Anti-5G EMF Cognac Amber Pendant Style C

Anti-5G EMF Cognac Amber Pendant Style C

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5G EMF Protection Cognac Amber Pendant in Sterling Silver Setting infused via VFT

Recent studies have shown that energetic pollution from electromagnetic frequencies may have a cumulative, negative effect both in general terms and in particular situations such as with the use of cell phones and other personal electronic devices.

These amber stones, infused with VFT’s 5G EMF Compensation energy pattern, protect you by helping the body to compensate and regulate the effects to the brain and body by EMF signals from cell phones, computers, microwaves and other electrical appliances.

These jewelry pieces not only improve your body’s ability to overcome the negative effects of environmental energetic pollution, but help with mental concentration, and heighten your feelings of security and confidence as well.

Not only are these ambers beautiful; but anyone can have their own source of 5G EMF protection and restore their strength, harmony and energetic balance.


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