Quantum Health Newsletter - May 2022, Issue 1

5 Ways to Increase Your Intution

The knot in the pit of your stomach. The voice in the back of your head. The subtle signs that reappear again and again. Intuition is that deep inner "knowing" that can't be explained by logic or reason. Our intuition is our superpower. Here are some techniques to amplify your intuition:

Align With the Lunar Cycle - Everything in life moves in a cyclical nature, from the seasons to our breath to our menstrual cycle (if we bleed). Aligning to the cycles of the moon is an easy way to amplify our inner psychic and tap into the powerful feminine energy it carries. There are eight unique phases of the moon, and each phase holds its own energetic frequency, which is also influenced by astrology. With the new moon, we plant seeds of intention and manifest opportunities, thinking about what we want to grow within our lives. With the full moon, we reflect, cleanse, and release.

Journal Your Dreams - Our conscious mind is busy--really busy! Think of all the streams of information and conversations you are processing at any given moment. In any high-stress, fast-paced environment, our intuition is silenced as 'logic and reason' spring into action. That makes sense, of course – we need to be alert to thrive within our surroundings. As we sleep, however, our conscious mind goes into rest mode, creating an opportunity for our intuition to kick in. Our dreams can point us to our unhealed traumas and shadows. They can show us where we are storing energy and where we are avoiding the truth. We can even meet our spirit guides and channel messages in that space. So, pay attention to your dreams and what comes up for you; you can even ask for a sign before you fall asleep. Journal immediately upon waking to track any consistent patterns or cycles, and explore what they are leading you towards. Pay extra attention around the full moon too, when the veil is thin.

Cleanse Your Chakras - Our chakras are our body's subtle energy centres, and each one is responsible for a different aspect of our mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Through the different challenges we face, we may store energy in these centres, causing them to move out of alignment. This can cause everything from unregulated emotions to illness and injury. It can also affect our perception of our world and our place in it. Low-cost ways to cleanse your chakras include a gentle guided meditation or breathwork session, an epsom salt bath, popping a crystal in your bra or pocket, and moving your body regularly.

Get to Know Your Nervous System - The best way to get to know your intuition is to get to know your body. Consult your senses before, during, and after experiences to check in with how you actually feel. Is your nervous system calm? How are your energy levels? Do you feel light or heavy? Drained or content? The body talks to us constantly--and all we have to do is listen. Getting comfortable within your senses and with the subtle cues of your nervous system will help you to decipher whether a feeling is intuition or anxiety in the early stages. From there, you will be able to understand where within your body you feel intuition. For some, it may be a gut feeling; for others, it might manifest as goosebumps, a ringing in your ears, or a stream of consciousness that arrives front of mind. Let go of overthinking, and allow yourself to be led instead by the feelings your body presents.

Spend Time in Stillness - Getting comfortable in silence is one of the best ways to enhance your intuition. Explore where your mind goes when you remove all the usual distractions. Start by sitting down for three to five minutes--no phone, no noise. Close your eyes, scan your body, notice your breath, check in with how you're feeling. Try this every day for as long as you can, and you'll be surprised by the intuitive pings that come through.

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"Truthiness" Is Determined by Repetition

truthAs early as the 1970s, studies have demonstrated that repeating a claim increases that claim's truth value. In other words, the more often you hear a particular statement, the more likely you are to accept that statement as being true. In the scientific literature, this process is referred to as truth-by-repetition or TBR for short.

Researchers still don't fully understand why TBR occurs, but one possibility is that it has something to do with processing fluency. Neurologically, our brains have an easier time processing things we have already heard before compared to things we have not, thereby mistaking familiarity for legitimacy.

For a long time, researchers assumed that TBR only works on statements whose truth value is ambiguous or unknown to the test subjects. "Otherwise," as one article published in 2009 puts it, "the statements' truthfulness will be judged on the basis of their knowledge and not on the basis of fluency."

One study from 2015, for instance, found that TBR applied to statements that contradicted the participants' prior knowledge, like, "The Atlantic Ocean is the largest ocean on Earth." Another research paper, published in 2018, discovered a relationship between TBR and fake-news headlines shared on social media.

These studies suggest that TBR could work on any kind of claim, regardless of whether its truth value is ambiguous or not. However, they are not conclusive. While claims like, "The Atlantic Ocean is the largest ocean on Earth," are false, many people lack the knowledge needed to recognize them as such. Similarly, the implausibility of fake news does not become obvious until you have been exposed to different sources, something fake news victims actively avoid. If researchers really wanted to figure out if sheer repetition increases the validity of claims with unambiguous truth values, they are better off using statements that nearly everybody recognizes as false, such as, "The Earth is a perfect square." This, incidentally, is exactly what a team of psychologists from Belgium's UCLouvain set out to do in a recent study. The authors of the study, which will appear in the June issue of the academic journal Cognition, asked participants to judge repeated statements as more true or less false compared to unrepeated ones, and they found that people "started giving credence to statements as highly implausible as 'The Earth is a perfect square' or 'Benjamin Franklin lived 150 years' after repeating them for just five times."

The study concludes that "even a limited number of repetitions can alter the perceived truth of highly implausible statements." This conclusion is not exactly revolutionary, nor is it watertight. In 2020, researchers conducted a similar experiment that led them to completely opposite results--namely, that repeating claims at high frequency decreases their perceived truth value. That does not necessarily discredit the study conducted at UCLouvain. If anything, it reaffirms the notion that repetition is strongly linked to perceived truth value and that, depending on quality and context, the correlation can either be positive or negative, resulting in either truth-by-repetition or fakeness-by-repetition.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Other research has found that stress levels correlate to information veracity, where the more familiar the information, the more it is believed to be true, regardless of perception. Lower stress levels to get a clearer view of what is true with the Clean Sweep Clearing Spray, and the E1 Stress Relief formula.

The 37% Rule
decisionsIt's time for Theo to move. He's scored a promotion and he's tired of hearing the guy in the apartment above play his French horn. So, he books a few viewings with his real estate agent and starts looking at houses. After looking at three places, he falls in love: It's a house with a huge backyard and a nice open-plan kitchen. What's more, the school down the road has a great reputation. He's all set to put in an offer. But that night a question pops into his head: What if the next house is better? He can't shake the thought. What if the next house has a bigger backyard, or maybe a double garage? What if it's cheaper?!

We've all found ourselves in this situation, whether we're considering job offers, buying a new car, or dating new people. When it comes to love, how many people should you date before settling down? It's a problem that bridges mathematics and psychology, and it's got a name: the optimal stopping problem.

The mathematical question for Theo (or our would-be dater looking for love) concerns maximizing probabilities. It's asking how long do you spend sampling options to give the optimum chances of a successful final decision? How many frogs must you kiss to secure your chances of getting a prince?

Mathematicians have given us an answer: 37%. The basic idea is that, if you need to make a decision from 100 different options, you should sample and discard (or hold off on) the first 37. The 37% rule is not some mindless, automatic thing. It's a calibration period during which you identify what works and what does not. From the rejected 37%, we choose the best and keep that information in our heads moving forward. If any subsequent options beat that benchmark standard, then you should stick with that option to get the best ultimate outcome.

Let's take an example. Imagine you find yourself single and wanting a relationship (imagination may not be required). You decide you're going to go on 10 different dates over a few months. The 37% rule tells us you ought to enjoy yourself on the first three--have a laugh and a drink or two--but do not arrange a second date with any of them. You can do better. What the 37% rule tells us is that the next best date you have is the keeper. They are the ones you should try to settle down with.

Brian Christian in his book, Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions, uses the 37% rule to help Theo from our opening example. As he writes: "If you want the best odds of getting the best apartment, spend 37% of your apartment hunt (eleven days, if you've given yourself a month for the search) noncommittally exploring options. Leave the checkbook at home; you're just calibrating. But after that point, be prepared to immediately commit--deposit and all--to the very first place you see that beats whatever you've already seen. This is not merely an intuitively satisfying compromise between looking and leaping. Mathematically, it is the provably optimal solution."

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Health & Healing Hack of the Week

Hand Massage

hand massageThis employs elements of acupressure and reflexology. Each area of the hand (and foot) correlates with all the organ systems of the body, so massaging these areas increases the energy and blood flow to all the body systems--and it's all right there in the palm of your hand. Another style of this practice is to begin a massaging motion with the index finger and thumb of the holding hand, sliding it along each finger. This is a great way to relieve stress and creates comforting feelings. In reflexology, one presses firmly with the opposing thumb into different areas of the palm. When a particularly tender area is found, focus in on that, applying steady pressure until the area releases. Often, you'll feel a knot under the tender spot. This is where the energy has gotten stuck and is not circulating. Keep massaging it until the knot releases. This can take anywhere from 30 seconds to several hours. In the case of a stubborn knot begin to notice any change in the knot, leave it and return later. You'll often find it has released on its own. -- From 25 No Cost Health & Healing Hacks by Boyd Martin)

Quantum Healer of the Week

Anodea Judith

Anodea JudithAnodea Judith Ph.D. has been called a "prophet for our time." A globally recognized teacher, speaker, healer, and writer on the intersection of personal and collective awakening, her passion for the realization of our potential matches her concern for humanity's impending crises—her fervent wish that we "wake up in time." She holds Master's and Doctoral degrees in Psychology and Health, is a Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (500 hour E-RYT), and therapist with lifelong studies in somatic psychology, mythology, history, sociology, systems theory, and mystic spirituality. She is best known for her groundbreaking work reviving the chakra system of ancient yoga, and its profound correlation to human psychology, cultural evolution, and the downward process of manifestation. Her best-selling books have gained worldwide recognition with over a million books in print in 18 languages, and won several awards. She is a well-loved workshop presenter, whose exhilarating live workshops are not only informative but life-changing, with trainings for therapists, yoga teachers, and leaders, with transformative techniques for those on the path of awakening. She is also a global presenter in online workshops and summits. A riveting keynote inspirational speaker, her pictorial animated powerpoints are like movies, with messages that bring hope without mincing words about the challenges of our times. Her central vision is that our evolutionary challenge is learn how to create Heaven on Earth. This will, of course, take a miracle, but she believes that is the initiatory challenge of humans learning to wield the power of gods. And finally Anodea Judith is a musician, artist, poet, avid gardener, priestess, mother, and grandmother, whose pioneering work has changed lives and is working toward changing the world. WEBSITE

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chakra braceletEach chakra stone is infused with VibesUP's liquid crystal formula containing the essential oils vibrationally tuned to be balancing and harmonizing to each specific chakra. This unique bracelet will also raise the Healthy Vibration of food & beverages as well as raise your Vibration while you wear it. Muscle test to see it working.

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Trinity Gem Elixir for the Month

"Stone of Cleansing"


citrineSpiritually: Cleanses the subtle bodies and the chakras; activates the crown chakra and opens the intuition; protects the aura. It is warming, energizing and highly creative.

Emotionally: Raises self-esteem and confidence, and removes destructive tendencies. It activates creativity, improves motivation; improves emotional balance.

Mentally: Enhances concentration and revitalizes the mind. Awakens the higher mind.

Physically: Imparts energy and invigoration to the physical body, and immune system. Addresses sensitivities to environmental and outside influences.


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