This Quantum Life #91 - The Complications of Being

The Complications of Being


CypherI had to chuckle to myself today when I realized I use the movie, "The Matrix", much like other people use the Bible, or Koran or the Baghavad Gita--coming back to it again and again to test out a spiritual truth, or find some synchronicity with a current or past experience.

I did that quite a bit this last week, and it revolved around that scene in the movie where the character, Cypher, meets with the A.I., Mr. Smith, and brokers a deal to go back into the pod and get a steak dinner in exchange for some sabotage aboard Morpheus' ship. He was just tired and fed up with the stark reality outside the Matrix, and wanted something more than constant fleeing from the ever-present A.I. robots and the daily gruel that passed for food.

We've all been there, especially during times when life just seems difficult and unrewarding. It's all a part of the "greener pastures" syndrome, and can actually be a significant spiritual crisis, because this disconnect from what we think we want and who we actually are being seems to bifurcate, or cleave in two, our experience of life. On the one hand there are present, in-yo-face circumstances; and on the other, there is how we "wish" things were.

And it is at this proverbial "fork in the road", where we choose to either suffer, or do something about it. The complications arise with the doing--not so much about the physical logistics, but much more about how or what we are being.

It is through this lens of who, what, and how we are being that causes our responses to what we are perceiving as our life. By choosing the high road, we see everything as an advantage, or as leading up to something grand and fulfilling. By choosing the low road, everything becomes suffering and drudgery. The universe is happy to provide us with either, and does so based on this being of ours.

But hold up--it's not that simple, of course. As points of consciousness, we exist in many different realms. There's the realm of the body, the ego and its imagination, the sub-conscious, all the parallel lives past, present and future, and finally, as a single, eternal point of consciousness outside of time and space. It's no wonder that neurological research has concluded that our brains operate in as many as 11 mathematical dimensions. We need all that just to place ourselves with a body at a particular moment in time.

Research in the field of epigenetics has discovered that the cells of our body "pick up", or receive the broadcast of who we are, where we are a built-in quality of physical reality. When the broadcast is fully received we call it "incarnation", and begin, once again, a physical, third-dimensional existence.

So, this begs the question: Why do we do it? Although this is that age-old inquiry of "why are we here", with new research findings, there can be more of a complete answer--and a complex one at that.

The simple answer is, we are here to be, to experience, to add our particular quality to overall existence. As Alan Watts has said, "Doesn't it astound you that you can shine the sun never having been taught how to do it?" This is because we are, at the core, everything. Being outside time and space, we cannot be anything else.

choiceBasically, the only thing we "do" is make choices, and then experience the results of those choices. More complexity arises when we become aware of our motivations for our choices. Do we choose for something to happen just for us, and then focus our will in the belief that it will happen faster, a la Luciferianism with its "Do What Thou Wilt" paradigm; or do we choose to be something wonderful for the world--an expression of our divinity in service to Cosmic Will? Most choices fall somewhere in between, but the point is, it's all good and sanctioned. It has to be, because we are everything and have been for billions of years. If it were not a good thing, it wouldn't have lasted as long as it has!

So, the bottom line, I reckon, is to choose the highest and best of who we are, and enjoy the unfolding of it throughout life, rolling with the various illusions of up, down and sideways that makes life that amazing experience of being.

To your quantum health,

Boyd Martin


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