Quantum Health News - June 2022 - Issue 2

7 Ways to Develop Trust in the Divine

To do this, you have to put yourself in the place of the unknown--to take small risks and chances in the beginning--driving a different way to work for example. Risk speaking your truth, irrespective of the outcome. Go out free-wheeling and see what comes back to you. Learn to navigate from the flash of higher knowing or the heart-felt pull that wants to take you in a certain direction. There is no "on/off" button for trust. It's not all or nothing. It's something we have to forge in the daily crucible of life.

So what can you do to develop more trust in the divine flow today?

1) Notice that if you're truly following the flow, then you'll be brought to a point of challenge, of confrontation. There'll be all the excuses in the world why not to follow the pull. Watch this place of denial and contraction

2) At some point--assuming you want to progress--you're going to have to start breaking into these resistances – to follow what you know you're really given to do. Ask yourself does it serve you to continue with the limitation?

3) Watch the physical/emotional impact of the resistance. Your body may get tight, breathing short, attention is distracted from full awareness of the moment. Think to yourself "what's the worst possible outcome that could happen here?"

4) Contemplate this deeply and all the time, remember that you are the inviolable source of all that is. That you created this victimisation to expand into the fullness that you are

5) Now soften into the tightness, feel through them, know yourself as the one

6) As you open into this void of emptiness, let true beingness arise, then follow through with the fullest expression of truth that you can. Even if this means simply committing to a different pathway home.

7) Watch the synchronicity as the universe comes in to meet you.

What have you got to lose? Why stay in the limitation? Why not expand a greater possibility in yourself? I guarantee that if you do this, you'll discover things about yourself you never dreamed possible. Your trust in the divine will escalate. And what's more, trust in yourself, as a being, will flourish too.

Trust alone won't solve the situation or predicament you find yourself in--it won't make things "right" in the way we might want them to go. Instead, it brings you into alert awareness, where you're constantly adapting, blending and flowing with the moment. You're looking for ever finer expressions of your innate beingness; around which, the Universe always shapes resources and right action. Your expression will succeed!

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How Music De-Stresses
music therapyBefore hitting the sack after a tiring day, many of us prefer plugging in our earphones to listen to our favourite songs. Just a few minutes of immersing yourself in the rhythm can, somehow, give you moments of relief from distress. It is, therefore, no news that music—an art that can be instrumental in alleviating feelings of sadness can prove to be helpful in curing ailments and mental health disorders.

Shedding light on how music helps one de-stress, Guneet Kaur (32), an East Delhi-based certified music therapist, shares, "This is a mind-body medicine that helps us maintain or improve the health of the client. Different parts of the brain get activated at the same time when one listens to music; this is the basic principle on which music as medicine functions." Given its cognitive benefits, music is often used by healthcare practitioners to aid individuals cope with mental and physical problems. "Here, you are not just relying on music to do the job, but also on the therapeutic relationship that one can build through music," explains Kaur.

One of the greatest thinkers in history, Greek philosopher Aristotle believed that music has a cathartic effect on listeners and can extend relief from negative emotions. Plato, too, referred to music as "the medicine of the soul". In recent years, several studies have confirmed that music can be incorporated as a supplement to other forms of medical treatment, as it helps individuals cope with their stress and can also mobilise the body's capacity to heal. Practitioners are known to use the therapeutic value of music to treat conditions such as asthma, autism, depression, as well as extreme brain disorders including Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, etc.

Music therapy is a prolonged process, mentions Jyoti Sharma, a Dwarka-based music therapist and founder of Music Therapy India. "It starts with an assessment of the patient, getting to know their problems, their likes and dislikes in music, and then customising each session as per the goal. It is very client-centric and the procedure differs from person to person. It takes a while to build a rapport with the patient, which is why a minimum of five sessions are a must," explains the 36 year old.

Patients seeking music therapy can address their issues through the process. But that's not all. The benefits of music therapy are manifold; this approach can help people unwind and relax. Mumbai resident Raksha Shah has been suffering from depression and memory loss. In 2020, she began taking virtual music therapy sessions with Sharma. "It has really helped me cope with depression and anxiety, and has given me confidence as well. Initially, I was very reluctant about attending these sessions, but it has given me a sense of calm and a lot of support," shares the 68 year old.

However, Shah mentions that the best part about music therapy is that she gets to sing in front of people, a hobby she wished to pursue since childhood. "I like singing but never got to do it. Here, they teach us singing and music and also let us try so it is very enjoyable," she adds. Similarly, Dr Vasant Shetty (78), a general physician who has been taking therapy along with Shah from Sharma, concludes, "It has helped improve my general health and sleep. But most importantly, in every session, we practise different ragas, work on diction and tone… it has been a very positive experience for me."

Music therapist, Dr Shambhavi Das has a 2019 study that suggests the future of music therapy in India is promising because, "people are opting for non-invasive systems of alternative medicine". Das concludes, "The recent scientific research in the areas of mental ailments...has thrown open a new endorsement for the ancient concepts of therapeutic values in sound and music." A number of healthcare professionals are now harnessing the power of music, which is an art form as well as a therapeutic tool that holds extraordinary promise, in helping people cope with both mental and physical illnesses.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Use E-1 Stress Relief to reset the parasympathetic nervous system to maximize the healing effects of music listening.

Moods Can Be Your Friends
moodsFixing a bad mood

Becoming aware - The first step to all change is awareness. When you find yourself in a bad mood, identify the first incident that triggered negative emotions in you. Sometimes, it may be a silly issue and other times, the issue may be more significant. If you identify an insignificant trigger, simple awareness is enough to get back to a calm state.

Being aware and taking the opposite action - When you find a significant trigger, you'd need an action along with awareness. Usually, you want it to be an opposite action that may fix the issue. If you have direct control over the situation, fixing the issue may be the right thing to do. For example, you may feel bad about not treating a loved one properly. The opposite action is to drop the ego and apologize to the person.

Performing a mood-reset action - When you feel upset about something you can't control, you can use a mood-reset action to get back on track. Maybe you failed at something or some uncertain event ruined your plans for the day. In such cases, resetting mood with simple actions work wonders. Some examples of mood-reset actions include exercising or walking, listening to music, eating, hydrating, taking a shower, sleeping, relaxing, being alone, socializing, laughing, switching off social media, decluttering, organizing, planning and more.

Taking a spiritual action - A lot of times, occupying your mind with other activities won't work, especially if it's an issue related to a relationship. It could be a relationship with a loved one or it could be the relationship with yourself. In those cases, you can use spirituality to heal your mood. It could mean forgiving, accepting, letting go or being grateful. These practices may help you get past the emotional blocks and release emotional tension. You can use guided meditation, silence, pen and paper or affirmations to resolve such issues.

Preventing a bad mood

Now you know how to fix a bad mood, but how about training yourself so you can prevent it in the first place? While having a bad mood is a natural human tendency, it's a good idea to reduce such occurrences so you can live in a beautiful state and spread that state to people around you.

Training your mindfulness muscle - The simplest way to train your mindfulness muscle is to practice mindfulness meditation regularly. The more you train your mind to identify your thoughts and emotions, the easier it will be for you to spot a bad mood trigger and acknowledge it as soon as it occurs. Otherwise, you may stay in a bad mood for too long wondering what may have caused it.

Being a source of positivity - Think of yourself as a force of positivity. Instead of waiting for others to spread their emotional state on you, flip it around and lead with kindness and positivity. Spread random acts of kindness or thoughts throughout your day and positivity will come back to you. Some examples of kind acts or thoughts include forgiving, accepting, loving, appreciating, complimenting, encouraging, listening and making people laugh.

Developing emotional resilience - Emotional resilience is your ability to deal with a stressful situation or emotional crisis. When you encounter uncertain life situations or unwanted emotions, how quickly can you adapt to them and bounce back to normal? It's not something you're born with, rather you develop it if you train yourself to be more emotionally resilient.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Negative moods can be caused by negative energies in the environment, such as EMF, solar disturbances, even the bad moods of others. Zap that energy away with Clean Sweep, as you apply the techniques above.

Health & Healing Hack of the Week


gratitudeGratitude is almost as basic as mindfulness, and can be included alongside a mindfulness practice. For example, when a negative thought or feeling comes up, feel gratitude that progress is being made, and that those negative thoughts and feelings will never again affect the body and your experience of life. Many scientific studies have been made on gratitude, demonstrating remarkable changes in body chemistry, endorphin release, speed of healing, increase in immune function, and many other beneficial effects. Gratitude as a practice by itself creates a very healing field of consciousness, and is a pre-requisite to gaining mastery over the mind and body. -- From 25 No Cost Health & Healing Hacks by Boyd Martin)

Quantum Healer of the Week


JacQuaelineJacQuaeline started her coaching business in 1996. She has had the privilege to work with fabulous, creative individuals. If you or your team have high aspirations; or just need to shortcut your way to success then she may be the perfect solution. She was a prestigious SuccessTracs Coach with Peak Potentials and earned a coaching award for her work in 2004. At that time Peak Potentials hired the top 2% of coaching talent in North America. JacQuaeline strives for real world, measurable results by monitoring and transforming the emotions, reactions, mental stresses that interfere with focus. Her private coaching often takes on a mentorship role and can include significant contacts to other experts in order to help reach goals quickly. This is not group coaching. Each client, whether personal or business, receives a highly customized program specific to their needs. Throughout her career, JacQuaeline has consistently taught personal empowerment programs sharing a wide variety of tools and concepts. Whether it was her year long course called, "Transformation: From Theory to Action", or her corporate keynotes or trainings such as "7 Steps to Outperform Yourself"', or the dozens of Intuitive or Esoteric Courses she created and taught over her career — her focus and desired outcome has always been results over theory. Being creative, she maintains an extensive list of courses which she has developed and taught. JacQuaeline's coaching is an fabulous investment even if you're on a tight budget and need support. WEBSITE

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carbon 60The Carbon 60 molecule, also known as a fullerene, was discovered in 1985 after originally being postulated as a possibility in 1970. The numerical part of its name derives from the fact that it is comprised of 60 carbon atoms arranged in a soccer ball pattern. Due to its structural properties and its ability to soak up free radicals like a sponge, the Carbon 60 atom was eventually recognized as a powerful antioxidant capable of supporting the protection and regeneration of the nervous system. Its powerful antioxidant properties seem to be due to its unique ability, unlike other antioxidants (such as Vitamins C and E), to prevent itself from being neutralized by the free radicals with which it comes into contact. Digital C60, the first vibrational, energetic version of this powerful antioxidant, produces quantum healing energy with exceptional antioxidative properties. We digitally captured the precise energetic signature of the Carbon 60 molecule, amplified it thousands of times, and encoded it into digital media (i.e., energetically encoded digital picture files, audio files, video file and a printable pdf document). So, instead of having to take small doses of, and pay for, a very expensive C60 supplement every month for the rest of your life, you can purchase Digital C60 just once and enjoy carbon fullerene benefits for an entire lifetime. MORE INFO / ORDER

VibesUp Vibrational Chakra Bracelet

chakra braceletEach chakra stone is infused with VibesUP's liquid crystal formula containing the essential oils vibrationally tuned to be balancing and harmonizing to each specific chakra. This unique bracelet will also raise the Healthy Vibration of food & beverages as well as raise your Vibration while you wear it. Muscle test to see it working.

SUCCESSES: "As a Reiki practitioner, every time I touch this bracelet I can feel how strong the positive energy is!! I gave it to my partner and she says it's really helped with her self-awareness, and emotional processing, and setting boundaries :)" -- Kayla F. "I bought this for my fiance. Immediately the change in his energy was felt and calm swept over him like a wave. He hasn't taken it off since. Thank you so much for helping us find balance! I will continue to buy items from this site! Again, THANK YOU!" -- Amy R. MORE INFO

Trinity Gem Elixir for the Month

"Stone of Spiritual Enlightenment"

 seraphiniteSpiritually: Helps with angelic connection, and opening the crown and higher crown chakras.

Emotionally: Promotes living from the heart, opening to love.

Mentally: Calms the mind, removing extraneous thoughts.

Physically: Works best at a subtle level. Useful for easing muscle tension in the neck. Enhance circulation of both chi and the blood.


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