Trinity Gem Elixir - Green Fluorite (1 oz.)

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"Stone of Integration"

Spiritually: Grounds and integrates spiritual energies, heightens intuitive powers, increases awareness of higher spiritual realities, quickens spiritual awakening. Strengthens the heart chakra.

Emotionally: Increases self-confidence, dissipates emotional trauma, brings suppressed feeling to the surface for resolution.

Mentally: Mental cleanser. Focuses the mind and links it into universal mind.

Physically: Strengthens bone tissue, stimulates lung tissue, and eases viral inflammation, and helps clear bacterial infections.

Keywords: Third Eye, Psychic, Transformation, Courage, Focus, Skeletal, Immunity, Detox, Aura, Truth, Consciousness, cleansing, Intellect, Protection, stabilizes, negative, negativity, stress,  learning, concentration, self-confidence, decision-making, indecision, positivity, balance, coordination, immune system, regeneration, DNA, skin, respiratory tract, ulcers, wounds, bone, rheumatism, arthritis, spine, shingles, nerve pain, heart chakra


Use this Green Fluorite Elixir with the Cosmic Eye Meditation Elixir for a quantum leap in psychic awareness, and cosmic consciousness.



Use the IAwake Technology with this
gem elixir for amazing experiences.


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