Trinity Gem Elixir - Moldavite (1 oz.)

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"Stone for Spiritual Growth"

Spiritually: Provides a fusion of extraterrestrial energies with earth energies. Clears blockages, aligns the chakras. Resonates with the crown chakra, opening it to receive the highest spiritual guidance.

Emotionally: Supports qualities such as empathy and compassion.

Mentally: Helps access spiritual information through the intellect. Expands the mind and broadens perspective.

Physically: Makes one aware of the cause and source of disease. Supports the releasing and healing process.

Keywords: Transcendence, Clearing, Blocks, Source, High Vibration, Intellectual, Intelligence, Release, Heal, Repair, Self-Aware, Awareness, Extraterrestrial, brain, mind, clarity, dreams, inter-dimensional, astral, transformation, spirit guides, angels, abundance, money, manifestation, alchemy

NOTES FROM DIANE CANFIELD:  Moldavite is highly connected to ET’s and when you use it you can harness their energies and may be able to call them to you. It’s been known to be used for fertility and abundance. Moldavite works well with other crystals as a catalyst to making them more powerful. As well as extraterrestrials, the moldavite is excellent at letting you reach your higher self and ascended masters. Moldavite has a very high vibration, it can propel you or anyone using it into the ascension process. It has the power to download information from the Akashic record and light body to raise your vibration. The healing properties of Moldavite are that if you have an illness it can pinpoint the root, to make you aware of the source. Those who dislike it’s green color may have hidden emotional trauma that needs to be released.


Use Moldavite with the Higher Guidance Meditation Elixir for an even greater experience.


Use the IAwake Technology with this
gem elixir for amazing experiences.



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