Circulatory Formula

Circulatory Formula

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Balance the Body’s Energy Flow

In the 21st century, many physicians would agree that the human body is a matrix of interacting multidimensional energy fields, and the energy movement between and inside these fields should be kept in balance to prevent illness or disease.

After several years of working on finding a formula that energetically supports the body’s circulatory system, we are happy to announce our new Circulatory formula.

How It Works and How to Use

This formula was created with the energetic intent to awaken human innate powers in assisting the body’s circulatory system by:

- Unblocking energetic impasses of the human spiritual, mental and emotional manifestations, thus promoting an uninterrupted energy flow through the body via special energetic channeling formulas, as well as Life Energy, anti-GABA, and Substance Harmony.

- Helping to suppress destructive forces that provoke vasoconstriction, vascular hypertrophy, fibrosis, and inflammation via Blood vessel support, magnesium formulas, as well as the energetic imprint of herbs such as hawthorn, turmeric, horse chestnut, bilberry, linden, ginger and lobelia.

- Supporting the body’s homeostatic relationship between the cardiovascular system and other body systems via ETI’s formulas Oxygen, Heart support, Longevity, and Kidney.

This formula can be helpful as a quick and effective recovery tool after intensive exercises or physical trauma. It helps your tense muscles to relax by releasing the energy that is keeping them tight.