Quantum Health Newsletter, Dec. 2022, Issue 1

The Universe as a Computer Simulation
universe simulation

Physicists have long struggled to explain why the universe started out with conditions suitable for life to evolve. Why do the physical laws and constants take the very specific values that allow stars, planets and ultimately life to develop? The expansive force of the universe, dark energy, for example, is much weaker than theory suggests it should be--allowing matter to clump together rather than being ripped apart. A common answer is that we live in an infinite multiverse of universes, so we shouldn't be surprised that at least one universe has turned out as ours. But another is that our universe is a computer simulation, with someone (perhaps an advanced alien species) fine-tuning the conditions.

The latter option is supported by a branch of science called information physics, which suggests that space-time and matter are not fundamental phenomena. Instead, the physical reality is fundamentally made up of bits of information, from which our experience of space-time emerges. By comparison, temperature "emerges" from the collective movement of atoms. No single atom fundamentally has temperature. This leads to the extraordinary possibility that our entire universe might in fact be a computer simulation. The idea is not that new. In 1989, the legendary physicist, John Archibald Wheeler, suggested that the universe is fundamentally mathematical and it can be seen as emerging from information. He coined the famous aphorism "it from bit".

Physicist Seth Lloyd from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US took the simulation hypothesis to the next level by suggesting that the entire universe could be a giant quantum computer. There is some evidence suggesting that our physical reality could be a simulated virtual reality rather than an objective world that exists independently of the observer.

Any virtual reality world will be based on information processing. That means everything is ultimately digitized or pixelated down to a minimum size that cannot be subdivided further: bits. This appears to mimic our reality according to the theory of quantum mechanics, which rules the world of atoms and particles. It states there is a smallest, discrete unit of energy, length and time. Similarly, elementary particles, which make up all the visible matter in the universe, are the smallest units of matter. To put it simply, our world is pixelated. The laws of physics that govern everything in the universe also resemble computer code lines that a simulation would follow in the execution of the program. Moreover, mathematical equations, numbers and geometric patterns are present everywhere--the world appears to be entirely mathematical.

Another curiosity in physics supporting the simulation hypothesis is the maximum speed limit in our universe, which is the speed of light. In a virtual reality, this limit would correspond to the speed limit of the processor, or the processing power limit. We know that an overloaded processor slows down computer processing in a simulation. Similarly, Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity shows that time slows in the vicinity of a black hole.

Perhaps the most supportive evidence of the simulation hypothesis comes from quantum mechanics. This suggest nature isn't "real": particles in determined states, such as specific locations, don't seem to exist unless you actually observe or measure them. Instead, they are in a mix of different states simultaneously. Similarly, virtual reality needs an observer or programmer for things to happen.

Quantum "entanglement" also allows two particles to be spookily connected so that if you manipulate one, you automatically and immediately also manipulate the other, no matter how far apart they are--with the effect being seemingly faster than the speed of light, which should be impossible. This could, however, also be explained by the fact that within a virtual reality code, all "locations" (points) should be roughly equally far from a central processor. So while we may think two particles are millions of light years apart, they wouldn't be if they were created in a simulation.

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Building Body Trust for Greater Well-Being
body trustMost of us are familiar with what it means to "go with your gut" or "follow your instincts". And many of us have ignored red flags or nagging sensations from time to time, leading to consequences we later regret. Trusting your body includes these ideas but it also means more than that. When it comes to decision-making and health, people differ in how much importance they place on bodily sensations – from hunger and fatigue to anger and joy. Some of us might dismiss or suppress sensations, talk ourselves out of a strong feeling (or let others talk us out of it), or simply place more importance on logic and rationality than on feeling. People also differ in how well they can sense these signals, which affects their ability to make use of them. For example, people with alexithymia, a condition marked by difficulty identifying and articulating feelings, often don't know they're hungry until they're in pain, or that they're angry until they feel their pulse. On the other end of the spectrum are those people who arguably feel too much, leading them to become easily overwhelmed by--and therefore distrustful of--their bodily signals.

Body trust is not just a folk concept--it's also a scientific construct. It's used to measure "interoception, which is the process of sensing the body from within. Poor interoception is associated with a wide range of mental disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), eating disorders, depression and anxiety. Alongside questions about body trust, researchers measure people's interoception by tapping seven further features, from "noticing" to "attention regulation" to "body listening". Of these features, "low body trust" has emerged as particularly relevant to mental health.

To begin building your body trust, you'll want to carve out time during the day to start paying closer attention to your body. Research shows that two mindfulness meditation practices--breath meditations and body scans--can enhance not only interoception, but body trust specifically. Both styles of meditation are forms of "focused attention", meaning focusing on an object inside or outside the body, such as a flame, a mantra – or, for our purposes, your breath or one or more specific parts of your body.

Perform a basic body scan: Begin by bringing your attention into your body, whether you're seated or lying down. You can close your eyes if that's comfortable to you. Feel the weight of your body, on the chair or on the floor. Take a few deep breaths. As you take a deep breath, bring in more oxygen, enlivening your body, and, as you exhale, have a sense of relaxing more deeply.

Notice the sensation of your feet touching the floor. The weight and pressure, vibration, heat. Notice your legs against the chair. Pressure, pulsing, heaviness, lightness. Notice your back against the chair. Bring your attention into your stomach area. If your stomach is tense or tight, let it soften. Take a breath. Notice your hands. Are your hands tense or tight? See if you can allow them to soften. Notice your arms. Feel any sensation in your arms. Let your shoulders be soft. Notice your neck and throat. Let them be soft, relaxed. Soften your jaw. Let your face and facial muscles be soft.

Then notice your whole body. Take one more breath. Be aware of your whole body, as best you can. Take a breath. When you're ready, you can open your eyes.

Perform an open monitoring exercise:

  • Sit down comfortably in a quiet place and take a few moments to let your mind settle--you may even practice focused-attention meditation briefly.
  • When you are ready, begin to notice all of your sensations as they appear in your awareness. For each sensation, notice it, but don't interact with it. Don't engage with it, but also don't try to get rid of it. Just allow it to arise, evolve, and then pass.
  • Eventually, you will find that your attention has focused on something. For example, you may find yourself preoccupied by a warm sensation in your chest, a tingling in your foot, or the sound of traffic outside. Whatever the sensation, when you notice you have accidentally focused on it, acknowledge that this has happened, and gently bring your attention back to the watchful state, in which sensations take their own natural course.
Practice labeling your sensations:
  • How would I describe this sensation to someone else?
  • What emotion is this sensation normally connected to for me?
  • What does a gut feeling feel like for me, and what happened in the past when I acted/didn't act on it?
  • What does a conditioned response feel like for me, and what happened in the past when I acted/didn't act on it?
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Learning About Life Through Play
play timePlay should not be seen as tangential to learning, experts say, but should be viewed instead as the natural way young children learn. "The parts of the brain that are most developed in the early years are the ones that respond to active experiences," said Dee Ray, a professor of early childhood education and director of the Center for Play Therapy at the University of North Texas College of Education. In contrast, the parts of the brain that allow children to learn by listening to a lecture or watching a video are developed later, she added. "The brain is structured to learn from experience first, and then learn through all the other means that we usually use [to teach]," she said. "Play is essential to education. Play is education for children."

When children play with dolls, for example, they can test out different scenarios for responding to a crying baby, including holding the doll or feeding the doll, Dee added. They create new neural networks and gain new understanding. This "pretend play" is a critical way children explore their environment and learn about the world, said Doris Bergen, a professor at Miami University of Ohio's Department of Educational Psychology whose research has focused on child development and play.

Research shows that when mammals play, their brains are activated in a way that can change neuron connections in the prefrontal cortex, which impact emotional regulation and problem-solving. Play can also release chemicals in the brain, including oxytocin (which helps regulate emotions and supports social skills) and dopamine (a neurotransmitter that impacts memory, motivation, attention and mood). Kids are "flooded, a lot of times in play, with positive emotions," Dee said.

Play is so powerful that it is often used as a form of therapy for children who deal with anxiety or trauma. Even as children move up through the early grades, research shows play can continue to have an impact. Elementary principals have reported that recess, for example, has a positive impact on academic performance and that students are more focused afterward. Play is considered to be integral to the academic environment for both social-emotional and academic development, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Researchers have largely relied on experiments with animals to hone in on play's impact on the brain. A 2003 study of rats' brains found that rats raised in a playful, stimulating environment had higher levels of a protein that grows and maintains brain cells than rats raised in a solitary, boring environment. Other studies have shown that play in young rats impacts the parts of the brain associated with social interactions and thinking. Studies of children have also shown play's benefits, including improved language skills, problem solving skills and math skills. Certain types of imaginative play have been found to improve perseverance. Play can even be used to close achievement gaps between young children, some experts argue.

To truly benefit from play, children must be given ample, unstructured play time, said Bergen. That means they should receive at least an hour each day in a safe environment to "create their own enjoyment, their own rules, their own experiences," she said. This child-led free play time can also help children internalize what they are taught about the world, she added. "Play is one of the main ways that children really consolidate their learning. The way we really make our skills permanent and enriched and highly developed, is often through our play experiences."

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vibrant living

BOOK REVIEW: Lifting the Veil of Duality by Andreas Moritz - EXCERPT: Moritz dives into the thick of the practice of non-duality in a world of duality (polarities / opposites). Non-duality is the ideal put forth most notably by Buddhism, and Moritz intrepidly jumps into explaining how we create "evil" in life to fully explore the realm of duality in order to learn the path to non-duality--or the perception that everything is good and perfect the way it is. FULL TEXT / VIDEO

life energy chronicles

No One Dies From Disease - EXCERPT: We chose to come into this world--we also choose to leave it. The illusion of pre-destination is simply a failure to go earlier in the sequence of events to when the soul CHOSE how long a life to have and even how to leave it. If this remained unexamined, it very well would seem like "fate". - FULL TEXT / VIDEO

Health & Healing Hack of the Week

Mindful Walking

mindful walkingThere's a great mindfulness drill I learned about from Gary Douglas of Access Consciousness, and it is fun to do and very revealing of our motivations and true desires. It is "Mindful Walking". There are different ways to do it, but a good starting one is to first determine a short path you are going to physically walk--say through your garden, or a short stretch of ground in a park--say, maybe 100 feet or so. Now, start walking, step by step, very slowly. As you slowly move, take in every bit of the five senses (or more). Observe the tendency to get bored, or hurry, or do something else with your mind. Instead, retrieve your attention back to the Walk. Observe the earth, the trees, the flowers, the grass, any flora and fauna, your breath, heart beat, pulses and other sensations. I've done this over a 100 foot stretch in a garden, taking 45 minutes to traverse the distance. At the end, I felt not only intimately connected with my surroundings, but also much more connected with Nature at large. The other version of this is to walk at a normal pace, but keeping your attention on everything you are sensing, and observing what the mind does. Refrain from following any particular thought sequence, such as thinking about future events, or plans, or past experiences. Keep it all in the NOW. Soon, you'll experience a deep, relaxing connection to Life and your place in the world. -- From 25 No Cost Health & Healing Hacks by Boyd Martin)

Quantum Healer of the Week

Tanja James

Tanja JamesI'm on a mission to change the current culture of More More More and if you are reading this I'm guessing you are too. If you are in a place of confusion, struggle, or overwhelm, I would love the opportunity to help you achieve the balance and peace you are wanting to create. It took me a really long time to be open to receiving support with my own struggles. I'm here to be a catalyst for you to also know that you too deserve all the assistance you need to manifest the live that you really want. There are more possibilities available to us than we are able to see at times. Where are you limiting yourself? Where are the places you feel are uncontrollable for you to change? What are your current blind spots and how are they trying to show themselves to you? We uncover the answers to these questions and so much more through the process of inquiry, learning to be patient with the journey, and honoring our challenges, blocks, strengths, and successes equally. We uncover what the lessons in your current situation are trying to tell you and we explore how to transcend these and the doubt, fear, stress, and overwhelm that comes with them. If this is resonating with you please feel free to reach out and book a complimentary discovery call with me. We will explore what's showing up for you, why, and what you can do about it right now to plant the seeds of change and watch them grow. -- WEBSITE

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digital hydrogenBreakthrough Quantum Support for Physical Well-Being and Longevity
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