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Be Kind. You'll Live Longer

A recent study is one of many that has provided proof of just how impactful mindfulness interventions can be on human biology. It's titled "Loving-Kindness Meditation Slows Biological Aging in Novices: Evidence From a 12-week Randomized Controlled Trial", and was published in the Journal of Psychoneuroendocrinology. The study suggests that loving-kindness meditation has a measurable positive impact at the cellular level. The study examined how different types of meditation influenced telomere length, which is an indicator of physiological aging.

Telomeres are the protective caps on the ends of the strands of DNA called chromosomes. With time they get shorter. For the most part, the more we age the shorter they get. Other environmental toxins, like smoking and unhealthy habits also contribute to the shortening of our telomeres. There are also a number of habits and substances that have been shown to slow down this process & even lengthen our telomeres, like fasting for example, which in essence means one is reversing the aging process.

The study was 12 weeks long and comprised of 176 participants between the ages of 35-64 years old. All of the participants had little to no meditation experience and were assigned to a 6-week long loving-kindness meditation workshop, a 6-week mindfulness meditation workshop, or a waitlist control group. Researchers collected blood samples at the beginning and end of the study in order to measure telomere length before and after the meditation intervention.

The mindfulness meditation workshop helped the participants focus on the present moment and develop a non judgemental attitude. It was simply used to help bring one's awareness into the present moment, while the loving-kindness meditation workshop focused on helping participants cultivate warm and friendly feelings towards others.

The researchers found that telomere length shortened for everybody, which is normal, but the daily practice of the loving-kindness meditation created a buffer against the decline. The researchers explained that in the loving-kindness group, there was "no significant telomere shortening over time."

These results correlate with other studies that have looked at meditation and telomere length. Research published in the journal Cancer in 2014 found that telomeres maintained their length in breast cancer survivors who practiced mindfulness meditation. Additionally, a 2018 study in the journal Brain, Behavior, and Immunity found that telomere length actually increased in meditation retreat participants after three weeks.

Feeling gratitude, which can be part of a loving-kindness meditation also changes the molecular structure of the brain. Neuroimaging studies have shown this to be true. Having an attitude of gratitude changes the molecular structure of the brain, keeps gray matter functioning, and makes us healthier and happier. When you feel happiness, the central nervous system is affected. You are more peaceful, less reactive and less resistant.

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De-Cluttering Actually Benefits the Brain


declutterAccording to New York Times bestselling author Gretchen Rubin, people tend to declutter as a means of control. "There's a lot of research showing that people have been clearing clutter a lot [during the pandemic], partly because they need the space in their homes but also so they feel like they're more in control of their environments," says Rubin. In fact, an article in the Washington Post calls it the Great Decluttering. "I can't control my schedule, but I can control my coat closet," Rubin adds. "And that can make me feel better."

Plus, clearing your outside environment of clutter can help your mind feel more at ease. Think about it: Doesn't it feel oh-so calming to look at a freshly organized fridge or immaculately arranged closet? "The more cluttered my mind, the more peace I feel when my environment is harmonious," says functional medicine doctor Karyn Shanks, M.D. "I feel less stressed when I pick up, clean off, put away (neatly), and get rid of what's no longer necessary—in the trash, the recycling, or a donation box."

On the flip side, mountains of clutter can interfere with mental health as well: One recent study found that feeling overwhelmed by excessive possessions was associated with high procrastination scores. Another study found that participants who had higher stressful home scores (which include clutter and a sense of the home as unfinished) had increased levels of cortisol during the day.

Of course, making the New Year's resolution to clear clutter is only the first step—for some, but according to Rubin, this goal can seriously bolster your brain health and overall happiness.

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7 Ways to Stay Happy in Any Situation


Here are some of the most practical and result-oriented things that we can adapt to keep us happy in every situation:

1) Adjust everywhere - Conflicts do not occur every day. They occur only when our particular past karma gets ready to give their results. The key is to ‘adjust' when this happens. If we try to make the world adapt to us, it will make us miserable but take us nowhere. And if we adjust and fit into it, we will learn how to remain happy in every situation, come what may. The difficulties that we come across are for our benefit, as they mold us into better human beings, provided we have an aptitude for it.

2) Do not hurt - When we do not want to cause hurt to others, it not only prevents binding of new bad karma, but it also sends out positive vibes from us. As a result, others will eventually not want to cause pain to us. Therefore, make a firm decision to not hurt any living being through your mind, speech or conduct.

3) Let go - In every situation, try to let go of your ego, your hurt, your view, and your opinion. One may ask, "Why should I let go? Why not the other person?" The answer is simple – because ‘I' want to be happy. And when we let go, the other person becomes happy, which in turn will make us happier. Yet, to let go is easier said than done, isn't it? Let's see the next step; it should make things easier.

4) The law of karma - Understanding karma is the key to soulful happiness. Once we understand the basic principle that ‘every situation, be it physical or mental, that we encounter in life is the result of past karma', life becomes simple. We stop blaming the people or the circumstances or the situations on the outside. We come to know it is us and not them who are really at fault. When we truly and heartily repent for our mistakes that led to this bad karma, we feel lighter and are able to accept the situation, letting the bad karma pass away patiently and happily.

5) The rule of normality - Any obstruction that we encounter in life is for our own growth and safety. But for these obstructions, we would speed through our way and could meet up with an accident. The obstructions work as speed-breakers to help maintain normality. Normality in any situation gives us long-lasting happiness. Normality takes us all the way to the Self!

6) Know thy Self - This right understanding of the Self marks the beginning of our real happiness, the happiness after which there comes no unhappiness because the inherent property of the Soul itself is permanent happiness. Difficulties and obstructions in life will continue to come, but dealing with them now becomes easier when we have with us the awareness of the Self.

7) Do not fear - Where there is fear, there can be no happiness. And no matter how hard we try to overcome fear in this materialistic world, it will always remain as everything in here is temporary. Fear leaves when we surrender.

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Health & Healing Hack of the Week

Light Infusions

lightOne of the most basic tools is LIGHT. Light IS consciousness, so when you create light for healing purposes, this light is a powerful agent for doing so. In the ancient arts of Taoism, there are many "light meditations" to use in any number of ways. I recommend reading the works of Mantak Chia, a Taoist and QiGong master. One of the most basic uses of light, is to simply send it to whatever needs healing in the body, whether it be a slight discomfort or an unwanted chronic condition. The body responds to light with its own healing powers, which are considerable (see intro). Imagine the light infusing and becoming the part of the body needing it. You'll find that by consistently using this method, healing will speed up, and the condition addressed will not "get worse" or have "complications". The light can be various colors, shapes, motions and intensities. The key is to KNOW this light is performing a valuable service to the body. -- From 25 No Cost Health & Healing Hacks by Boyd Martin)

Quantum Healer of the Week

Christine Day

Christine DayEnter Doorways to Remembrance of YOUR Unlimited Self. Frequencies of Brilliance is a unique energy healing technique that involves the activation of energetic doorways on both the front and back of the body. These doorways are opened through a series of light touches. This activation introduces high-level Frequencies into the emotional and physical bodies. It works within all the cells and with the entire nervous system which activates new areas of the brain. Frequencies of Brilliance is referred to as a self-remembrance work because the activation that occurs as the body is touched awakens at the quantum level your spiritual aspect. When this happens you begin to express from the "Purest" part of yourself, bringing the fullness of "YOU" into the forefront of your life. Living your life from this place allows a limitless potential for transformation at the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. Experience for yourself the Unique Energy of Frequencies of Brilliance. The Pleiadians and the full Galactic community are playing a major role with planet earth at this time. This community brings their presence forward now to support mankind by giving you unique access through the Communication Portal to enable those of us who are awake and ready to interact and activate pre-agreement alliances. WEBSITE

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VibesUp Vibrational Chakra Bracelet

chakra braceletEach chakra stone is infused with VibesUP's liquid crystal formula containing the essential oils vibrationally tuned to be balancing and harmonizing to each specific chakra. This unique bracelet will also raise the Healthy Vibration of food & beverages as well as raise your Vibration while you wear it. Muscle test to see it working.

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Trinity Gem Elixir for the Month

"Stone of Purification"


peridotSpiritually: Protective stone for the aura. Aligns and purifies the subtle bodies releasing toxins at all levels. Clears the way to receive information from the higher self. Attuned to the attainment of spiritual truth.

Emotionally: Increases clarity and patience, helping with the release of negative emotions. Promotes a positive outlook on life.

Mentally: Sharpens the mind and opens it to new levels of awareness. Helps you to take responsibility for your own life.

Physically: Helps stimulate tissue regeneration, and removes toxicity from the physical body. Helps strengthen the metabolism; aids the heart, thymus, lungs, gallbladder, spleen, intestinal tract, ulcers, and strengthens the eyes.


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