This Quantum Life #54 - There Are No Setbacks


In a previous issue, I wrote about the observation that evolution is hard-wired into human DNA. Additionally, as spiritual, non-corporeal entities, we have waded into this swampy matrix in order to learn about our powers, test ourselves, and experience this planetary density in all its Technicolor ultra-high-definition glory.

After birthing ourselves into a body we then go about the intimate process of acculturation and are instructed in the rules for the "pursuit of happiness", only to discover at some point, for most of us, the undoing of that socialization seems to be the only way to pursue that elusive happiness.

At some point, we look back on our journey and inevitably wonder what it has all really been about. We question the value and validity of our experiences, and long for a place--or at least a headset--where there is ease, joy and the glory of being. It's almost as if that "place" is just not possible within this seemingly diametrically opposed world.

These concepts of "the pursuit of happiness" and that "joyful place" are precisely what are hard-wired into the DNA, and the resistances built in to the cultural matrix are the barriers we have agreed to make our own, in order to overcome them to get to our personal utopia.

What we come to realize is that every "problem", every difficulty, all the suffering and pain, is priming us for the pilgrimage to that glorious kingdom. Traps are everywhere and mercilessly convincing, adding more difficulty to the process. Religions capitalize on this DNA-born urge to "make it" to that higher life, imposing fake "laws" and "transgressions" so that we can only expect to arrive in the kingdom after dropping the body--pretty effective population control trap.

Everything we experience that "gets in the way" of our pursuit of happiness, is interpreted as a setback--a discouragement--that seems to move the horizon of our desires fulfilled further and further away.

The truth of the matter is that ALL of our experiences are teaching us how to find our personal road to utopian fulfillment. Of course, most of us give up at some point, settling for a faint version of the glorious vision that has been driving us forward. So, we "check out", waiting to die, maybe getting the chance to "try it again" in another life.

Instead, there is the "non-duality", quantum path. This is where we hold our vision of utopian fulfillment no matter what, and observe that all our experience is a reflection of what we have bought into that has prevented the having of it. By assuming the position of non-attachment towards these seeming barriers, we learn not only about our own points of view and attachments to negative feelings and situations, but we find that by allowing these negative experiences to float by and through us, we effectively neutralize the negativity and reveal the new, positive energies the negativity was obscuring.

Adversity then becomes advantage. Setbacks become opportunities to explore our own resistances--reclaim our power in the area, and fill the new-found space with joy, ease and vision.

This is a completely personal journey. Others' adversity has nothing to do with where we're going. Others' suffering and wailing is really none of our business--unless we discover a karmic or energetic bond. But the discovery of it begins to neutralize it, and beyond that bondage lies more energy from a vision lost.

So, to quote a vernacular truism: "It's all good, man." This is literally true, because the foundation of the very structure of the universe is love. Love is the Magic Carpet allowing us to ride the currents and waves of our own resistances to that glorious vision of fulfillment and joy that is ultimately inevitable.

To your quantum health,

Boyd Martin


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  • None of your efforts are ever wasted; even if you have not yet succeeded, your work remains an asset for the future. One day, all the efforts you have made will call to heaven to let them bear fruit and heaven will allow them to do so, for such is the law. Those who do not understand these matters will say ‘That person hasn’t done a thing and has received everything, while I have always worked hard and have nothing, I live in poverty’ and they are consumed by envy. The truth is that those who seem to be especially privileged have worked hard in the past. A genius such as Mozart, for instance, showed exceptional gifts at a very young age because he had already studied music in previous incarnations. There can be no substantial results if one has not already studied and worked. It is all a question of time and effort. When the forces of nature see that your efforts are sincere and persevering, they come to your assistance, for they are faithful and true.

    Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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