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Meditation Elixir - Higher Guidance (1 oz.)

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>The combination of energy patterns for Higher Guidance was developed over several years of experimentation involving highly experienced meditators. The final formula includes the energies of many rare stones famous for their spiritual energies like Pietersite, Quartz Beta (Russian), Moldovite, Phenacite and many others; the energies of essential oils, herbs, and Periodic Table Elements; the energies projected by crystals in sacred geometric forms and several sophisticated Vital Force Formulas created to support brain function and for enhancing concentration. The purpose of Higher Guidance is to help meditators activate and keep the pathways open between different parts of the human energy system, (known as the "subtle bodies") necessary for establishing connection between the physical brain and the spiritual realms. Thus, Higher Guidance is meant to be used for serious meditations (longer than 30 minutes) for the purpose of receiving information or making contact with spiritual guides and teachers. For beginners, we recommended working for several months with other Vital Force meditation formulas before using Higher Guidance.


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