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Scientists studying the motion of galaxy clusters have made a revolutionary discovery. They have undeniable evidence that an ancient energy form, called Subtle Energy, exists in what scientists call Dark Matter, or, the Subatomic World. Some scientists believe that this particular energy affects our health, and the use of it in the healing professions holds enormous potential for improving our quality of life. This energy form, known to the Ancients of the East in their use of acupuncture, can now be generated and packaged for the first time ever through a fascinating new technology. It will change the way we view modern medicine forever. 

Western scientists of the late 1800's believed this energy existed in what was called the "Etheric World," (now called the Subatomic World), which is the world of energy that exists beneath and through our physical world. They believed this energy to be vitally important for the functioning of the organs in the human body. The Ancients of the East believed this too, but they also thought there was a spiritual part to this energy as well that was indestructible and vital to the well-being of everyone. These days, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners call Subtle Energy, "Chi" (pronounced CHEE), and in the Eastern Ayurvedic practices, subtle energy is referred to as prana.

Dr. Joie Jones of the University of California in Irvine proved the existence and the effects of Subtle Energy on and in the human body. Using one of the most sophisticated scientific tools, the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), Dr. Jones found that when the acupuncture point of the toe, known to influence vision, is stimulated, a subtle energy signal is sent to the visual cortex of the brain. And there's more. That signal from the toe to the brain travels a thousand times faster than a signal sent through the eyes to the brain. Dr. Jones concluded that the information received along acupuncture meridians registers in the brain outside of the physical nerves of the body.

Dr. Yury Kronn, a well-known and respected Russian quantum radio-physicist, has developed a proprietary technology that can copy the Subtle Energy patterns of every atomic element on the periodic table, as well as acupuncture meridians, and many other substances. He spent more than 20 years researching the Subtle Energy phenomena and has invented a plasma-based, computerized device that copies and generates subtle energy signatures. He calls his invention, "Vital Force Technology (VFT)."

The use of Subtle Energy in different health products has tremendous implications for those in the healing professions. Subtle Energy increases the healing effects of natural remedies and nutritional products. This means that these remedies work better, without increasing the dosage.

Several formulas are now available through Pure Energy Rx infused with this revolutionary ingredient, and they’ve been scientifically proven effective for numerous healing purposes.

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