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E-4 Foundation / Immune (1 oz.)

E-4 Foundation / Immune (1 oz.)

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E-4 Foundation & Energizer will help to energetically re-connect your body. So many people in this hectic world do so much thinking, they become energetically overloaded in the upper part of their body. This causes an energetic disconnection from the rest of the body. This disconnection can cause problems with digestion and elimination, and the lower back as well as many other problems. E-4 connects the upper energy centers with the lower energy centers of the body, enhancing the effectiveness of E-1 and E-2 by providing the proper energetic communication between the organs of the body.-- Dr. Yury Kronn

E-4 works through the subtle energy system to open pathways of subtle energy flow that support the body’s natural ability to cleanse and detoxify many metabolic functions in the body, including liver metabolism and kidney function. Assists with grounding and stabilizing the energy flow in the body and contains a mood elevating formula for psychological stabilization. Foundation can be very helpful for issues where the patient is not grounded i.e. energetically out of balance. There are many situations where the E-4 formula can be very helpful and it is easily combined with many of the other formulas. It is indicated for strengthening energetic modulation where it can support the body in the following situations: regulating blood pressure, chronic issues of all kinds, digestion problems, emotional, heart and circulation issues.

Dr. Jeff Marrongelle:
E-4 provides the most basic energetic stabilization of all the solutions. I found it to be beneficial when cellular metabolism is being restored following a heavy metal, chemical or pesticide detox. During this period, normal inter-cellular and extra-cellular ionic exchange is being re-established, as well as enzyme activity and organic function. E-4 helps to provide the energy for this fundamental reorganization. I found it to be very helpful with liver metabolism, kidney function and in stablizing levels of various minerals. It also appears to have a stabilizing, grounding effect on all the body's systems.