Quantum Health - May, 2021 - Issue 2

Is Energy Healing Right For You?

energy healing

Standard definitions of healing have something to do with restoring health, physical healing, treatments to address conditions or illness, etc. In contrast, energy healers take a more expansive view. Healing re-balances a person physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and energetically. In fact, many alternative practitioners adhere to the idea that the clients (patients) heal themselves and, ultimately, all healing is self-healing.

In addition, holistic practitioners help their clients address mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic issues. It's all healing. The term "holistic" could be taken in two ways. First, a holistic modality treats the whole person as compared to conventional medicine, which targets a particular condition or part of the body.

Second, "holistic" implies an essential element of synergy across one or more modalities. In other words, a holistic modality complements and can even reinforce other forms of healing, including but not limited to conventional medicine. Most forms of energy healing do both. Holistic energy healing can refer to a wide range of mind-body-spirit healing practices that focus on the body's life force and subtle energy systems. This includes chakras, meridians, and your aura — and how they relate to the human body, health, well-being, and spirituality. Common forms of holistic energy healing include acupuncture, Qi Gong, and Reiki.

Reasons for exploring holistic energy healing:

  • Your current treatments are not working, are too harsh, or are incomplete.
  • want to reduce your dependence on prescribed drugs.
  • You want to work on your whole self in an integrated way.
  • You have a sense that something is off, but neither you nor conventional medicine can determine what it is.
  • Your primary concern or an underlying cause of imbalance is confusion associated with your aspirations, meaning, and personal vision.
  • You want to develop a connection and communicate with your body, embodied experiences, and subtle energy. The more a person works with subtle messages, the louder and clearer the messages become.
  • You want to be more in tune with yourself or your higher self.
  • You desire to develop your spirituality.
You need not wait until nothing else works to learn more about energy healing. Holistic energy healing does no harm, combines well with, often reinforces other forms of healing, and can be added to any healing regimen.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Energy medicines, such as those in the Life Energy Pack, address whole systems, adding energy, balance and harmony to them. This is at the core of all energy healing modalities.

Are You Awakening?


awakeningSpiritual awakening is an awakening of a dimension of reality beyond the confines of the ego. The ego is our exclusive sense of self or "I". Awakening occurs when the ego somehow let's go so that a higher self or spirit can arise within. Spiritual awakening is the process of returning to the original self, but the experience of rising to a higher state of consciousness which is what makes us truly human.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening:

  • Life with Amplified Chaos. You start to feel disconnected or detached. Everything will start to feel overwhelming and confusing. All relationships will be challenged and people will start to disconnect from you. Your emotions will be high and sometimes you can feel physical illness.
  • Your relationships will begin to shift. Spiritual Awakenings are transformative, and the people in your life won't always be able to appreciate that. You will feel like your loved ones don't understand you anymore because you're changing. Be sure to ask your loved ones to respect what you're going through, reminding them that they do not have to resonate with you at this time.
  • You experience more synchronicities and vivid dreams: You will start to frequently experience synchronicities and deja vu moments. Your dreams will start to become more vivid and clear how they connect to your journey.
  • You become more intuitive and increase empathy. Your newly heightened intuition or new intuitive abilities starts showing up where it had been buried beneath the layers of your ego self. You start to feel more in tune with yourself and others around you. You begin to find your new tribe and want to be of service to others. You realize everyone is on their path.
  • Your senses are heightened and you may experience some physical symptoms at times. Sudden changes in your routines or habits. You may feel alone at times but feel more connected to the natural world.

QUANTUM HEALTH TIP: Use our Meditation Elixirs to help clarify and integrate the great changes that come with spiritual awakening.

Yes, Deep Voices Are Sexy


deep voiceA new study finds a deeper voice is associated with self-reported extraversion, dominance, and casual sex. It was the first study on the topic to objectively measure voice pitch. The authors suggest that hormones like testosterone might explain their findings.

We make snap decisions about other people based on information that we can gather quickly. One of the many ways that we do this is by making bold conclusions about other people's personalities based on their voices alone. Various studies demonstrate that people associate a deep voice with dominance, but those with higher pitched voices are perceived as nervous or neurotic. Popular culture seems to agree with and reinforce these stereotypes.

Are these perceptions accurate? Maybe. A new study by an international team of researchers with the goal of more accurately determining what our voices reveal about us has demonstrated that there is some connection between how we sound and who we think we are. Lead author Dr. Julia Stern of the University of Göttingen explained:

Even if we just hear someone's voice without any visual clues--for instance on the phone--we know pretty soon whether we're talking to a man, a woman, a child, or an older person. We can pick up on whether the person sounds interested, friendly, sad, nervous, or whether they have an attractive voice. We also start to make assumptions about trust and dominance. The first step was to investigate whether voices are, indeed, related to people's personality.
The study included data from 2,000 people from four countries involved in eleven previous independent studies focused on other questions. Each of these studies involved some kind of self-reporting of personality traits and vocal recordings. The recordings were analyzed with software that determined the frequencies of the participants' speaking voices. The study is the largest ever conducted on the topic and the first to use an objective measure of pitch rather than subjective rankings such as "high pitched" or "deep." Each participant's vocal pitch was then compared to the self-reported personality data they provided.

The findings associated self-reported levels of dominant tendencies, extroversion, and increased interest in and acceptance of sociosexuality (casual sex or sex outside of a relationship) with a lower pitched voice. This was true for men and women of any age. The findings were in line with the previous, less robust studies on the subject.

Additionally, there are plenty of examples of people for whom the voice-personality link doesn't apply. For example, Teddy Roosevelt, an extremely extroverted, dominating man, had a fairly high pitched voice.

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Health & Healing Hack of the Week

Jumper Cabling

jumper cablingA standard practice in Jin Shin Jiyutsu, involves simply holding one finger with the other hand. Each finger is an energetic equivalent to the major organ systems. The key is to hold each finger until a pulse is felt both in the finger and the hand holding it. Sometimes, this may be immediate, and at other times it may take upwards of 20 minutes to detect a pulse. The pulse response verifies that the energy meridians are connected and energy is flowing. You can also hold the fingernail of each finger under the pad of the thumb. A pulse will be detected in that way as well. This hack is an easy and effective way to stabilize energy flows throughout the body. -- From 25 No Cost Health & Healing Hacks by Boyd Martin)

Quantum Healer of the Week

Kate Alexandra

Kate Alexandra"Primarily there is a Oneness field of Unconditional love, that I Hold, Create and Am. This is the unified field of frequency which I serve my offerings within. I am a Channel of Cosmic-Consciousness, an Activation Portal and Gatekeeper to what some perceive as miracles, but what I know as the base-frequency of this Universe. I myself am here as a Bridge, helping other Starseeds and Lightworkers Bridge, integrate and emody their multi-dimensional Soul Aspects. After years of quiet cultivation and channelling, I completed birthing the formula for a new regression technique: QBHD (Quantum Bridging by Holographic Design). QBHD is based upon the ethos of expanding the consciousness and bridging the Soul's multidimensional aspects. What we may call Divine Embodiment. As of early 2021 I am stepping out publicly and sharing this gift now, after being told it is time. As an embodied Channel, it allows me to connect to the Higher Self of my clients during my sessions to guide them to a place of deep Self-Transformation. I work as a Portal, holding a field of energy to recalibrate their energy body to a state of balance, bringing long-term healing and shifts, whether emotional, physical or spiritual. I work primarily with Starseeds who are here to activate their birthright superpowers and anchor the light of truth, and ultimately lead the New Earth into a restored state of Purity and Innocence." WEBSITE

Company & Product News

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  • E-2 - The Digestive and Circulatory System (including ALL major organs)
  • E-4 - The Immune System
  • E-3 - A cream form of E-1, along with MSM and other pain relieving energies.
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biophotonsThe Biophotons mandala works on the energetic level to intensify and fortify the body's natural biophotonic field. In 1974, Fritz-Albert Popp discovered that the DNA of all living systems naturally absorb and emit photons (i.e., light). He also discovered that the intensity of this biophotonic field correlated with the health of the subject. In other words, healthy subjects had strong biophotonic fields, while subjects dealing with illness tended to have weak biophotonic fields. He found a similar correlation with agriculture. Food grown naturally in the wild had the strongest biophotonic field. Organically grown food was next in line for the strongest biophotonic field. And last, in terms of biophotonic strength, was commercially grown food. Biophotons have also been shown to be emitted from stimulated acupuncture points. This biophoton therapy signature is sourced directly from the quantum field and enhances the biophotonic field by reinforcing and intensifying it so that it does not dissipate and "leak" as much as it normally would. MORE INFO / ORDER

VibesUp Vibrational Chakra Bracelet

chakra braceletEach chakra stone is infused with VibesUP's liquid crystal formula containing the essential oils vibrationally tuned to be balancing and harmonizing to each specific chakra. This unique bracelet will also raise the Healthy Vibration of food & beverages as well as raise your Vibration while you wear it. Muscle test to see it working.

SUCCESSES: "As a Reiki practitioner, every time I touch this bracelet I can feel how strong the positive energy is!! I gave it to my partner and she says it's really helped with her self-awareness, and emotional processing, and setting boundaries :)" -- Kayla F. "I bought this for my fiance. Immediately the change in his energy was felt and calm swept over him like a wave. He hasn't taken it off since. Thank you so much for helping us find balance! I will continue to buy items from this site! Again, THANK YOU!" -- Amy R. MORE INFO

Trinity Gem Elixir for the Month


Rutilated Quartz
"Stone of Integration"


rutilated quartzSpiritually: Integrates energy at every level, illuminating soul lessons and promoting spiritual growth. Cleanses and energizes the aura. Breaks down barriers to spiritual progress.

Emotionally: Reaches the root of problems and facilitates a change of direction. Acts as an anti-depressant relieves fears, phobias, and anxiety. Promotes forgiveness.

Mentally: Stabilizes the mind. Draws out negativity.

Physically: Helps stimulate tissue regeneration in the entire body. May assist radiation and mercury related problems. Is helpful for chronic conditions, immune problems, impotence and infertility. ORDER HERE

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