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Divine Archetypes - Pure - Anti-Bacterial Mist

Divine Archetypes - Pure - Anti-Bacterial Mist

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One essential oil can have anywhere from 200-800 chemical constituents. It is nearly impossible for a virus to mutate and adapt to that many chemical constituents.


Antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial. Pure creates energetic purification, and inspires clarity. Pure supports transitions and emotional balance.


Proprietary blend of essential oils. Gemstone vibrational essences of diamond, snow quartz, purified water, and natural alcohol.


Shake well before use. Mist self and environment, soft and hard surfaces, clothing, yoga mats, or anything requiring purification.


"Today..I delicately sprayed this all over my deliciously cleared all the negative energies and uplifted my home in the most magical ways" - Kelie

"I ordered Pure because we just got a new house and I needed the clearing help. Everyone needs these!". - Emily, Seattle, WA



Vibes Up Travel Smudge Kit
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Use IAwake Meditation Technologies with this purifying mist
for an amazing experience.