Quantum Health News - March 2021 No. 1

Simulation Theory Gets Another Boost

A scientist devised a computer algorithm which may lead to transformative discoveries in energy and whose very existence raises the likelihood that our reality could actually be a simulation. The algorithm was created by the physicist Hong Qin, from the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL). The algorithm employs an AI process called machine learning, which improves its knowledge in an automated way, through experience.

Qin explained, "Usually in physics, you make observations, create a theory based on those observations, and then use that theory to predict new observations," said Qin. "What I'm doing is replacing this process with a type of black box that can produce accurate predictions without using a traditional theory or law. Essentially, I bypassed all the fundamental ingredients of physics. I go directly from data to data--there is no law of physics in the middle."

"What is the algorithm running on the laptop of the Universe? If such an algorithm exists, I would argue that it should be a simple one defined on the discrete spacetime lattice. The complexity and richness of the Universe come from the enormous memory size and CPU power of the laptop, but the algorithm itself could be simple."

Qin's work takes the approach of using "discrete field theory," which go against the most popular method of studying physics today, which looks at spacetime as continuous. This approach was started with Isaac Newton, who invented three approaches to describing continuous spacetime, including Newton's law of motion, Newton's law of gravitation, and calculus. Qin believes there are serious issues in modern research that stem from the laws of physics in continuous spacetime being expressed through differential equations and continuous field theories. If laws of physics were based on discrete spacetime, as Qin proposes, "many of the difficulties can be overcome."

If the world works according to discrete field theory, it would look like something out "The Matrix," made of pixels and data points. Qin's work also coincides with the logic of Bostrom's simulation hypothesis and would mean that "the discrete field theories are more fundamental than our current laws of physics in continuous space." In fact, writes Qin, "our offspring must find the discrete field theories more natural than the laws in continuous space used by their ancestors during the 17th-21st centuries."

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Connecting the Dreamworld to the Waking One

Dr. Ken Paller from the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience Program at Northwestern University and colleagues decided to attempt communication with people during lucid dreams. "Our experimental goal is akin to finding a way to talk with an astronaut who is on another world, but in this case the world is entirely fabricated on the basis of memories stored in the brain," they said.

The study involved 36 individuals; some had minimal prior experience with lucid dreaming, others were frequent lucid dreamers, and one was a patient with narcolepsy who had frequent lucid dreams. In total, the researchers attempted two-way communication during rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep in 57 sessions. Overall, they found that it was possible for people while dreaming to follow instructions, do simple math, answer yes-or-no questions, or tell the difference between different sensory stimuli. The volunteers could respond using eye movements or by contracting facial muscles. The scientists refer to it as "interactive dreaming".

"We found that individuals in REM sleep can interact with an experimenter and engage in real-time communication,” Dr. Paller said. We also showed that dreamers are capable of comprehending questions, engaging in working-memory operations, and producing answers.”

"Future studies of dreaming could use these same methods to assess cognitive abilities during dreams versus wake,” said first author Karen Konkoly, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience Program at Northwestern University.

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Using Deep Acting for Emotional Well-Being
deep actingIn the film adaptation of "Bye Bye Birdie" (1963), Dick Van Dyke sings to a dour Janet Leigh to simply put on a happy face. "Wipe off that 'full of doubt' look, / Slap on a happy grin! / And spread sunshine all over the place." This classic--if admittedly hokey--ditty it seems has become the mantra of our "service with a smile" corporate culture. And it may actually be good advice. New research suggests that putting on a happy face reduces fatigue at work and improves our relationships, but only if we employ "deep acting" strategies over "surface acting" ones to regulate those emotions.

"Deep" and "surface" acting are the principal components of emotional labor, a buzz phrase you have likely seen flitting about the Twittersphere. Today, "emotional labor" has been adopted by groups as diverse as family counselors, academic feminists, and corporate CEOs, and each has redefined it with a patented spin. But while the phrase has splintered into a smorgasbord of pop-psychological arguments, its initial usage was more specific.

First coined by sociologist Arlie Russell Hochschild in her 1983 book, "The Managed Heart," emotional labor describes the work we do to regulate our emotions on the job. Hochschild's go-to example is the flight attendant, who is tasked with being "nicer than natural" to enhance the customer experience. While at work, flight attendants are expected to smile and be exceedingly helpful even if they are wrestling with personal issues, the passengers are rude, and that one kid just upchucked down the center aisle. Hochschild's counterpart to the flight attendant is the bill collector, who must instead be "nastier than natural." Such personas may serve an organization's mission or commercial interests, but if they cause emotional dissonance, they can potentially lead to high emotional costs for the employee—bringing us back to deep and surface acting.

Deep acting is the process by which people modify their emotions to match their expected role. Deep actors still encounter the negative emotions, but they devise ways to regulate those emotions and return to the desired state. Flight attendants may modify their internal state by talking through harsh emotions (say, with a coworker), focusing on life's benefits (next stop Paris!), physically expressing their desired emotion (smiling and deep breaths), or recontextualizing an inauspicious situation (not the kid's fault he got sick).

Conversely, surface acting occurs when employees display ersatz emotions to match those expected by their role. These actors are the waiters who smile despite being crushed by the stress of a dinner rush. They are the CEOs who wear a confident swagger despite feelings of inauthenticity. And they are the bouncers who must maintain a steely edge despite humming show tunes in their heart of hearts.

As seen in the research, surface acting can degrade our mental well-being. This deterioration can be especially true of people who must contend with negative emotions or situations inside while displaying an elated mood outside. Hochschild argues such emotional labor can lead to exhaustion and self-estrangement—that is, surface actors erect a bulwark against anger, fear, and stress, but that disconnect estranges them from the emotions that allow them to connect with others and live fulfilling lives.

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Health & Healing Hack of the Week

Journaling / Blogging / Drawing

journalingRegardless of your writing ability, the process of writing down one's thoughts is an age-old, tried and true way of self inquiry. Often, you'll find yourself revealing a deep truth about life, a sub-conscious pattern or other conundrum by simply writing about it. Many proponents of this method insist that the best way to write is by hand with a pen or pencil--believing that the physical motions in some way amplify the psychological powers engaged in attempting to language our thoughts. I do not hold this belief myself, and prefer to type, and sometimes read what I typed out loud, even recording it a la podcast, and listening to it back. The mechanism at work here is "mirroring". By mirroring our thoughts "out in the physical world", it allows us to perceive our awarenesses and conclusions from a different angle, or perspective, thus giving us insights we would not necessarily have otherwise. The process of self-mirroring is really another way of Two Pointing, with one point being what is happening in the imagination, and the other point being the written version of it. Journaling is especially effective when there is a confusion of energies, or there is something about what you are experiencing that is a problem, conundrum or conflict. Write all about the different aspects of your feelings about the subject, and you are sure to come to some new awarenesses about the situation. You can then apply more tools as needed to clear any stuck energies. I would also add drawing to this hack, and even if you have absolutely no "talent" for drawing, there is a way to do it that is highly therapeutic. Falling into the category of "automatic writing", by "randomly" drawing lines and shapes, you are essentially two-pointing subconscious patterns. Of course, you don't need to limit this to random lines and shapes--drawing objects or imaginings is also therapeutic. Focus in on a particular feeling or experience, and then just allow the pen or pencil to move across the paper. Observe the designs made, and let them bring you new awarenesses. -- From 25 No Cost Health & Healing Hacks by Boyd Martin)

Quantum Healer of the Week

Kari Samuels

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