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Beautiful Swarovski Crystals Charged with Subtle Energy!

Schumann resonances (SR) are a natural phenomenon that existed on the Earth long before the first humans appeared. Due to naturally occurring electromagnetic activity, such as lightning, volcano eruptions, etc., standing electromagnetic waves of SR are formed inside the spherical gap between the surface of the Earth and the ionosphere.

Since SR frequencies correspond to the main wavelengths of human brainwaves, many authors feel certain this ever-present natural phenomenon plays an important role in human well-being and growth.

While the specific mechanism of such a low-frequency of electromagnetic vibration’s influence on the human psycho-physiology has not yet been identified, there is another SR- connected phenomenon that might resolve this enigma. The ionosphere consists of ionized air molecules and electrons, which form a plasma. When this plasma vibrates with the electromagnetic waves of the Schumann frequencies, it creates a subtle energy flow that penetrates everything on Earth. As frontier research shows, this subtle energy affects the human body on all levels-physiological, psychological and mental (see Life Force: The Scientific Basis, by Claude Swanson, Ph.D.)

It has been suggested that during the last 100 years, due to the exponential growth of electromagnetic devices around the world, Earth’s natural cycle of “breathing” subtle energy has been increasingly distorted by the different technologically created frequencies.

Vital Force Technology and Schuman Resonance

Our unique Vital Force Technology (VFT) has allowed us to overcome this distortion and thereby helps you to recover your strength, harmony and energetic balance from the effects of energetically polluted environments.

By using low-temperature plasma, VFT allows us to create the Schumann resonance pattern and record its correct subtle energy profile. This pattern can be infused into any substance, including crystals. Wearing these crystals, anyone can have their own source of the Schumann resonance energies and restore their bond with the Earth.

Vitality:  Energize your life!

Due to infused Schumann resonance subtle energy pattern, this crystal enhances awareness, boosts confidence and develops inner strength, helping one to become a more powerful and energetic individual. Users report they’re surrounded by a natural sense of magnetism and positive energy.

Italian Silver Chain available

Large: 1 1/8" / Small:  7/8"  (Gift box included)


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