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Clean Sweep Clearing Spray

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Clean Sweep Clearing Spray

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Energetic pollution is everywhere--in our homes, our workplaces, and even in our play spaces! Groundbreaking experiments conducted at the Univ. of California Irvine as part of a collaborative research project by Prof. Joie Jones and Dr. Yury Kronn have made it clear just how much of a negative impact energetic pollution can actually have on living systems.

The prototype of the Clean Sweep Spray was originally used in controlled laboratory experiments to assess how energetic pollution might influence the healing of cells damaged by gamma radiation. Benchmarks for healing effects on damaged cells had been established over a period of 10 years. Dr. Kronn and Dr. Jones discovered that survival rates dramatically improved from 10% to 80% when the laboratory was cleaned with the Clean Sweep Spray.

Clean Sweep Spray cleans any kind of negative energy. Tangible energetic emanations linger in the environment from all kinds of sources, including distress and suffering, illness, depression, anxiety, trauma, difficult relationships, and negative thinking--as well as from electrical devices, such televisions, computers, cell phones, microwave ovens and wi-fi. Few people are aware of the fact that negative energetic emanations can affect healing time, state of mind, family dynamics, and mental focus.

The good news is that Clean Sweep has an almost immediate effect on the human nervous system. It relieves emotional tension, and creates a sense of well-being and security. It can help to calm and relax aggressive people by soothing negative thoughts and tendencies. Overall, the body's entire system is more relaxed and has more energy for dealing with the rest of life's challenges--energy it had been using to counteract the impact of negative energies in the environment.

As it cleans the space, Clean Sweep also protects from further accumulation of damaging energy for up to two days. However, in areas where negative energy is continuously introduced, it makes sense to use the spray more often. Some people like to use it 2-3 times a day.

Clean Sweep is all-natural, water-based, and contains no chemicals or fragrances. The energized structured water solution can be used safely around all living things.

Doctors' Conference Call About Clean Sweep (MP3)

Clean Sweep for Animals (MP3)


"Just had to tell you about my success with the Tattvas Kaffir Lime oil. I added about 40 drops to a large bottle of the Clean Sweep spray. I took it to work because I had a long day of difficult meetings ahead. I sprayed my car, myself, my desk area, and the meeting conference room before everyone else arrived. If you've ever been exposed to gov't buildings and personnel, you know the negativity is so thick you can cut it with a knife. And I have to tell you, this was the FIRST time we've had a meeting that lasted less than 1 hour and there was not one argument! We even managed to resolve an issue that had been on the table for months. Now, I spray my work area every morning. I have been so impressed with your products and services, I just can't thank you enough! I am now happier, healthier, much more positive, and willing to share my Subtle Energy experiences to help others. I loaned my spray to my sister yesterday (who also works in a gov't building) and she emailed me this morning to say, 'I REALLY love that spray - you HAVE TO get me some.' I will be placing an order today." -- Gwen M., Maryland

"I would like to share something with you. I started using the Clean Sweep spray right away. Today is Monday and I feel alot better--more calm, relaxed, and grounded. I have the ability to see negative energy, and I noticed the amount of negative energy has diminished. I've tried other type of sprays in the past and none of them worked. I will continue to observe the results and I will keep you informed." -- E. Medina, Kissimee, FL

"We like using Clean Sweep while driving. It immediately relaxes the body, clears the mind and senses, and inspires a peaceful and adventurous outlook. Also, around the house, it has immediately dispersed the occasional heavy, negative emotions, allowing us to stay focused on tasks at hand in a relaxed way. We've also noticed it has a distinct calming effect on pets." -- B. Martin, Portland, OR


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