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The Brain of the Heart

heart There are numerous studies from both modern neuroscience and also from ancient wisdom from numerous cultures that the heart has its own intelligence. By order of amplitude, the heart's electromagnetic field is 60 times that of the brain. This creates the strongest rhythmic field created by any organ of the human body. Using magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) you can even see the heart's influence over the brain. Some scientists argue that the heart's influence over the brain is so strong, that even when we are not "thinking" with the intuitive wisdom of the heart, it still governs every process in our body, including neurohormonal secretions and even brainwave patterns. The heart is so important on our journey here on Earth in a physical body, that it is the very first organ that forms in a fetus. It starts beating with its own rhythm before the brain even begins to form. What's more, the heart is influenced by the geomagnetic fields and the high-density electromagnetic solar rays shooting from our sun, according to research from the HeartMath Institute.

Have you also noticed that when you "think" with the heart's wisdom, thought is often suspended? You don't have to think something through—you just know. You can make decisions, you recognize a long lost friend or lover even upon seeing them for only a few seconds. You understand that universal connection that goes beyond time and space. This is the intelligence of the heart.

To practice heart-based wisdom, you can practice a simple meditation. Sit in a quiet, comfortable place, and begin to take a few deep breaths. Allow your attention to rest momentarily on the "I" center or the navel. Observe the breath. Then, slowly, take your awareness up to your heart and imagine that you are breathing through the heart instead of through the lungs. Imagine your body being infused by a loving, warm, golden glow as though you've been sitting on a cool day in a patch of sun. Let this glow grow stronger in your heart center until it starts to expand to the outer edges of your skin.

Then allow the heart's warm light to move past your body and to fill the space immediately around you. Next, allow this heart-based consciousness to grow until it fills your home, your city, your state or province, your nation, and the entire world. You can even take this heart-based intelligence out to the farthest reaches of space. Then slowly bring all that love and awareness that has expanded out into the world, back into your own heart. Let it rest there, and feel the rhythm of your heart as it beats in your chest.

Express gratitude for the heart's intelligence. And when you are ready, slowly open your eyes. Tapping into this expansive heart-mind will then infuse everything you do for the rest of the day. Allow the heart to "speak" to you, and follow its guidance.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Not only are we intimately connected with each other through the heart, we are also intimately connected with the animal and plant kingdoms (whom we consume), as well as the meta-system of the planet herself. The entire system has a vibration, and by tuning into this frequency (The Schumann Resonance), a greater level of well-being and overall health can be achieved. Wear our Schumann Resonance Crystals over your heart to uplift your life force in this way.

Life in the Womb Becomes the Life You Are Living

womb Just as a seed contains the blueprint for the life of a plant, the creation story of a human has a profound influence on their life. According to the father of Transpersonal Psychology, Stanislav Grof you are probably more effected by your birth experience than you realize. Grof's perspective is supported by leading research in the field of pre and perinatal psychology.

According to modern research, the most potent imprint on our life occurs in the womb and during the first few years after we are born. The Basic Perinatal Matrices, as defined by Stanislav Grof, are divided into four distinct phases of childbirth, and these specific stages of a natural delivery have life-long influences on our emotional lives and experience of reality. Our emotional brains are developed long before our rational, language-brains, so many of these patterns have roots that go back to being in the womb, and our birth experience. As Grof identified these four primary stages he also began to notice archetypal correlations for each of the stages, and patterns of how they relate to our emotional lives.

The Amniotic Universe - is the phase of the fetus floating within the womb in a timeless state. Depending on the emotional and physical health of the mother, environment and diet, this can be a pleasant or unpleasant experience.

  • Positive experiences of this stage are associated with a sense of oneness, timelessness, mystery, transcendence, and samadhi.
  • Negative experiences of this stage are associated with a sense of ungroundedness and disengagement from life.
The Cosmic Oppression - the womb begins closing in, compressing us and pushing us towards the birth canal. Since we are no longer floating, this phase is the first time we begin to notice the motion of time along with the contrast between spaciousness and compression, the beginning of duality. Hormonal changes include a reduction of oxygen and the pressure of contractions against the closed cervix.
  • Positive experiences of this stage are associated with excitement about a new prospect or integration of new information or wisdom.
  • Negative experiences of this stage are associated with a sense of impending crisis, or fear or resistance to new developments in your life.
The Struggle Death-Rebirth - when we actually enter the birth canal. This increased stress or compression is associated with struggle and reaching for the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • A positive experience of this stage is the flowstate — being "in the zone" — where you are taking care of things as they come up almost automatically. You are engaged in your tasks at peak efficiency.
  • A negative experience of this stage is feeling squeezed or even crushed by life's circumstances, or being overwhelmed by competing in your life demands.
The Experience Death-Rebirth - our emergence from the birth canal into the world.
  • The baby exists the birth canal, the birth process completes, and life begins. This stage is associated with release, joy, ease, and most importantly, freedom.
Each of these phases literally represent our own personal creation story, so it is no surprise how deeply they can influence us for the duration of our lives.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: These pre-natal imprints can be so immersive, that they are difficult to perceive--like seeing the forest from the trees. Use our Deep Insight Meditation Elixir to reveal long-hidden patterns and biases that may be limiting your potential.

Ancient Hand Gestures Move Energy in the Body

mudra Each finger represents an element of nature and has a subtle energy-field. The thumb is symbolic of fire, index finger of air, middle finger of space; ring finger, of the earth, and little finger, of water. In Tantric anatomy, the thumb is associated with the solar plexus-chakra, index finger with heart-chakra, middle finger with throat-chakra, ring finger with root-chakra, and little finger with sacral chakra. By bringing the thumb in touch with one or more fingers, one can deepen one's connection with the elements represented by them, and invigorate prana. Prana is the universal life-force that manifests as breath in the human body. It has five categories to it: prana, apana, samana, udana and vyana. Each is associated with a hand gesture (mudra) that can regulate and energize its specific functioning.

Prana mudra - stands for vigour, self assertion and survival. It is performed by joining the tips of ring and little fingers with the tip of thumb while keeping the index and middle fingers straight. It impacts breathing, body temperature, heart-rate, sensory functions, thought, behavior and consciousness.

Apana mudra - symbolises patience, movement and flow. It regulates the downward-moving energy and eliminates toxins and waste products from the body. It is performed by bringing index finger to the base of thumb, joining ring and middle fingers with the tip of thumb, and keeping little finger straight. Alternately, middle and ring fingers are made to touch the tip of thumb while index and little fingers are kept straight. Due to its therapeutic effect on the heart and the colon, it is called Mrita-sanjivani mudra, the hand-gesture that gives life to the dead.

Samana mudra - is symbolic of balance, harmony, and understanding. It is performed by joining the tips of all fingers with the tip of thumb. As samana vayu pervades the alimentary tract, this mudra helps in the processes of ingestion, digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients by stoking jatharagni, gastric fire, and releasing natural acids and enzymes. It stabilizes tridosha, three fundamental body-substances —vata, pitta and kapha — in the body, and improves the functioning of liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and small intestine.

Udana mudra - symbolises creativity, imagination and communication. It regulates energy that ascends from the navel to the heart, throat and the head. It is performed by joining the tip of index, middle and ring fingers with the tip of thumb while keeping little finger straight. It supports the central and the peripheral nervous systems. It improves metabolism, speech and concentration, and is useful in the awakening of kundalini, coiled-up energy.

Vyana mudra - symbolic of circulation, transmission, and activity. It is performed by joining index and middle fingers with the tip of thumb while ring and little fingers remain straight. It ensures the proper circulation of blood and tones up the heart, lungs, skin, bones, veins, muscles and nerves.

To bring the energy systems of the body into harmonious balance, these mudras should be practiced daily while sitting with closed eyes, using both hands, for at least 20-25 minutes. One can perform a single mudra at one time, or build one's own sequence of mudras for practice, as per need.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Mudras such as these energetically connect key energy pathways throughout the body. Use our E-4 Foundation formula to establish a stronger energy flow between the upper and lower energy centers of the body. Take this formula before practicing these mudras for a potentized effect.

Health & Healing Hack of the Week

Hand Massage

hand massage This employs elements of acupressure and reflexology. Each area of the hand (and foot) correlates with all the organ systems of the body, so massaging these areas increases the energy and blood flow to all the body systems--and it's all right there in the palm of your hand. Another style of this practice is to begin a massaging motion with the index finger and thumb of the holding hand, sliding it along each finger. This is a great way to relieve stress and creates comforting feelings. In reflexology, one presses firmly with the opposing thumb into different areas of the palm. When a particularly tender area is found, focus in on that, applying steady pressure until the area releases. Often, you'll feel a knot under the tender spot. This is where the energy has gotten stuck and is not circulating. Keep massaging it until the knot releases. This can take anywhere from 30 seconds to several hours. In the case of a stubborn knot begin to notice any change in the knot, leave it and return later. You'll often find it has released on its own. (From 25 No Cost Health & Healing Hacks by Boyd Martin)

Quantum Healer of the Week

Emmanuel Dagher

Emmanuel Dagher Emmanuel Dagher has served as a transformation specialist and holistic healing facilitator for more than 15 years, guiding tens of thousands worldwide to transform their own lives at the molecular level by fully recognizing and instantly transcending the root causes of any physical, mental or emotional blocks and imbalances. A natural born healer and intuitive, Emmanuel recognized and honed his special skills and gifts while growing up in the war-torn Middle East, where he faced unfathomable challenge and hardship on a daily basis. It was this experience that inspired and empowered him to devote his life to elevating the consciousness of the planet by helping humanity awaken into remembrance of its divinity. With a background in psychology and certifications in multiple holistic and alternative healing therapies, Emmanuel's favorite method for facilitating healing and transformation is his renowned, proprietary The Core Work© Healing Experience. This modality targets every aspect of the mind-body-spirit connection, working in harmony with one's own intuitive and organic ability to heal the self and create quantum leaps of transformation, awareness, and wholeness on the spot. Emmanuel has spoken and presented at the United Nations, the World Congress on Illumination, multiple international consulates, and countless national and international summits and events that promote peace and healing. WEBSITE

Clean Sweep: Instant Relief from Negative Energies
clean sweep Clean Sweep was developed in the laboratory by a team of quantum physicists. They were researching a way to clear unwanted energies or frequencies from the lab in order to make testing more accurate. In the process of this research, they discovered a way to infuse ionized water so that when sprayed into the environment, it neutralized all forms of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and even deadly Gamma radiation. Later, in human trials, Clean Sweep showed the remarkable property of also neutralizing negative emotions and feelings in humans, and was able to reduce stress response not only in humans, but also in animals and even plants. The effect of Clean Sweep is immediate, as it swiftly calms the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems. Great for contentious business meetings, family get togethers, upset infants, stressed out pets, and even house or garden plants that have been shocked. Clean Sweep is also extremely effective in clearing energies from doctors' offices, yoga studios, healer treatment rooms, car rentals, hotel rooms and aircraft. Clean Sweep is also an excellent self-treatment aid that creates a "bubble" of zero-negative space, making it much easier to meditate or concentrate on a task. The effect lasts approximately 3-6 hours, and with a few spritzes into the corners of a room, the space is cleared. Check out the Clean Sweep testimonials, and give Clean Sweep a try! Clean Sweep is available in three sizes and a concentrate, with case prices available. MORE INFO / ORDER

Meditation Technology from IAwake
iAwake iAwake's unique approaches to session design entrain both our nervous and our subtle energy systems, by combining traditional entrainment methods with newer applications based on the power of resonance. In addition to increasing intelligence, creativity, flow, and skillfulness in practically any activity that requires the human body-mind, with iAwake Technologies, we enter into deep healing brainwave states almost immediately while listening to these audio tracks. We are living in the golden age of understanding the human brain: neuroscience has learned more about the human brain in the last few years than in the previous 5,000. We now understand that the brain is an incredibly evolutionary and dynamic living system that is truly the most complex and wondrous organism in the known universe. We have discovered that the brain is capable of growth and transformation throughout our lives and has the capacity to keep functioning at ever-higher levels. Download free meditation tracks here!

Gem Elixir for the Month

"Stone of Spiritual Enlightenment"


Spiritually: Helps with angelic connection, and opening the crown and higher crown chakras, connecting to guides and higher forces.

Emotionally: Promotes living from the heart, opening to love.

Mentally: Calms the mind, removing extraneous thoughts.

Physically: Works best at a subtle level. Very helpful for those with sensitivities of all kinds. Good for muscle tension in the neck, and circulation of both chi and the blood.

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