Trinity Gem Elixir - Quartz Lepidocrocite (1 oz.)

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"Stone of Releasing"

Spiritually: Stimulates the pineal gland. Helps release past life information. Aligns the subtle bodies. Activates the crown chakra and the seat of consciousness associated with the kidneys.

Emotionally: Releases anger and hidden fears in order to allow the soul to expand to higher dimensions.

Mentally: Clears the mind.

Physically: Assists with tissue regeneration, and helps reverse aging of the endocrine system.

Keywords: Past Lives, Angry, Temper, Ill-Tempered, Rage, Clearing, Anti-aging, Repair, Fearful, Courage, Anger, Transitions, Awareness, Emotional Balance, Meditation, Prayer, Goodness, release, patterns, change, emotional healing, soothing,  stress, depression, negativity, highest good,  throat, heart, third eye, intellect, crown chakra, cosmic awareness, astral travel, Akashic Record, future, past lives, dependency, addictions, complaints, anorexia, independence, self love, trust, objectivity, communication, priorities, business, EMF, immune system, nervous system, DNA, exhaustion, stress, tension, allergies, epilepsy, Alzheimers, sciatica, neuralgia, joints, mood swings,  menopause, PMS, computer stress, brain fog, bipolar disorder


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