Water Alive (1 oz.)

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We all recognize how important our connection to water is. Current scientific models of water have explained it’s many unique qualities. It has a quantum-cluster-electromagnetic-informational structure, which allows water to perceive, memorize, transform, and release information between and/or inside biological and non-biological systems.

Many different research studies have demonstrated that magnetically treated water altered its physical properties and that this was due to “changed dimensions of water clusters” that led to an increase in conductivity, pH, dielectric constant and in vaporization enthalpy, but a decrease in density and surface tension. According to Dr. G. Pollack, structured water is the 4th phase of water beyond liquid, solid and vapor.

This kind of structured water is naturally formed and can be found in mountain springs, glacier melts, water falls or water from unpolluted sources. It is also found inside the cells of fruits and vegetables. It has less viscosity and surface tension resulting in better penetration of cell walls and causing enhancement of hydration and bio-availability.

ETI has collected energy patterns of the world’s best waterfalls and created a new formula called “Water Alive.

Dosage: Add 8 drops of our formula into your drinking water (up to 32 oz.) and transform “dead” water into living water and therefor positively impact your health, your higher consciousness and your connection with the Universe.

Structured Water Experiments [PDF]