Healthy Mouth (1 OZ)

Healthy Mouth (1 OZ)

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Description: This formula helps soothe and relieve gum inflammation and soreness, decreases gum sensitivity, and might prevent plaque formation. It also can be effective for dental issues of all kinds including chronic conditions. (1 OZ.)

Ingredients: Vital Force products use concentrated liquid ionic trace minerals in distilled water as the carrier substrate for the energetic formulations. The ionic minerals and 85 trace minerals are pure, naturally occurring, full-spectrum, and kosher. They are carefully harvested from Utah's Great Salt Lake, solar-concentrated and produced according to the highest standards. Structured with specific VFT energy pattern.

From Dr. Davis:  "A couple of other things that I'm always checking in the mouth where you may have hidden chronic infections, noting the ones that have root canals and caps and many different things, and what I've found very nice is the Healthy Mouth remedy for them as an oral agent for kind of stimulating and repairing that energy has taken an awful lot of pressure off six or seven patients just of recent. I find that that particular remedy is very powerful." -- Dr. Dan Davis, CA

Dosage: It can be used as a mouthwash in a small amount of water and can also be applied directly to areas of inflammation and infection in the mouth.


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