Quantum Health Newsletter, July 2021, Issue 2

Evidence of Spiritual Progress
future seeing
As we all strive for a greater life with more joy and ease, it is sometimes difficult to see direct evidence that things are improving. Here are 10 things to look for to validate and verify your journey to a greater, higher life.

1. With a higher vibration, you leave judgment behind - Those on higher frequency have a way of discerning without placing judgment on others. Part of discerning is embracing the universal law, letting go of insecurities, victim mentality, and narrow-mindedness.

2. You're more self-aware - People moving into a higher vibration are no longer concerned with gossip, rumors, or falsehoods. This form of self-awareness is not based on selfishness, but instead on an appreciation of individualism and one's place in the collective.

3. You recognize the importance of introspection - Part of raising your vibration is taking responsibility for yourself. You might not feel the need to make excuses for yourself or may feel like breaking free from any self-inflicted restrictions.

4. You begin to enjoy learning - You may seek out more information on your what sparks your interest, begin to do research on stimulating topics and find yourself growing from personal lessons. You may see a change in the way you approach expanding your knowledge.

5. You fall back on your own authenticity - You may find yourself growing in personal strength, the courage to follow your dreams or self-confidence. Once you step into this vibration of your own authenticity, it is a confidence that can't be taken away from you. You'll form a sense of personal power that includes your flaws as positives not negatives.

6. You like to see others succeed - When you step into a higher vibration, it will feel good to you to let go of feelings of bitterness, guilt, and shame. Releasing this type of energy will clear your perspective so you can really want happiness for others.

7. Embrace the moment - You can feel more content in your personal truth. Release any energy that feels like it's rushing you into making decisions. By embracing the moment, it may seem easier to look to the future and to go with the flow of things.

8. You have better control of your emotions - With this personal power of your own truth, you may find yourself having better control of your emotions. You may feel more of an awareness when it comes to your feelings and expressing them.

9. Your beliefs have a deeper foundation - You may notice that you feel more focused, less confused, or more distinct in your beliefs. You are willing to stand for what you believe in and no longer look to be compromised in your position.

10. You're less confused - When you're in a higher vibration, many people feel a clarity within themselves and their relationships. It may be easier for you to discern the truth in situations that once were unclear. You may also find yourself leaving behind anything that is not working for you in this feeling of new found.

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Breathing Technique to Reset

breathingFrom a centered space, we can become more curious about what our challenging experience is trying to signal to us, rather than fight against it, which typically prolongs the difficult feelings. This is where the true medicine of breathwork lies.

The breathing technique begins by balancing the length of our inhales and exhales sending the message to our system that we are safe. Here we relax the body, calm the mind, and use our focus on the breath to ground into the present moment. With the body systems in a more balanced and relaxed state, you will begin to feel the alchemy occurring. Often it will feel as if the energy in the body is moving from a scattered pattern to a more channeled direction. Stay here as long as you need, perhaps finding that you are more able to accept and allow whatever arises. Here is a step-by-step guide to the practice:

1. Begin laying down on your back with your eyes closed or sitting-up softly gazing at a point in front of you. Count the length of your natural exhale (e.g. count of 4). Match your inhale length to the exhale (e.g. inhale for 4, exhale for 4). Stay here until you notice a shift in the way you are feeling. Begin to extend only the exhale by 1 or 2 counts (e.g. inhale for 4, exhale for 6). Stay here for at least 2 breaths, longer if needed.

2. Extend the exhale by another 1 or 2 counts, slowly working your way up to doubling the original count (e.g. inhale for 4, exhale for 8). Allow each exhale to soften you deeper into the body. Imagine a melting sensation. Stay here until you achieve a more centered and relaxed state of being.

3. In the final breaths, let go of counting but continue to keep the exhales long, slow, and gentle. Repeat your "I AM" affirmation with each exhale, melting the affirmation into the body. Thank yourself. Breathwork is deeply compassionate self-care.

Some notes: You do not need to continue to lengthen the count of the exhale, especially if doing so produces any anxiety. Stay at a count you are most comfortable with and just focus on long, slow, and gentle exhales. A shortened version of this breathwork can be done anywhere—while sitting at your desk or in your car. The most important piece to focus on is exhaling longer than the inhale.

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Science Dives Down the Rabbit Hole
psychicThere is significant academic research being conducted by reputed scientists regarding the psychic aspect of human experience.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP)
Dr. Kit Green is a former CIA officer who is now a Professor of Forensic Neuro-imaging in the Departments of Diagnostic Radiology and Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences at Detroit Medical Center and Wayne State University School of Medicine. Over the last 15 years, Dr. Green's research has focused on the injuries sustained by those who have had anomalous experiences and close encounter events while serving in the military. The research includes, among others, a set of individuals known as "Experiencers"--people who have Anomalous Mental Phenomena perceived through the senses, such as hallucinations, seeing creatures and orbs, or hearing messages. One potential objective of the study was to uncover personality similarities and, maybe, if "experiences" followed families--implying that genetics may play a role in the experience process itself. Nolan and Green insist that the study's goal is not to verify the veracity of the event, but rather to see whether there are any medical or family ties.

The study focuses on the caudate and putamen regions of the brain, which are the seat of intuition, "and anomalous cognition could match up with the intuitive processes in the brain," according to Dr. Garry Nolan in an interview with Journalist Linda Moulton Howe. The medical history of the subjects, as well as their reports of their experiences, were gathered. There were MRIs of their bodies, MRIs of their brains, or both for many of them. The brain scans were initially misinterpreted as injury, but after more discussion, it was shown to be extra fibers between the caudate and putamen. Dr. Nolan refers to the existence of these additional nerve bundles as "connections" (or white matter tracts).

A number of research participants went on to obtain brain scans of their family relatives, and sure enough, a genetic relationship was discovered. Parents were likely to pass it on to their children, suggesting that the genes involved might be fairly compact and close together. One unexpected finding was that husband and wife couples were considerably more likely to have the characteristic as if something was drawing these individuals together.

Mind Over Water
There have previously been studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as the Soviet Union that demonstrate exceptional talents by individuals. Igor B. Verbitsky, an experiencer, was requested to influence the acidity (pH) of water or water solutions in one investigation. He worked for three to five minutes at a distance of 20 to 30 centimeters from the flask. The solution in question was put in a water thermostat. The effects were found at an assortment of temperatures that were used. Only when the target solution was constantly agitated by a magnetic or mechanical mixer were these changes detected. Verbitsky said that his work on influencing pH was a learning process: at first, he could only generate very minor changes in pH, but today he is able to modify the acidity by 1.5 units of pH.

Distant Effect on Mice
Dr. Sergei Speransky of the Institute of Hygiene in Novosibirsk conducted a new study on the effect of an operator on the physiology of mice. Speransky, a toxicologist, examines abnormal occurrences using conventional techniques. Speransky and his helper Kukharenko were blind to which group was the test group, as there were 12 white mice in the test group and 12 in the control group. Lesya Gorbovets, an experienced and well-known healer, performed the randomization (a coin flip) shortly prior to the testing. Gorbovets tried to impact a randomly selected group of mice in Novosibirsk from Moscow for one hour, the start of which was set by Speransky. Mice from both the test and control groups were poisoned with carbon tetrachloride prior to the attempt (the same dose for both groups). Gorbovets' goal was therefore to positively impact (i.e., heal) the mice in the test group while leaving the control group alone. Two days later, seven mice (58%) died in the control group, and no mice perished in the test group.

Memories of Previous Lives
Another sort of anomalous phenomenon is being investigated. Some young children, generally between the ages of two and five, talk about recollections from a former life they claim to have experienced. At the same time, they frequently exhibit characteristics, such as phobias or preferences, that are unique within the framework of their family and cannot be explained by current life circumstances. These recollections appear to corroborate the child's claims about a prior existence. In many cases of this sort, the child's statements have been proven to correlate accurately to facts about a deceased person's life and death. Dr. Jim Tucker, currently the director of the Division of Perceptual Studies, has spent the last 20 years focusing mostly on cases from the United States. Return to Life, his book contains descriptions of very strong American examples of young infants who recall prior incarnations. Dr. Tucker discusses the now-famous instances of James Leininger, a young child who had verified past-life memories of being a WWII pilot, and Ryan Hammons, who had valid past-life recollections of being a Hollywood extra and talent agent, in this book.

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Health & Healing Hack of the Week

Inner Smile

inner smileThis is an ancient Taoist practice, where you put your attention on an area of the body and have it smile back at you. For example, there is a pain in the right knee. Observe the pain, and then have the knee smile back to you. You may find it frowns first, but continue until there is a smile. You'll notice a marked decrease or subsiding of the pain, and perhaps some gentle throbbing in the area. This is a sign the energy flow has been restored. This is an excellent practice to do upon morning waking. -- From 25 No Cost Health & Healing Hacks by Boyd Martin)

Quantum Healer of the Week

Cyndi Dale

In a nutshell, I do the following: Clear or transform the stuck frequencies inhibiting your performance. These are subtle or physical energy blocks that are STOPPING YOUR SUCCESS. I use my well-developed intuitive skills (30 years of experience, thousands of clients, 27 bestselling books about energy healing) to find these areas in your body, chakras, auric fields, and soul, and dissolve them. These might be comprised of your own or others' emotions or negative beliefs, others' energies, past life issues, dark entities and forces, and more. You won't get where you want to go as long as they are there. I add and activate positive, success frequencies. If you are supposed to succeed—and you know if you are intuitive--the frequencies you need are in or available to you. They can't work unless we bring them in and activate them. I know how to successfully do that. We'll pull from past life gifts, spiritual guides, childhood abilities, and even assess your diet, exercise program, chakras, and more. I surround you in positive frequencies that match your success frequencies. You can't perform unless the frequencies around you keep stimulating the success frequencies in you. This is fun and impactful work! I'll teach you easy energetic techniques, to include grounding, the Hara Line, and great breathing techniques, but also assess your auric field, environment, reading list, and relationships. WEBSITE

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"Stone of Cleansing"


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