Trinity Gem Elixir - Black Tourmaline (1 oz.)

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"Stone of Cleansing and Protection"

Spiritually: Grounds spiritual energy, clears and balances all the chakras, and forms a protective shield around the body. Clears the aura.

Emotionally: Aids in understanding, removes blockages and disperses negative energy. Awakens altruism.

Mentally: Powerful mental healer. Promotes clear, rational thought processes.

Physically: May be useful as a healing tool, for grounding, for clearing, balancing and connecting meridians and chakras. May strengthen the immune system, defend against debilitating conditions, relieve pain and realign the spinal column.

Keywords: Immunity, Spine, Humanitarianism, Selflessness, Integration, Poltergeist, Astral Travel, Purification, Protection, De-tox


This elixir is especially synergistic with Clean Sweep and E-4 FormulaAdd a few drops to your Clean Sweep bottle for a jump in potency.

Take Black Tourmaline while wearing the Chakra Cleansing and Protection Vital Force Crystal, for an even greater experience of protection and purity.

The Vibes Up Ionic Cleansing Bar
Black Tourmaline Soap
The Ultimate BODY and AURA CLEANSE

Black Tourmaline is known throughout Japan and scientific communities for its high amount of healthy negative ions. Among many benefits, these ions can assist and be supportive in opening up and releasing stuck dirt, grime and even toxic electronic or negative emotional energies.  ($19.99)





Use the IAwake Technology with this
gem elixir for amazing experiences.


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