Meditation Elixir - Deep Insight (1 oz.)

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A highly complex elixir, combining the energy patterns of several monatomic elements, powerful gemstones, and the energy of the color ranges of indigo, violet and magenta. The Deep Insight elixir is further enhanced with a special meditation energy created specifically for this elixir. The main goal of this elixir is to enhance one's ability to have insights on any question or matter of concern. Deep Insight resonates with the Crown Chakra, opening it to receive higher guidance, as well as bringing insight into the cause and source of problems and supporting the releasing and healing process. It can stimulate improvement in interpreting inner experiences and increase the efficiency of information reception, while helping to facilitate psychic awareness and intuitive development. The energies of the colors violet, indigo and magenta stimulate the brain to facilitate the meditation process. This powerful combination of energies provides a unique tool for meditators wishing to explore inner dimensions. Keep in mind that insights can come at any time of the day or night... be tuned in.




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