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Referencing the book by C.S. Lewis who visited the Garden of Eden on Venus, this particular Perelandra is right here on planet Earth! Led by the talented intuitive and sensitive, Machaelle Small Wright, the Perelandra project's stated purpose is to make the energy of Nature itself a conscious partner to human activities.

Machaelle says, "Well, here's an interesting idea: How about allowing nature--the intelligence inherent in that nature--to join us in equal partnership to give us the input we need to make new decisions and live in new ways that have a strong, positive impact on our lives and our health as well as the planet?"

How she does this is simply astoundingly profound. I have finally taken the plunge after having heard of Wright's work several years ago. It was, in fact, Beatrex Quntanna's mention of the Perelandra Medical Assistance Program that reminded me to follow up on one of those back-burner intentions I've had. Wow, am I glad I did!

There are two overall parts to the Perelandra Universe: the M.A.P. (Medical Assistance Program), and the soil-less gardens (i.e., business, home, special projects, the creative arts--all "gardens" that do not grow in soil). In both realms, there are specific procedures for consciously calling in Nature itself where you become a one-on-one partner with these energies.

I started with the M.A.P. program which calls upon the forces that actually built your body to please align, repair and harmonize it. What better situation to have than the thing that made your body in the first place--and knows everything about it--as a partner to heal it.

During the sessions, which are done by yourself, alone, I was astounded at the level of communication, the deep embrace of Nature, and the changes I immediately felt going on. To me, Wright's Perelandra work is some of the most significant ecological and humanitarian on the planet, bar none.

Vibrant Living Tip: PLEASE, check the the Perelandra website, at least order the M.A.P. book. There's a ton of stuff offered, so start small so you can really wrap your head around this amazing information.

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