BOOK REVIEW: Lifting the Veil of Duality by Andreas Moritz

Lifting the Veil of Duality

If anyone was to look at my library of books, they'd think I was a literary monk--and I sort of am, actually. I haven't read a fiction book since I was a kid (not counting Castaneda), but my collection has a definite theme: I don't read a book unless I'm so inspired to that I can't resist. That is the criteria. And it just so happens that all of my books are about spirituality. Hence, the "monk" label. Where it gets out of the realm of monkishness, however, is that the books I read, I USE in my daily life. I love books that allow practical applications of spiritual techniques and perspectives.

The book I'm reading now fits all the above criteria, and I even had to buy it twice to keep reading (thanks to a hasty departure from a hotel room while on band tour).

Lifting the Veil is not an easy read (as are most of my books), and is dense enough to require reflection after each paragraph. But I like that. And the subject matter--whoa... be prepared to take a cosmic ride.

Moritz dives into the thick of the practice of non-duality in a world of duality (polarities / opposites). Non-duality is the ideal put forth most notably by Buddhism, and Moritz intrepidly jumps into explaining how such events as children dying at the hands of a gunman are actually perfect. And, that we create "evil" in life to fully explore the realm of duality in order to learn the path to non-duality--or the perception that everything is good and perfect the way it is.

This is a challenging practice, but an extremely rewarding one. At the core of a non-duality practice is the reality of self-creation. This doesn't just mean creating an identity, this means creating everything that happens to you. By accepting and embracing that responsibility, a new awareness starts to happen where you see everything happening around you as a reflection of your own value judgments--a mirror of your decisions about the world.

Moritz makes the point that by appreciating "both sides of the coin", it greatly deepens our experience of the world, and brings us to the ultimate understanding that the Universe is Basically Good, and we as spiritual beings have incarnated into physical bodies to learn this great truth. Wow, great stuff.

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