Tattvas Essential Oil - Kaffir Lime Leaf

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Tattvas Essential Oil - Kaffir Lime Leaf

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Gifts: helps one become technique-oriented, and delight in the details of working towards practical ends; gives rise to the energy of the specialist, which allows one to gain order and transform his or her environment through the formulating of findings in a technical manner; allows one to determine which tool would be best utilized in a certain environment.

Balancing: allows one to take information/data and create a repeatable process; aids in understanding the environment of self.

The combination of air and fire gives rise to the energy of Beneficial Combinations. Air and fire support each other: fire needs air to survive and thrive and air enjoys giving of itself to support fire's dance. This dynamic promotes the energy of positive exchange--joyful giving and receiving. This is the energy of mutual support. This combination encourages the release of any energetic exchange that is not wholesome and mutually supportive. Consequently, this supports exchanges of self in group dynamics that facilitate personal growth as well as the growth of others.

As a Feng Shui consultant, I'm always encouraging my clients to continually clear their environments (home, business, office, car) and themselves of negative and stagnant energies. The Tattvas Kaffir Lime Leaf is absolutely fabulous. I love using it for Clearing and Blessing Ceremonies (it's a traditional herb in Malayasian Feng Shui) along with other Chinese and Tibetan herbs. It also supports my daily energy levels and I liberally spray it on myself whether driving or sitting at the computer or immersed in my nightly bath. I recommend it all the time--such a high-quality oil and you can sense the yi or intention with which it as made. Thank you so very much! -- Gwynne Warner, 10K Blessings Feng Shui

I was guided to your site by a new Medium that I am seeing. My guides highly recommended your Kaffir Lime leaf essential oil for clearing from my work at the hospital as a nurse in the open heart surgery ward. -- Joanie, Del Mar CA


Use Kaffir Lime Leaf to freshen and energize your wash!  Here is how to do it from creator, Candice Covington:

One of the most effective ways to remove the energetic debris of your day and keep your wardrobe looking snazzy is to add a little Kaffir to your washing machine. Just add 5 drops of Kaffir Lime essential oil to your washing machine tub when 1/2 full after adding detergent. To feel the energetic difference.

If you want to impart a bit more fragrance - you can place 3 drops of Kaffir Lime on a clean wash cloth and add to the dry cycle.


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