Quantum Health News - Winter Solstice 2020

De-stress With Fractals



A new study from the University of Oregon found that, by the age of three, children understand (and prefer) nature's fractal patterns. A "fractal" is a pattern that the laws of nature repeat at different scales. "Exact fractals" are ordered in such a way that the same basic pattern repeats exactly at every scale. An example of exact fractals can be found in the growth spiral of a plant. "Statistical fractals", on the other hand, repeat in a similar (but not identical) fashion across scales and do not possess spatial symmetry. An example of a statistical fractal can be seen in things like clouds and mountains, rivers, and trees.

Kelly E. Robles, the leader of the study and a doctoral student in the Department of Psychology at the University of Oregon, explains: "Unlike early humans who lived outside on savannahs, modern-day humans spend the majority of their early lives inside these manmade structures. So, since children are not heavily exposed to these natural, low-to-moderate complexity fractal patterns, this preference must come from something earlier in development or perhaps it is innate."

The research team explored how individual differences in processing styles might account for trends in fractal fluency. Researchers exposed participants to images of fractal patterns (exact and statistical), ranging in complexity on computer screens. The ages of the participants were: 82 adults (between the ages of 18-33) 96 children (between the ages of 3-10). When viewing these patterns, the participants chose favorites between pairs of images that differed in complexity. When looking at exact fractal patterns, selections involved different pairs of snowflake-like or branch-like images. For statistical fractals, selections involved choosing between pairs of cloud-like images. Although there were some differences in the preferences of adults and children, the overall trends were similar: exact patterns with greater complexity were more preferred. This study confirms that these preference trends are apparent in early childhood, suggesting that the appreciation for common fractal aesthetics is formed earlier in our development than previously thought.

Prior to this study, exposure to fractal patterns might have been expected to vary across the lifespan of a person due to environmental and developmental patterns. Instead, this study found a consistent preference across childhood and through adulthood which suggests a stable fractal aesthetic is established early in life. There is a possibility, according to this study, that an early biological or evolutionary mechanism optimizes our visual system for processing fractals.

The study above, mentioning the positive benefits that fractals have in even small children, becomes particularly interesting when you begin to understand the potential benefits we derive from even minimal exposure to fractal patterns.

Exposure to fractal patterns in nature can reduce your stress levels significantly. It seems this kind of stress reduction most often occurs because of a certain physiological resonance within the eye. While this effect is most prominent in nature's fractal patterns, some research indicates that certain types of artwork carrying fractal patterns can also promote relaxation.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Fractal patterns show how subtle energy templates create physical manifestations. We utitize this property in the development of our Subtle Energy-infused formulas.

New Mindful Practice to Increase Well-Being


attenionOpen Focus is the name of an attention training program created by Dr. Lester Fehmi, a neuroscientist and psychologist from Princeton University. Dr. Fehmi found that once our whole brain activity becomes more synchronous in alpha frequency, our mental and physical health improves. He created a series of mind exercises that help to cultivate this brainwave pattern, and he designed a neurofeedback EEG machine that can detect it. On the basis of his findings, Dr. Fehmi developed The Four Attention Styles theory, which describes four different ways we can pay attention, and relates these styles to brain physiology.

According to Dr Fehmi, pain, stress, anxiety, and other challenges make our attention narrow and objective. It is natural to narrow our attention (focus) on pain or a problem in order to deal with it efficiently, but most people overuse this style in everyday life. They are unaware that it keeps them in continuous "fight or flight" mode (see this post). Moreover, habitual focusing creates an impression that the reality consists of separated objects, since we can focus on only one thing at a time, leaving the rest outside of our focus. It can make us feel distant, alienated, and lonely.

Dr. Fehmi says we can begin relating to what's difficult in a more balanced, accepting way by diffusing our attention. Diffusing allows us to see the big picture and connect (immerse) with its elements. It helps to realign with the world and to create healthy relationships. This style is linked to the "rest and digest" part of our physiology and makes the whole brain activity more synchronous in alpha frequency.

Dr. Fehmi suggests everyone's attention should be flexible, meaning that you can alternate between "narrow and objective" and "diffused and immersed" styles of attention or balance all at the same time. Dr. Fehmi says that the way we pay attention is directly linked to our well-being. Once you are able to balance your attention, you can positively influence your mind and body.

During Open Focus training, we practice diffusing by becoming simultaneously aware of many objects. The object can be everything you can focus on, like a physical object, a sound, a taste, a thought, a feeling, a sensation from the body, etc. Then you can progress to awareness of the space between objects, like the space between physical objects, the silence between sounds, or the breaks between thoughts, etc. Finally, you become aware of space between and inside objects which, according to Dr. Fehmi, helps us achieve diffused and immersed style. In this style of attending, all objects (including yourself) dissolve in space and you immerse with reality, becoming fully connected.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Chaotic or dis-harmonious energy patterns in the human energy fields are the source of resistance to many type of mindfulness practices, yoga courses, and meditation regimes. Reduce or eliminate this kind of distraction with our Clean Sweep Clearing Spray.

Study Uses MRI to Confirm Telepathy


telepathyThe study found that distant intentionality (DI), which is defined as sending thoughts at a distance (telepathy) from a "sender'" is actually correlated with an activation of certain brain regions of the "receiver". The study used eleven "healers" who do work in this area, and 11 other people who did not claim to be healers, but had some sort of special connection with the healer. As the study describes:
The healers sent forms of DI that related to their own healing practices at random 2-minute intervals that were unknown to the recipient. Significant differences between experimental (send) and control (no send) procedures were found. Areas activated during the experimental procedures included the anterior and middle cingulate area, precuneus, and frontal area. It was concluded that instructions to a healer to make and intentional connection with a sensory isolated person can be correlated to changes in brain function of that individual.
The authors make it clear that the intentions of the study were not to measure healing of any ailment, but rather examine whether there was some sort of biological response when the sender sent these types of thoughts and feelings to the receiver at a distance. While the receivers were placed in an MRI machine, the healers used a variety of techniques including touch, prayer, chant, Reiki, vibration or sound healing, Qigong and other forms of DI.

The healers were given specific information about their role in the study, and it included an "On (send)" and Off (No send)" procedures to follow. During the "On" condition, healers were sending information and trying to connect with the receiver, and during the "Off" condition they stopped. The type of information sent was described "as sending energy, prayer, or good intentions, or as thinking of the individual in the scanner and wishing for them the highest good."

The receivers were instructed to relax and lay inside the machine, and they were not provided any information at all about the timing of the On/Off conditions, and the healers themselves were not informed about the timing of the On/Off conditions. This way they could not have relayed this information to their receivers before the scan. The healer was also in an electromagnetically shielded control room and both physically and optically isolated from the receiver in the scanner.

The authors found that "group analysis revealed significant activation in several areas of the brain" during the times when the DI practitioner was sending to the receiver. They concluded that "overall, the results show significant activation of brain regions coincident with DI intervals."

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Health & Healing Hack of the Week


two pointingOriginally, two-pointing was delineated by Dr. Richard Bartlett as part of his body of work called "Matrix Energetics", and covered at length in his book by the same name. Two-Pointing is a way to collapse an energy blockage by using two index fingers touching two points around an injured or painful area of the body. Do this using several different points. By putting the attention on two points simultaneously, it collapses the "standing wave" that is blocking or inhibiting energy flows across the painful area. I like to use this technique along with My Liquid Fish and Take It Away. Great first aid! Entertaining note: I also tried it on my wallet--and it worked! -- From 25 No Cost Health & Healing Hacks by Boyd Martin)

Quantum Healer of the Week

Brooklin Rayne

Brooklin Rayne picBrooklin Rayne is an intuitive channel and a member of the Christos ascended master collective. She has experienced many incarnations with the Sophia Christ collective, Lyran Sirian Whites, Oraphim, Ancient Pleiadians, and Hathors. Through her diamond sun crystal structure, she assists humans to return their original divine blueprint combined with their Christos template, allowing a fuller embodiment of the I AM presence and Unity consciousness. As an original seeder of both humanity and of Gaia's many elemental resources, Brooklin works to assist in repairing and rebuilding the portals, frequencies, grids, and meridians of both the micro of humanity and the macro of Gaia. As an enlightened teacher of Christ consciousness in many lifetimes both on Earth and throughout the multiverses, Brooklin channels the wisdom and living light transmissions from many multi galactic Christ collectives. These transmissions and wisdom come through as spoken words, light language, and light frequencies. Brooklin also trained at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a holistic health coach. Today she incorporates her understanding of food, meditation, quantum energy and spirituality to assist Individuals in their healing processes of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. WEBSITE

Company & Product News


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Gem Elixir for the Month

"Stone of New Beginnings"


BerylberylSpiritually: Aids in tuning into guidance. Opens and activates the crown and solar plexus chakras.

Emotionally: Enhances courage, relieves stress, calms the mind, brings compassion, forgiveness, generosity and confidence. It strengthens the magnetism of the wearer and gives him/her sex appeal and charm.

Mentally: Filters out distractions, reduces overstimulation, discourages over-analysis and anxiety, encourages a positive view.

Physically: Aids the organs of elimination, strengthens the pulmonary and circulatory system, increases resistance to toxins and pollutants. MORE INFO

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