Quantum Health Newsletter - Nov. 2022, Issue 2

9 Signs That You Are Actually Healing

1. Becoming more aware of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors - Being able to move from a reactive to a responsive space. We are able to create a distance between our thoughts, feelings, and actions to ascertain the thoughts we need to pay attention to, the emotional needs to be considered, and the action that needs to be engaged in.

2. Becoming less judgmental of ourselves and people around us. We move from a frame of "this should be this way" to "it is what it is" and focus more on supporting ourselves with more kindness.

3. Taking out more time for ourselves. Something that would earlier be marred with guilt, shame, and self-loathing now feels natural, normal, and much needed. This in turns leads to more self-discovery, understanding, and acceptance.

4. Treatng the body with more respect - Instead of constantly neglecting, disrespecting, and disregarding it. We start focusing on eating well, sleeping properly, and resting it out when needed instead of pushing ourselves like machines.

5. Instead of fitting ourselves to others molds, we start thinking about who and what fits with us and our lives. No longer staring at our own lives from the outside but actually living them from within.

6. Giving importance to joy, laughter, humor, and lightness - Because we realize that life will get heavy every now and then and that's why we need to lighten things up whenever we can!

7. Becoming genuinely grateful for what we do have - Instead of trying to force gratitude out of us in some half-baked attempt to cope with life.

8. Outgrow people and relationships. - As ideas and beliefs about ourselves and people change, so do the ways in which we relate to them. Growth always involves growing into and out of something. And that is okay. Everything finds its new equilibrium eventually.

9. Accepting the idea that we are worthy because we exist and not because we do some things - Allowing time to let that understanding become a part of who we are--no matter how much time that takes.

The way to understand whether healing is working for you or not is not through the time taken or the speed of healing. Rather, it's about noticing, becoming aware of how close you feel to your own self.

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5 Simple Ways to Turn Anxiety Into Productive Energy

productiveHealth Lifestyle Mental Health Neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki says that 90 percent of individuals suffer from what she calls "everyday anxiety." This condition is different from clinical disorders, and manifests instead in ways that we are all familiar with: difficulty focusing, discomfort in social situations, or sleep interrupted by nighttime worries about family, finances, or the future. While this everyday anxiety does require coping strategies, Suzuki reminds us that one of these strategies involves not trying to stop anxiety, but rather turning it into something that serves us. Fortunately, she has some tips for achieving this.

Adopt the "activist mindset". - We've all been told that resilience is key to success, but this term can be vague and difficult to channel into our everyday lives. Suzuki recommends instead adopting an "activist mindset" which thinks about which emotional traits and previous experiences can provide you with the insights, confidence, or creativity to tackle the current challenge. You can use the power of previous hurdles to meet the next speed bump with confidence and determination. For example, she helped one client manage his anxiety about public speaking by reflecting on how he had learned to conquer his financial anxieties.

Pay attention to negative feelings. - Sweeping things under the rug doesn't help anyone, and will likely lead to exacerbated anxiety down the line. You don't have to be optimistic and happy all the time. Giving negative emotions and anxiety the attention they deserve as valid human emotions will help you not only move past them but also appreciate the good times more. Suzuki writes, "The negative aspect is what's protective—it's critical. Those feelings are there to help direct us to what we value. We want to feel them and learn from them, rather than being beaten down by them."

Turn worries into to-do lists. - Anxiety often manifests in a set of "what-ifs" in our minds. What if I get in front of the room and make a fool of myself? What if I can't handle this responsibility? What if I offended someone by voicing my opinion? Suzuki recommends turning these what-ifs into tangible items on your checklist. Anxiety about expressing your opinion becomes "spend time researching this subject more so I feel confident in sharing my thoughts." This is especially effective in managing climate anxiety as climate action and personal initiatives have been shown to help mitigate these uneasy feelings.

Get off your phone. - Does being on your phone make you more anxious, or does anxiety drive you to pick up your phone as a security blanket? This ‘chicken and the egg' situation likely goes in both directions, but the mounting anxiety of notifications, social media, and constant stimulus isn't helping your anxiety. Shift your attention towards productive activities instead like journaling, meditation, connecting with a good friend, making art, or cooking yourself a comforting meal.

Seek empathy from your anxiety. - Anxiety can actually be a powerful tool for helping you build empathy and compassion. Thinking about your own anxiety, especially social anxiety, can help you better support and relate to those around you. For example, if you experienced anxiety as the new person at work, you can make sure to reach out to new hires so they feel more welcome in the same situation you were once in. Plus, doing things for others relieves anxiety by releasing dopamine.

In her new book, Good Anxiety: Harnessing the Power of the Most Misunderstood Emotion, Suzuki writes, "Like a sailboat needs wind in order to move, the brain-body needs an outside force to urge it to grow, adapt, and not die."

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The Science of Generosity

generosityWhy do we give without getting an instant reward? In the research review The Science of Generosity, scientists have examined the psychological, social, and biological factors behind giving. They looked at over 350 studies and meta-studies conducted since 1971 on generosity and giving.

An interesting finding was that humans did not appear as aggressive and self-centered as is often portrayed. On the contrary, generosity seems to come naturally to most of us. Even toddlers display behaviors of generosity. Even if we don't get something in return for giving, for example, money, giving is associated with numerous benefits. Participants in the studies reported greater quality of life, vitality, and overall happiness. Even small acts of generosity, such as picking up an object someone dropped, made a difference in the giver's mood.

Furthermore, people showed to be more likely to be generous when in states of awe or delight. Generosity can be seen as a personality trait in itself but is affected by values, morals, and one's sense of identity. One study found that the states in the United States with the highest rate of organ donations to strangers corresponded to the states with the highest self-reported happiness. This suggests that when you take care of yourself first, you are more likely to give to others.

The available resources seemed to have a linear impact regarding timing and setting, but not money. People's willingness to give didn't necessarily increase with higher income. It did seem related to the amount of time and the setting, though. For example, someone running late was less likely to stop and help than someone who wasn't under time constraints. Natural environments sparked more generosity than artificial ones. So if you need help, it could be beneficial to go to a park.

Giving Tuesday is a global movement initiated in 2012. Their mission is to strengthen the concepts of shared humanity and radical generosity. Or, simply put: to encourage people to do good. The idea is to give something, in some way, every Tuesday. It doesn't have to be money. Every selfless act counts: people give time, things they can spare, free education, or a hand to someone in need. Even something as simple as smiling at a stranger makes the world a little brighter.

The movement has since branched out into local communities centered around different causes or issues. On the Giving Tuesday website, you can read stories about some of the initiatives like free hugs, financial donations, and the creation of artwork encouraging unity and peace. Together, we build the world we want to see! Knowing the scientific benefits of giving, you help both yourself and others. It's a win-win!

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vibrant living

Smiling! - EXCERPT: Much research has been done on smiling, and it has been found that this simple act raises the endorphin level in the body by 27%, calms the parasympathetic system (involuntary muscles), stimulates the immune system, and lowers blood pressure. Add laughing to that, and, well, it's off the charts for health benefits. FULL TEXT / VIDEO
life energy chronicles

The Body Spiritual - EXCERPT: When all the decisions, preferences, judgments, fears and trivialities are blown away, what remains is a pure point of creation, just creating automatically as a result of Being. If all of humanity dropped every last decision, expectation and fear, there would be no need for upheaval. So, getting over this human judgment thing must be the Number One top priority to the Universe. - FULL TEXT / VIDEO

Health & Healing Hack of the Week

Night Loops

night loopsThis refers to running an audio recording of statements of desires in a loop while you sleep--also referred to as "subliminal programming". Although I've used this tool in the past to some good effects, the introduction of the smart phone and music player technologies make it super-easy to record and then loop the recording. The other cool thing is that you can play the loop below hearing volume, and it still has a strong effect, so sleep is uninterrupted, and allows more direct contact with the sub-conscious mind. The loops can override habitual sub-conscious programs that may be running and causing fixed conditions in your life. The content of the recordings are simply positive statements about how you would like to be, what you'd like to do and have. Dr. Bruce Lipton, biologist, has said that while we may consciously understand deep truths about life and living, knowing this information is not necessarily enough to reflect into your life. This is because of sub-conscious programs running counter to your desires for a great and wonderful life. Here's a way to change that. -- From 25 No Cost Health & Healing Hacks by Boyd Martin)

Quantum Healer of the Week

Tena Cacic

Tena CacicTena Cacic, Ph.D., a writer, speaker, scientist and teacher in love with vibrational communication. Tena explored many scientific theoretical approaches to clarify inner and outer worlds. She (re)discovered and learned that humanity is in transition from victim/ scarcity/ separation/ materialistic to sovereign/ abundance/ unity/ integral-vibrational paradigm. Today Tena continues to research vibrational communication and explore business and education in the integral-vibrational paradigm. In addition, she creates educational and vibrational clearing programs in English and Croatian language followed by presentations and workshops at international conferences. What happens during the spiritual acceleration clearing? During the spiritual acceleration clearing, I am removing frequencies from your energy field that is not you: the most thoughts, emotions, conclusions, frequencies, interferences that you carry in your body are not you. Just keep in mind that underneath all the interferences and frequencies that include entities, other people's emotions in you, frequencies that you carry from past incarnations, beliefs and conclusions, traumas and shocks, implants then contracts, vows, agreements, black magic, voodoo, witchcraft, dark stuff, is Your True Divine Light that we call The Creator/Source incarnated, your Divine Self. That is what you're really trying to bring forth and just to be that Authentic Self. However, it is impossible to be your Authentic Self with all interferences that are blocking you, interfere with you and often you don't even know that they're there and you, unfortunately, believe it's your own thoughts and feelings. Because of layers and layers of stuff we collected during lifetimes and in this lifetime, we can't really see who we truly are, we can't see that we are pure Divine Light Beings. The one thing that is important to mention is that, when we start to clear interferences, your light increase in you, so you can literally be more of who you really are, your true Authentic Self, liberated and free. -- WEBSITE

Company & Product News

Clean SweepThe Clean Sweep Concentrate makes 32 oz. @ $39. Compare to 4 8 oz. bottles @ $86. Get further savings by ordering TWO, getting FREE SHIPPING! Simply mix the concentrate with purified water and fill any spray bottle. Clean Sweep Spray cleans any kind of negative energy. Tangible energetic emanations linger in the environment from all kinds of sources, including distress and suffering, illness, depression, anxiety, trauma, difficult relationships, and negative thinking--as well as from electrical devices, such televisions, computers, cell phones, microwave ovens and wi-fi. Clean Sweep has an almost immediate effect on the human nervous system. It relieves emotional tension, and creates a sense of well-being and security. It can help to calm and relax aggressive people by soothing negative thoughts and tendencies. Clean Sweep Concentrate

Virtual Hydrogen
digital hydrogenBreakthrough Quantum Support for Physical Well-Being and Longevity
The smallest molecule in the world, molecular hydrogen, is also known to be one of the most potent antioxidants in the world as well. Hydrogen has it beginnings in the very origins of existence itself and is considered by many scientists to be the original molecular gas out of which life itself emerged. In recent years, molecular hydrogen has been extensively studied for its numerous positive effects on health, longevity, inflammation, sports recovery, detoxification pathways, brain health and gut health. Supports healthy internal gut fermentation and gut health. MORE BENEFITS: Performs like an adaptogen in the body, Creates balance within the body, Strong anti-inflammatory properties, Naturally detoxifies the body, Activates the same beneficial metabolic pathways normally activated through daily exercise (i.e., molecular hydrogen is an exercise mimetic), Enhances and protects mitochondrial function, Supports memory, Increases physical endurance, Promotes better nutrient absorption in the body, promotes better hydration, Improves joint mobility, Promotes blood circulation. MORE INFO

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Qi Coil

Qi Coil


Trinity Gem Elixir for the Month

 Dendritic Agate
"Stone of Plenitude"

dendritic agateSpiritually: Opens and aligns the chakras enabling them to integrate higher consciousness. Brings abundance and fullness to all areas of life.

Emotionally: Encourages centeredness in times of strife or confusion.

Mentally: Brings stability, patience and perseverance.

Physically: Assists conditions caused by chakra imbalances. Addresses skeletal disorders and aligns the skeleton. Help the nervous system. This crystal has a particularly strong connection with the plant kingdom, and so amplifies the effect of herbs. MORE INFO / ORDER

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