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E-2 Digest Aid (1 oz.)

E-2 Digest Aid (1 oz.)

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E-2 Digest Aid is a "soft Yang" Subtle Energy Pattern. It helps create a solid, balanced and clear headed feeling. Along with a general energizing effect, this pattern supports the heart, small intestines and earth meridians (stomach, spleen and pancreas). It effectively fights "dampness" in the body, one of the main results of modern lifestyles. According to Chinese Traditional Medicine, “dampness” is a major cause of many degenerative conditions, such as disruption of metabolism, diabetes, immune deficiency, premature degeneration and aging of human tissues. -- Dr. Yury Kronn

Dr. Jeff Marrongelle:
With the E-2 product, I'm sure most of you who do anything clinically will agree that you don't have sick people without having poor gastrointestinal function. Dysbiosis is the catchword, but acid-alkaline balances can be off, micro-flora can be disturbed. What we found with the E-2 was a multitude of applications. A lot of people who are ill don't absorb and digest well, or have good gastrointestinal function, and E-2 helps with that. But it also helps with an emotional component of the gastrointestinal system. People who are stressed out may get nervous stomach things. We see people with constipation; we work with people who have irritable bowel syndrome. It just seems to work on the nervous system component of the G. I. tract as well as the physiological component of improving digestion, absorption and metabolism--well that’s the key to health, right there! If you really want to learn about anti-aging medicine, who would you talk to? Really old people. And you rarely see healthy octogenarians who have bad digestive systems. One of the big keys to health is keeping a stress-free digestive system.