTLE ENERGY.

Without having to get too technical, the laws of quantum physics allow that the life energy  quality or signature can be transferred from one substance to another, resulting in completely new horizons for efficiently and effectively addressing health and wellness.

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