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Trinity Gem Elixir - Opal (1 oz.)

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(Jelly, Fire, Golden, Boulder, Pink, White Lavender and Dark Opals)

"Stone of Happy Dreams and Changes"

Spiritually: Enhances cosmic consciousness and stimulates mystical experiences. It enhances meditation and aligns the etheric, mental and emotional bodies. Stimulates intuition and creativity.

Emotionally: Amplifies and brings things to the surface for transformation. Associated with love and passion it intensifies emotional states and releases inhibitions. Enhances self-worth and helps you to understand your full potential.

Mentally: Brings lightness and spontaneity and encourages an interest in the arts. Strengthens memory.

Physically: Strengthens the will to live. May help Parkinson's disease, and infections; may help purify the blood and kidneys, may regulate insulin, may ease childbirth, and PMS. May be beneficial to the eyes.

Keywords: Artistic, Artful, Esthetic, Transformative, Sexuality, Aphrodisiac, Sensual, Sensuality, Self-Esteem, Self-Actualize, Memories, Personal Will, Immunity, Immune, Pancreas, Labor Pains, Premenstrual Syndrome, Vision, Visual