Trinity Gem Elixir - Emerald (1 oz.)

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"Stone of Successful Love"

Spiritually: Stimulates gathering of wisdom. Opens and strengthens the heart chakra. Aligns the subtle bodies. Enhances psychic abilities and increases clairvoyance and empathy. 

Emotionally: Soothes fears and increases sensitivity. Stabilizes the personality. Imparts strength of character to overcome misfortunes. Brings domestic bliss and loyalty; enhances unconditional love and partnership.

Mentally: Increases mental clarity, strengthens memory, inspires deep inner knowing.

Physically:  Helps aid in recovery after infectious illness. Helps muscles, spine, heart and lungs, liver, and pancreas. Strengthens the heart to deal with the detoxification process. Adds energy to strengthen kidneys and liver to remove toxins from the body. Assists with the formation of hemoglobin and plasma.

Keywords: Foggy, Fogginess, Forgetfulness, Detox, Blood, Intuition, Intuitive, Resilience, Insensitive, Callous, Unsympathetic, Sympathetic, Empathy, Empathetic, Communion, Intimacy, Pre-sentience, Self-Knowledge, Love, Romance, Joy, Cleansing, Intuition, Clairvoyance, Faith, Serenity, Intelligence, Clear vision, Truth, Memory, Communication, loyalty, unconditional love, unity, friendship, unfaithfulness, heart chakra, emotional healing, heart, equilibrium, harmony, Focus, intention, consciousness, positive, negativity, enjoyment, psychic,  clairvoyance, mental capacity, awareness, reason, wisdom, memory, clarity,  discernment, lungs, spine, muscles, recovery, sinuses, eyes, vision, detox, liver, diabetes, rheumatism, blood


This Emerald Elixir is highly interactive with the Vital Force Healing Love Crystal, creating a strong field of nurturing and love.


Use the IAwake Technology with this
gem elixir for amazing experiences.



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