Quantum Health News April, 2021, Issue 1

5 Ways to Diffuse Emotional Triggers


The exercise below is geared towards improving our self awareness around situations and how we feel, so we can learn to self-regulate emotions at anytime, as well as turn off triggers that might not really be the greatest to have to begin with.

1. The first step is becoming aware of the fact you're having the emotional experience. What we're doing here is by reading this we're setting up a bit of an increased self awareness in our minds that can help us remember to check in when we next have an emotional reaction to something. Perhaps the car cuts us off while driving, and we react, but then shortly after we remember that we want to have a closer look at that emotional reaction and perhaps choose a different response instead of going down an energy draining rabbit hole. So the first thing we want to do is become aware that the experience is happening.

2. The next step is accepting the experience that's happening. What this means is, if the person in front of us cuts us off while driving and we get angry and realize we're angry, bring to your awareness that this is OK. We're not looking to create a judgement about what happened or what we're experiencing, instead we simply want to see it for what it is, an experience that happened and we're now aware of and sitting as an observer of it. What this does is it empowers us to be able to look a little more closely at what we're feeling and why. After we become aware, take note of the emotion you're experiencing and name it. Is it anger? Is it worry? Is it fear?

3. Next we're going to take a moment and place our hand or a couple fingers over the areas of our chest, around where your heart is, and use the placement of your hand as something to focus on. With your eyes open, take some comfortable yet slightly deeper breaths. Feel your breath moving in and out of the area of your heart (where you hand is). To do this, don't worry too much about how perfect the breathing is or whether it's exactly going in and our of your heart area, just sit with a gentle focus that your breath is moving in and out of the area of your heart. Our goal here is to bring awareness to the physical heart and begin to influence its rhythms ever so slightly. Breath into your heart for about 30 seconds.

4. Next we want to continue our heart focused breathing while also imagining the feeling of calm or ease enter into our bodies. Spend the next 2 minutes or so breathing in the feeling of calm or ease into your heart with comfortable breaths. Notice the calm and ease come over your mind and body. What this stage does is it shows us that we have the ability to produce our own emotional regulation by creating a physiological state that is more synchronized and favorable for introspection and clarity.

Now as a final step, you can take a moment to just assess, what is the story you have been telling yourself about the situation? What might be a more effective way to approach or think about the situation? In the case of getting cut off in the car, was it really personal? If so, how do you know? If it was a mistake, is anger helping you or just providing an undesirable experience? If you had the freedom, would you choose anger at the other driver or to just let it go and maintain better health?

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Easy Meditation


easy meditation

1. Remember why you want to meditate - Why do you want to meditate? To have more peace in your life? To have some quiet time to yourself? Because you are curious about it? Because someone told you to try it? Whatever the reason, there is no right or wrong answer here! Give yourself permission to get quiet and ask yourself why you want to do this. If you don't get a clear answer, that's ok. If you are being called to meditation and you don't know why, that's ok. Making time for contemplation about meditation is a good first step to building a practice that is uniquely yours that you will look forward to.

2. The best kind of meditation is the kind that you will do (and look forward to doing) - I have been practicing and studying meditation for over 8 years and when someone asks me what "kind" of meditation I "do", I don't have an answer for that. Over time, I have developed a practice that is unique to me and it doesn't have a fancy name. When I first started meditating, guided meditations worked best for me because they gave me something that I could focus on and it felt like there was a beginning and an ending. If you have discovered a specific type of meditation that resonates with you, start with that. If you haven't yet discovered something in particular that resonates with you, consider trying guided meditations or even just sitting down, closing your eyes, and being. You don't have to make it complicated and there is no such thing as perfection.

3. Don't try too hard - When it comes to meditation, trying too hard can create stress, resistance, and ultimately make you not want to do it anymore. There is no one "right" way to meditate. Let me say that again! THERE IS NO ONE "RIGHT" WAY TO MEDITATE. You don't need to try and do it the "right" way, take that pressure off of yourself. You also don't need to try and reach a state where you no longer have thoughts. I used to think that was the purpose of meditation – to not think at all. Once I realized that wasn't the purpose of meditation, it was such a relief! Trying to stop your thoughts is a futile act that creates stress and resistance in meditation. Allow your thoughts to be present and choose not to engage with them.

4. Start small - When I first started meditating, I literally started for one minute. Yes, one minute! It actually felt like a really long time because I was so used to being busy and having constant mind chatter that sitting down for one whole minute felt so long. I quickly came to look forward to these one minute meditation breaks during my day. I would even hide in my car during a break at work and set a timer for a minute so that I could meditate! These one minute meditations turned into 5-10 minute guided meditations over time as I really began to see my meditation minutes as little retreats throughout my busy day. Starting small helped me to feel that incorporating meditation into my daily life was doable and it took so much pressure off of me that I truly began to enjoy the time.

5) It's okay to keep it super simple - You'll find all kinds of things out there to buy for your meditation practice: singing bowls, incense, crystals, fancy pillows, etc. It's ok to not have any of these things and still meditate. It's ok to have all of these things for your meditation practice. Give yourself permission to do what works for you. You may find that creating a space for yourself to meditate at home is helpful. You may find that idea overwhelming and creating a blockage to you starting. It's ok to meditate wherever you are! Give yourself permission to simply sit on the couch and close your eyes to meditate. It doesn't have to be fancy (but if you like fancy, that's perfectly ok, too!).

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Hand Gestures Actually Do Improve Communication


gesturingIn a paper published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, the group detailed a series of experiments on volunteers who viewed videos of people speaking with and without hand motions. They found that hand gestures, when done right, do influence how certain words are heard.

After showing the participants the videos of people speaking under different conditions, the researchers asked them questions about what they had heard. Those conditions involved the speaker emphasizing different parts of words in a sentence (e.g. OBject versus obJECT). Other conditions involved the speaker making various types of hand gestures. For example, chopping, pointing, or sweeping motions made with the hands and arms. Sometimes those hand motions coincided with sections of words being stressed, but sometimes they were random.

The team recorded the volunteers as they viewed the video recordings, questioning the participants afterward about what they had seen and heard. They found that the participants were more impacted by syllables spoken in conjunction with hand gestures: In 20 percent of the cases the viewer was more likely to have heard and interpreted the word being spoken when accompanied by a hand gesture. Interestingly, however, participants were 40 percent more likely to hear the wrong sound when a mismatch between the word spoken and the hand gesture occurred.

In addition to making your words more clear, past research has found that speaking with your hands really can alter the perception of your character. Markus Koppensteiner at the University of Vienna has analyzed the way that people talk with their hands and how the speaker is perceived. His research has suggested that certain hand gestures can signal extraversion and dominance.

For example, extraversion appeared to be associated with more hand movements overall. Vertical movements, meanwhile, seemed to be linked to the perception of authority. For example, hands sweeping up from torso to shoulder height. People making these expansive gestures with their arms tend to be rated lower in agreeableness, but higher in domination. This was, according to Koppensteiner, a consistent result in his papers.

According to body language expert Carol Goman, Ph.D., "Studies have found that people who communicate through active gesturing tend to be evaluated as warm, agreeable, and energetic, while those who remain still (or whose gestures seem mechanical or "wooden") are seen as logical, cold, and analytic." In fact, a 2015 study that analyzed TED Talks found that the most popular, viral speakers used nearly twice as many as the least popular speakers used.

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Health & Healing Hack of the Week

Intermittent fasting

fastingI've been an advocate of fasting since I found out about it as a teenager when I read my first yoga book. I practiced fasting many times in my life when I started feeling "off" or "yucky", and always fasted when I felt a cold or flu coming on. I experimented with fasting, too, to see what would happen if I just fasted for as long as my body permitted. My "record" was 54 days on water only. I did lose about 10 pounds, but at no point was I disabled from not eating food, and the only reason I stopped was because I felt I'd gone as far as I could go with it. We are programmed to believe that without food we would starve. And in fact, this belief I believe causes starvation. Fasting can be an extreme form of therapy, but recent research has found that they much more conservative intermittent fasting for only 16 hours, has a myriad of benefits for every system of the body. As far as weight loss goes, at about 14-16 hours, the body goes into "ketosis", producing ketones that directly break down fats to glucose from fat stores in the body. The easy way to tell if you've gone into ketosis is the hunger sensation. Now this hunger sensation is not a craving, it is the hunger you get after not eating for a prolonged period--in this case 14-16 hours. The tendency is to immediately eat something when we feel hungry. Use your mindfulness drill to allow the hunger. The hunger is signaling many processes in the body to increase, speed up, or engage, such as detoxification of the blood, increase in oxygen absorption, and the clearing of mucous throughout the body. When you "break" the fast, there is a greater release of serotonin and endorphins, and food has a more intense taste and enjoyment. Most conveniently, do not eat after dinner, then waiting to eat until lunch--usually about 16 hours. Then eat lunch and dinner within the remaining 8 hours. Your body will thank you, and you'll have more energy, and maybe lose that fat you've been hung up about. -- From 25 No Cost Health & Healing Hacks by Boyd Martin)

Quantum Healer of the Week


AuroraWe have been journeying together for unlimited time, traveling from star system to star system on ‘wings' of light, powered by the fuel of unconditional love. My consciousness collective of higher dimensional beings is comprised of entities from diverse star systems, which is why it is not effective to ask where we are "from." Instead, it is more accurate and descriptive to ask what our value system is, to which the answer is: unconditional love (as defined by an equal sharing of energy), personal sovereignty, and freedom for everyone (as opposed to freedom for oneself at the expense of others.) My individual purpose here is to completely saturate all consciousness and life with the Flying Rainbow Lasagne, or the vibratory energy pattern I invented coming into this dimension in 2001. This is an energetic "dance" pattern which both my non physical energy field and my DNA form, and as I "dance" like a Flying Rainbow Lasagne this pattern is emanated outward, affecting the vibration of all DNA. We (living beings on Earth) are all individuals, submerged within a sea of vibration, and, like musicians in a symphony, we mutually affect one another with the music that we emanate. The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is offered as a new option to humanity and to the planetary consciousness of Earth, and to each of you as an individual. It is your choice as to whether you adopt it as a part of your own energy field and use it to transform into a higher dimensional state of being! WEBSITE

Company & Product News

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biophotonsThe Biophotons mandala works on the energetic level to intensify and fortify the body's natural biophotonic field. In 1974, Fritz-Albert Popp discovered that the DNA of all living systems naturally absorb and emit photons (i.e., light). He also discovered that the intensity of this biophotonic field correlated with the health of the subject. In other words, healthy subjects had strong biophotonic fields, while subjects dealing with illness tended to have weak biophotonic fields. He found a similar correlation with agriculture. Food grown naturally in the wild had the strongest biophotonic field. Organically grown food was next in line for the strongest biophotonic field. And last, in terms of biophotonic strength, was commercially grown food. Biophotons have also been shown to be emitted from stimulated acupuncture points. This biophoton therapy signature is sourced directly from the quantum field and enhances the biophotonic field by reinforcing and intensifying it so that it does not dissipate and "leak" as much as it normally would. MORE INFO / ORDER

VibesUp Crystal Refrigerator Mats

This 8" X 11" mat is a natural preservative and EMF clearing food preservation technology. We brave a trip to the store to get food and wouldn't it be great if we could keep our product fresh almost TWICE as long. Plus keep our food at a HEALTHY VIBE? Our refrigerators are toxic energy boxes that hold our precious food. Emf meters show fridges to be one of the highest producers of electronic toxins PLUS subject our food to the chemicals used to keep our food cold. FREON, which is another non-beneficial toxin in our lives. The mats employ a "quartz energy source" which has been amplified to create rays of piezo energy by putting it under pressure. These energies are further enhanced with different essential oils used by Ancient Egyptians to preserve their foods. MORE INFO

Trinity Gem Elixir for the Month


Dendritic Agate
"Stone of Plenitude"


dendritic agateSpiritually: Opens and aligns the chakras enabling them to integrate higher consciousness. Brings abundance and fullness to all areas of life.

Emotionally: Encourages you to remain centered in times of strife or confusion. Mentally: Brings stability, perseverance.

Physically: Assists conditions caused by chakra imbalances. Helps treat skeletal disorders and aligns the skeleton to one's physical reality. Good for the nervous system. This crystal has a particularly strong connection with the plant kingdom, so helps improve gut flora

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