Vital Force Crystals - Inner Peace

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Beautiful Swarovski Crystals Charged with Subtle Energy!

The Inner Peace Crystal connects to and strengthens your inner radiance, helping you reflect out to your world the essential luminous, loving being that you are.

Working with this Crystal helps you maintain the serenity and self-confidence important for breaking ties that bind you to events and relationships that have a negative impact on your life. Finding compassion and patience within can be the key to transforming your life, freeing you to release and heal the pain caused by psychological and physical trauma.

Italian Silver Chain available

(Crystals approx. 1 in.) (Gift box included)



VibesUp Crystalline Plate Mat
Energize your food with crystal power!


Crystal Cream from VibesUp, For skin care and pain

Use IAwake Meditation Technologies with this crystal
for an amazing experience.

VibesUP Divine Soles
Crystalline Shoe Inserts
Pulls out the non beneficial energies and feeds back nature's nurture. Grounding has been shown to also help with pain relief, cortisol levels, (stress) hormone balancing, inflammation and MUCH more.