Peak Performance (1 OZ)

Peak Performance (1 OZ)

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Description: Peak Performance formula enhances mechanisms providing neurophysiological and energetic resources to the brain and body. Creates more efficient regulation of the body’s energy production and its adaptive response, both within the brain and throughout the body. This formula can be used as a restorative tonic in cases of overall weakness and lack of vitality, as well as before and/or after sports activities. (1 OZ.)

Ingredients: Vital Force products use concentrated liquid ionic trace minerals in distilled water as the carrier substrate for the energetic formulations. The ionic minerals and 85 trace minerals are pure, naturally occurring, full-spectrum, and kosher. They are carefully harvested from Utah's Great Salt Lake, solar-concentrated and produced according to the highest standards. Structured with specific VFT energy pattern.

Dosage: Dilute 15-20 drops of this formula in 2-4 oz. of water. Drink 1-2 times per day or when it is necessary. It is an active energy pattern; do not drink it later than 3-4 hours before bedtime.


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