Quantum Health News - April, 2020, No. 1

Hope Keeps You Healthy

In Harvard's "Human Flourishing Program," recently published report, researchers examined the impact of hope on nearly 13,000 people with an average age of 66. They found those with more hope throughout their lives had better physical health, better health behaviors, better social support and a longer life. Hope also led to fewer chronic health problems, less depression, less anxiety and a lower risk of cancer.

So if maintaining hope in the long run is so good for us, how do we increase it?

Attend a motivational speech. Watch, read or listen to one online, through YouTube, a blog or podcast. That increases hope, although usually the fix is short-lived.

Engage with a religious or spiritual community. This has worked for millennia. Amidst a community of like believers, people have drawn strength, found peace and experienced the elevation of the human spirit, just by knowing there is something or someone much larger than them.

Forgive. Participating in a forgiveness group, or completing a forgiveness do-it-yourself workbook, builds hope, say scientists. It also reduces depression and anxiety, and increases (perhaps this is obvious) your capacity to forgive. That's true even with long-held grudges. I've personally found that successfully forgiving someone provides a sense of both the willpower and way-power to change.

Choose a "hero of hope." Nelson Mandela endured 27 years of imprisonment yet persevered to build a new nation. Franklin Delano Roosevelt brought hope to millions for a decade during the Great Depression, despite physical limitations. Ronald Reagan brought hope to a world that seemed forever mired in the Cold War. From his fourth State of the Union address: "Tonight, I've spoken of great plans and great dreams. They're dreams we can make come true. Two hundred years of American history should have taught us that nothing is impossible."

Hope changes systems that seem stuck. Katherine Johnson, the black mathematician whose critical role in the early days of NASA and the space race was featured in the movie "Hidden Figures," recently died at age 101. The movie (and the book on which it was based) brought to light her persistence against a system that seemed forever stuck. Bryan Stevenson, who directs the Equal Justice Initiative, and the subject of the movie "Just Mercy," has successfully fought to help those wrongly convicted or incompetently defended to get off death row.

Regardless of how hard we try, we cannot eliminate threats to hope. Bad stuff happens. But there are the endpoints of persistent hope: We become healthier and our relationships are happier. We can bring about that hope by buoying our willpower, bolstering our persistence, finding pathways to our goals and dreams, and looking for heroes of hope. And just perhaps, one day, we too can be such a hero.

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Know Your Stress Type
stressMary Dempcy (along with colleague Rene Tihista) researched and compiled a unique model for handling stress (at work, at home, in relationships, etc). These "inner selves", as they are so often referred to in their book 7 Stress Personalities: A Look At Your Selves, must be recognized and managed in order to deal with stress in a productive and positive manner.

The Pleaser - Wants everyone to be happy, often sacrificing their own interests for the sake of what's best for a group. To cope with stress, the Pleaser should prioritize their schedule and manage time in a more realistic way, which can serve as motivation to get more done.

The Timekeeper - Likes being in charge, taking responsibility, fueled by a need to feel needed and competent. The Timekeeper should take a full 60 seconds before deciding what to do (or taking on any additional responsibilities). Use this time to consider if you are the best person for the job, if you have the time to get the job done properly and if you really want to take on this particular responsibility.

The Striver - Ambitious and competitive, pushing themselves to their limits frequently with a desire to be the best. Strivers may burn out fairly quickly due to never giving themselves time to recover and can feel envious over other people's successes. Learn to ask for help when they need it. Understanding you may not be able to accomplish everything on your own doesn't mean you've failed.

The Inner Con Artist - Not very hardworking, but may be unaware of how hard other people work, underestimating how much effort it takes to be successful. May procrastinate and avoid conflict, which leads to more stress. This type should create a realistic schedule that doesn't seem like a large to-do list but is more like a small motivation list, when you check off an item.

The Critical Judge - Their own worst enemy, setting too high personal standards for themselves often setting themselves up for feelings of failure. The Judge may need to acknowledge that much of your stress is self-inflicted and the only way to decrease your level of stress is to take some of the pressure off yourself.

The Worrier - Obsessive over the future and hates unpredictability. Constantly devising multiple plans for any scenario that could happen. They should ask themselves one simple thing: what can I do right now to lessen my stress?

The Sabertooth - The initial response to stress is anger of frustration. Sabertooths can create a toxic environment, overwhelming stress and anxiety for those around them and are not particularly productive in problem-solving. They should take a full 60 seconds of pause (not doing anything at all) before reacting to any stressful situation, then come back to the problem with a clear head.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Stress has the greatest negative effect on the immune system. Use Clean Sweep to immediately and effectively clear stressful energies around you and your loved ones, returning perspective and common sense.


Laughing Yoga
laughHave you heard of the phrase: fake it until you make it? This is the core of laughter yoga. The primary premise is to laugh for no reason but to experience the benefits of laughter. Laughter yoga was developed by Dr. Madan Kataria, a family physician from Mumbai, India, during the mid-1990s. He was searching for a coping mechanism to deal with the stress of living in an over-populated city and decided to attempt laughter therapy.

Dr. Kataria gathered a group of people to share jokes and enjoy laughter; however, he found that people would laugh even if they did not find the jokes humorous. Realizing the laughter was contagious, Dr. Kataria developed laughter techniques implementing breathing exercises. Unlike traditional yoga practices where breathing exercises are used through physical postures, laughter yoga promotes breathing exercises between laughter activities. The use of yogic breathing assists in relaxing the mind and body. As you deepen and steady your breathing, all tension is removed from your body. When the body relaxes, the mind mirrors the de-stressed state, and you become aware of your present situation. According to yoga theory, being aware of the present removes regrets of the past and any concerns of the future.

Laughter exercises increase the levels of endorphins; therefore, reducing feelings of depression. Laughter exercises also improve the blood supply to internal organs promoting the functioning of a person's digestive tract.

There are also laughter clubs that involve gatherings of individuals with the aim of laughing to reduce feelings of stress. The first laughter club was formed in Mumbai, India by Dr. Kataria; however, these clubs can now be found across the globe in over 65 countries. Any person can join a laughter club, regardless of your age, fitness level or cognitive abilities. In fact, you don't need to have a sense of humor, be happy or even be in a good mood to take part. All you need is to locate a group and enjoy the benefits of laughter. Traditional laughter clubs meet in community centers or parks, but it is also possible to engage in online laughter yoga clubs. For instance, a person could use Skype laughter clubs or opt for telephone laughter clubs.

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Health & Healing Hack of the Week


Inner Smile

inner smileThis is an ancient Taoist practice, where you put your attention on an area of the body and have it smile back at you. For example, there is a pain in the right knee. Observe the pain, and then have the knee smile back to you. You may find it frowns first, but continue until there is a smile. You'll notice a marked decrease or subsiding of the pain, and perhaps some gentle throbbing in the area. This is a sign the energy flow has been restored. This is an excellent practice to do upon morning waking. From 25 No Cost Health & Healing Hacks by Boyd Martin)

Quantum Healer of the Week

Caressa Ayers

Caressa Ayers picCaressa, a Jin Shin Jyutsu® Practitioner, Self-Help Instructor, Sound Healer, Empath & Spiritual Intuitive, is dedicated to seeking natural approaches to optimal health, enjoyment in life, healing, and well-being in order to assist in the transformation of your life to be your best Self. She does this by (1) by empowering and teaching individuals how to know and self heal your body with Jin Shin Jyutsu, Sound, Light, and Frequency healing using the breath, hands, and vocal tones of your body instrument, plus other tool and daily practices to keep your Life Force battery charged, (2) how to live a balanced lifestyle through nutrition, exercise, physical, mental, and emotional health, and (3) understanding how powerful our minds are through our thoughts, beliefs, intentions, and values. "When we are in tune, our body, mind and spirit are in harmony. We connect to what is the essence of our being, our purpose, and our inner song. In harmony, we flow lovingly and effortlessly in our personal life, with those around us, and through this ever-changing world." WEBSITE

Company & Product News

E3Enthusiastic media coverage notwithstanding, colds and flu come to us to help detoxify, balance, and renew the body, slowing us down in order to re-evaluate our lives, and decide to make healthier choices. By acknowledging the wisdom of Nature and our body, and consciously assisting with plenty of fresh air, pure water, clean food, and energetic supports, we reduce the need for dramatic emergency responses such as disease. Pure Energy Rx offers four main ways to energetically support the body in its process of living comfortably among pathogens and toxicity in its environment: PureZyme Transformation Enzyme Formula--This formula is high grade protease, the primary enzyme for breaking down not only proteins in the food we eat, but also breaking down the proteins of harmful bacteria, viruses and waste material. PureZyme assists the body in purifying the blood and vital organs; E4 Foundation/Immune Formula--E4 strengthens and establishes a vital connection between the upper and lower energy centers of the body. This enhances immune functions, and improves nutrient uptake, amplifying the beneficial effects of supplements and herbal nostrums, as well as improving overall energy and well-being; Trinity Turquoise Gem Elixir--The Turquoise gemstone is revered in Native American cultures as the "great protector", and has been shown in the laboratory to have beneficial effects for the immune system, reducing the virulance of bacterial and viral agents; Vital Force Chakra Cleansing and Protection Crystal--Wearing or holding this crystal bathes the body in a protective and energizing subtle energy field that clears blocked energy centers, allowing for greater vitality and overall immunity.

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Quantum ImmunityAs soon as you land on this page, the Quantum Immunity energy broadcast begins automatically. Even as you read this text, this page is already broadcasting its quantum energy directly into your biofield through your electronic device. Though there are downloadable versions of the Quantum Immunity digital energy app available below, it is not necessary to download anything in order to benefit from the Quantum Immunity quantum energy broadcast. Simply by keeping this page open in your browser, its quantum energy signature will be broadcast into your biofield and immediate environment to help strengthen your immune system against viruses (of all types) and infections. MORE INFO

lung armourWe have been working for weeks with a brilliant medical doctor on a medical formula backed with scientifically published research on the ingredients that are shown to be effective in the area of anti viral, lung and immune support the piezo energetic constant whole system delivery. This is a chest plate of VibesUP plate mats of earth material that have comfy shoulder straps that make it easy to wear the plate mats on front and back of lungs. Cocooning the lungs. MORE INFO

Refer Your Friends for Commissions
affiliatePure Energy Rx now has an affiliate program built in to the store. Refer your friends and family, and when they purchase, you get a commission! We pay between 25% and 10%, depending on the product or formula. Commissions are paid per sale daily. Signup is simple and quick, and we provide links and banners to use in your communications--website, social media, emails. When your friends click on your custom link and purchase products, you automatically receive a commission. You can use your own link to get paid back for purchases you make. Such a deal! Yet another fun thing to do at Pure Energy Rx! SPECIAL NOTE: You can earn reward points by doing tasks, such as referring friends, purchasing product, subscribing, etc. Just click on the "Rewards" tab on the left-hand margin on the website.

Gem Elixir for the Month


Green Fluorite
"Stone of Integration"


green fluoriteSpiritually: Grounds and integrates spiritual energies, heightens intuitive powers, increases awareness of higher spiritual realities, quickens spiritual awakening.

Emotionally: Increases self-confidence, dissipates emotional trauma, brings suppressed feeling to the surface for resolution.

Mentally: Mental cleanser. Focuses the mind and links it into universal mind.

Physically: Helps strengthen bone tissue, stimulate lung tissue, and ease viral inflammation, and clear infections. MORE INFO

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