Trinity Gem Elixir - Rhodocrosite (1 oz.)

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"Stone of Selfless Love and Compassion"

Spiritually: Expands consciousness. Instills second-sight, and activates channeling abilities. Strenthens sacral chakra.

Emotionally: Promotes truthfulness, improves self-worth and soothes emotional stress. Excellent for healing sexual abuse. Brings repressed memories to the surface. Encourages spontaneous self-expression an insists that you face the truth about yourself and other people.

Mentally: Mentally enlivening.

Physically: Helps purify the circulatory system, and helps normalize blood pressure. Helps relieve migraines, asthma and respiratory problems, as well as reproductive system problems. Helps improve the skin and balances the thyroid.

Keywords: Stimulant, Humanitarian, Altruistic, Altruism, Psychic, Channel, Truth, Self-Esteem, Memory, Circulation, Pulmonary, Metabolism, Small-minded, Clairvoyance, Heart, Healing, Comfort, Harmony, Friendship, Kindness, Tolerance, Compassion, Self-love, passion, heart, depression, positive, cheerful, self-worth, soothing, stress, creativity, innovation, dreams, heartbeat, blood pressure, circulation, kidneys, reproductive organs, testes, prostate, uterus, vagina, penis, migraines, skin disorders, thyroid, intestinal, purifies, circulatory system, blood, eyesight, eyes, myopia, floaters, sacral chakra



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gem elixir for amazing experiences.



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