BalanceZyme Plus from Transformation Enzymes (90 caps)

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BalanceZyme Plus aids in the proper digestion of fats, lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels, reduces appetite, and controls constipation. FORMULATED FOR PEOPLE SERIOUS ABOUT A WEIGHT-BALANCING PROGRAM!

Indications (Uses):
• Weight management • Appetite control • Lowering cholesterol • Lowering triglycerides • Easing constipation

This formulation is a completely natural source of support for the endocrine and digestive system. Ingredients are balanced with enzymes for their effective delivery and utilization.

Component Benefits (90 caps):

Rose Hips contains from ten to one hundred times more vitamin C than any other food, which is used by the body to fight bacterial infections and reduces the effects of some allergyproducing substances. Rose hip also contains vitamins A, E, B1, B2, K, Niacin, and the minerals calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

The amount of lipase enzyme in this formula is one of the highest that is used in enzyme therapy. Lipase has the ability to assist the body by breaking down fat, controlling cholesterol, and balancing fatty acids. Protease assists protein digestion and, when combined with lipase, creates support for the liver and the pancreas. The high dosage of protease will also fortify the blood and serve as a natural diuretic. Amylase assists in the digestion of starches and carbohydrates and, when combined with the other enzymes, supports the organs. Amylase even serves as a glucose balancer. Cellulase assists the Plantain herb with cholesterol control, constipation relief, and appetite suppression. This formulation provides the correct amounts of enzymes to do all the work above and also to deliver the herbs and nutrients that are in the product.

Garcinia Cambogia is an extract of the dried rind of an Asian fruit. The fruit’s active ingredient is hydroxycirate (HCA), which is known to suppress the appetite and to actually inhibit the manufacturing of new body fat from dietary carbohydrates. Instead of encouraging the production of glycogen, the stored form of carbohydrate fuel can be converted for use by the muscles and by the brain. One benefit of HCA is that it appears to preserve lean tissue while fat loss is occurring. Garcinia cambogia is in this product along with the above mentioned enzymes in order to help control the appetite and assist with cholesterol and triglyceride control without diminishing energy production.

Chromium Picolinate and Chromium Polynicotinate are known to prevent inappropriate hunger by sensitizing brain glucoreceptors to insulin. The insulin will then promote serotonin. It has been proven that this insulin stimulates protein synthesis and inhibits protein degradation both in skeletal muscle and in other body tissues.

Plantain assists the body in weight loss through its appetitesatisfying effect and through the reduced absorption of lipids. Plantain is used for soothing gastrointestinal and urinary tract problems that many people feel while dieting or otherwise adjusting food intake.

Bladderwrack is a natural iodine for the thyroid and, when delivered by enzymes, offers a healthy supply of nutrients and oxygen. Bladderwrack is known for its ability to bind acids and bile salts, fortifying and adding stamina to the bladder.

Nettle has been used medically for its anti-inflammatory effect, its ability to balance blood sugar, and its diuretic capability. Prickly Ash is known for its support of the glands, repair of tissues, and relief from colic, ulcers, and gastrointestinal distress. Prickly Ash is also known for its ability to fortify the nervous system.

Fenugreek has been used as a digestive aid and to fortify liver and pancreas function. It is also high in amino acids, supports the glands, and reduces blood glucose and plasma cholesterol levels in diabetics.

Dairy Free - Lactose Free - Peanut Free - Soy Free - Sugar Free - Wheat Free