Trinity Meditation Elixir Full Set (6 Formulas)

Trinity Meditation Elixir Full Set (6 Formulas)

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From Energy Tools®

We are pleased to present a new line of subtle energy elixirs for stimulating inner development, achieving higher consciousness, clarifying and manifesting your highest intentions...

The Subtle Energy Gateway

Subtle energy works like the body's "software" to govern all functions of the mind and body. Vital Force subtle energy products are encoded with information your mind and body can use for higher development, for healing and for functioning at their optimum levels. Vital Force subtle energy products help you to use the "intent" of your mind to direct subtle energy where it is most needed.

Quantum Physics meet Metaphysics
Dr. Yury Kronn, radiophysicist and inventor of Vital Force Technology spent 20 years researching the nature and properties of subtle energy looking for practical applications for everyday use. Subtle energy has been recognized for millennia in the philosophy and practice of Traditional Oriental Medicine. With his Vital Force Technology, Dr. Yury Kronn has found a way to harness subtle energy the way conventional science and technology harnesses electromagnetic energy. Vital Force Technology can generate specific targeted subtle energy patterns that help you access inner dimensions, develop your Third Eye and harness the power of your intentions.