Cardio Health Enzyme Pack

Cardio Health Enzyme Pack

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Digestive enzymes play a pivotal role in heart health.  From keeping the blood free of toxins, to providing complete digestion for enhanced nutrient absorption, enzymes are crucial to the proper functioning of the heart and the cardiovascular system as a whole.


This Cardio Health Enzyme pack includes:

DIGESTZYME (120 caps) - This formula completely breaks down food consumed to prevent undigested elements to make it into the blood stream potentially creating blockages and toxic environments.

PUREZYME (120 caps) - This powerful protease enzyme formula specifically breaks down proteins in the stomach, bowels and bloodstream, assisting with the elimination of waste--bacterial, viral and environmental toxins.

PLANTADOLPHILUS (90 caps) - A well-tolerated plant-based probiotic that ensures a good balance of intestinal flora of healthy organisms that assist in keeping the overall body systems in balance and working properly.


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 ARTICLE: Enzymes and Cardiovascular Health