Trinity Gem Elixir - Aquamarine (1 oz.)

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"Stone of Courage"

Spiritually: Sharpens intuition, clairvoyance, and spiritual awareness and is good for meditation. It invokes high states of consciousness and spiritual awareness and encourages service to humanity.

Emotionally: Soothes fears and increases sensitivity, invokes tolerance and overcomes judgmental attitudes.

Mentally: Calms the mind, removing extraneous thoughts, clarifies perception, sharpens the intellect, and clears up confusion.

Physically: Helps calm overreactions of the immune system, and harmonize the pituitary and thyroid. Strengthens the body's cleansing organs and aids the eyes, jaw, teeth and stomach. Assists the autoimmune conditions such as hay fever and other allergies.

NOTES FROM DIANE CANFIELD:  Aquamarine is known as a calming crystal. It has the ability to calm the mind and the spirit.  It is able to repel dark energies and attract light energies.  f you are a sensitive person, using Aquamarine is great because it can help to endure other people or situations you find difficult. Using Aquamarine in a discussion with others who don’t take responsibility for their actions would be suggested. It can make the user feel more connected to their truth.  It can calm fears and heighten intuition.  The healing properties of Aquamarine are that its good for anything in the throat reigon--thyroid, glands and neck problems. It can also be beneficial in the healing of teeth, jaw and eyes.  

Keywords: Hyper, Balance, Confusion, Humanitarian, Self-Centered, Bronchitis, Inflammation, Focus, Unfocussed, Skin Problems, Psoriasis, Eczema, Hives, Clarity, Calming, TMJ, Temporomandibular joints, Racing Mind, Focus, Concentration, Cleansing, Meditation, Serenity, Peace, Prophecy, Inspiration, Tranquility,  power, strength, Soothing,  Safety, courage, stress, sensitivity, tolerance,  judgmental,  overwhelm, responsibility, clarity, perception, intellect, confusion, closure. self-expression, fears,  intuition, clairvoyance, alignment, protective, sore throats, swollen glands, thyroid, hormones, growth, immune system, overreactions, hay fever, allergies, short-sightedness, myopia


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