Trinity Gem Elixir - Opal (1 oz.)

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(Jelly, Fire, Golden, Boulder, Pink, White Lavender and Dark Opals)

"Stone of Happy Dreams and Changes"

Spiritually: Enhances cosmic consciousness and stimulates mystical experiences. It enhances meditation and aligns the etheric, mental and emotional bodies. Stimulates intuition and creativity.

Emotionally: Amplifies and brings things to the surface for transformation. Associated with love and passion it intensifies emotional states and releases inhibitions. Enhances self-worth and helps you to understand your full potential.

Mentally: Brings lightness and spontaneity and encourages an interest in the arts. Strengthens memory.

Physically: Strengthens the will to live. May help Parkinson's disease, and infections; may help purify the blood and kidneys, may regulate insulin, may ease childbirth, and PMS. May be beneficial to the eyes.

Keywords: Artistic, Artful, Esthetic, Transformative, Sexuality, Aphrodisiac, Sensual, Sensuality, Self-Esteem, Self-Actualize, Memories, Personal Will, Immunity, Immune, Pancreas, Labor Pains, Premenstrual Syndrome, Vision, Visual, mystical, cosmic, infection, fever, liver, blood, kidneys, insulin, PMS, menstrual


The VibesUp Gem Elixir and Essential Oil Diffuser. 
Vibes Up Oil / Elixir Diffuser
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Use the IAwake Technology with this
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Beautiful Gem Trees from Vibes Up
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