This Quantum Life #66 - Healers and the Inner Light


inner lightI got into a friendly debate this past week about what healers actually do when they are healing someone. My friend insisted that healers have the ability to "send energy" to others, and that energy from the healer is what causes healing in another. Although I'm sure this happens in some cases, my contention was that, if the energy sent by the healer was not recognized by the "healee", then the effect would be temporary, or non-existent. My friend said, "Well, how do you explain Reiki, or Qigong?"

I said, "These energies are recognizable as being a part of the subject's own energy field, so they have an effect. There can be no healing from an external source unless the individual being healed is accessing their own Reiki or Qigong energies. The healer merely acts as a resonant reminder." He nodded blankly, so I figured he either hadn't thought about it in this way, or disagreed. We just left it at that.

We all have access to our own inner light, that if acknowledged and directed, is the true source of any healing. From a non-dualistic perspective, if there is something to be healed, that requires a pre-existing means to heal it from the same agency noticing the need for healing. It's simply the dualistic nature of disease--the disease and the cure exist together, just as within every problem is the solution.

In Alice Bailey's classic manual, Esoteric Healing, she makes the point that unless the patient desires healing at a soul level, no matter what the healer does, it will have little or no effect. This is because no outside agency can "force" energy on another unless they accept or desire it, either consciously or unconsciously.

The only truly active principal in a healer's work is the ability to simply BE, and by BEING, the healer activates or stimulates the beingness of their client. That beingness is the healing inner light.

Because basically everything we perceive (and beyond) is energy, or different frequencies and/or densities of light, then by observing our own inner light, right there we have the means to heal any aspect of our lives. There are any number of ways to "shut off" or deflect our own inner light. Things do get stuck, go unconscious, get ignored, or we go into denial about them.

The most effective way to turn away from the light is to assign external causation. It is simple to be victimized by an assumed attack against us. The ego cries out in accusations, as feelings of hurt, rebellion, and revenge wash over us, darkening our light.

By simply allowing these attacks, or distortions, or incoming darkness--like clouds in the sky--they can then float by as we remain unaffected, shining in our own inner light.

In my case, what has tripped me up repeatedly is the sheer volume of unconscious, habitual, monkey-minded shenanigans incessantly poured out by my ego. There isn't a day (or hour) that goes by where I don't catch myself feeling deflated, attacked, frustrated or victimized by my own interpretations of what is going on around me. This is the sneaky ego busy at work, making sure it's the only thing in the universe that has a right to exist.

After years and years of buying into these ego shenanigans, the negative energies begin to be embodied and reflected in the physical body as ailments, discomforts, and dis-ease. From there it is easy to eventually become desperate to find something "out there" that will bring some modicum of relief. This leads to popping painkillers, herbs and elixirs in the futile hope of a pain-free body. Our attention gets fixated on "finding the cure" out there, and the instant gratification of relief, rather than simply sending in the light, brightly, persistently and consistently.

Not that I have anything against these nostrums--I sell them, fergawdsakes. What I do have against these things is using them to replace my own healing light. I have found over the years that these healers--plant, mineral, animal, extraterrestrial, spiritual, energetic, or human--can have no real or lasting effect on my pain and suffering without the parallel application of my own healing light. By using these nostrums with the light, you have two quantum points that will then collapse the wave of dis-ease over time.

A healer is only effective as their ability to stir or invoke the acknowledgement of inner light in their clients, and a remedy, elixir, herb or potion only works when the consumer of it can access the pre-existing light the remedies are designed to summon.

In the spirit of this article, try this short meditation:

  • Take a deep breath and clear the mind of chatter.
  • Move the attention to the heart area of the body.
  • Notice light emanating from this energy center.
  • Notice light shining out from all the organs and joints of the body.
  • Notice light dancing and circulating throughout the body.
  • Direct the light to any area of your life in need of repair.
Make the light your most intimate and dearest friend. After all, it is YOU, and just like you, is infinite and invincible.

To your quantum health,

Boyd Martin


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