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Vital Force Crystal - Chakra Protection & Cleansing

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The Chakra Cleansing Crystal contains powerful energies for cleaning, rejuvenating and protecting the chakras.

When you wear the Crystal it will interact with the chakras, cleaning and restoring their vibrant colors, strengthening their rotation, and repairing their shape.

Regular use of the Chakra Balancing Crystal can result in better overall health, a feeling of lightness in the body and an improved psychological state with a clearer mind and an uplifting sense of optimism.

In addition to cleaning your Chakras, the Chakra Crystal is designed to protect the chakras from the influences of negative energy in your environment. Since negative energy affects your chakras first, this is where the crystal is most effective. The special energies of the Crystal form a virtual shield for your chakras.

NOTE:  The Selenite Heart also has the Inner Peace energy.

Italian Silver Chain available

Most crystals are about an inch long.